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I agree. Support team ride? Sure. FC Honda for several years in a row? No way.

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Doesn't Kawi already have McGrath as their "ambassador"?

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Here in the U.S. we have the worst heath insurance system in the developed world. It is an absolute abomination that primarily serves to make money for insurance companies, physician groups and the pharmaceutical industry. This is coming from someone ... more »

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Villopoto's Yamaha getting absolutely yanked by that KTM

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Oh I agree, the resale values are awesome. He gets a new vehicle every few years, so I'm sure that was part of his decision. Regardless, I think they are a couple grand overpriced for what you get. C-channel frame, drum brakes, low torque Camry engine, ... more »

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My buddy just got one of these. Basically the exact truck as yours. Nice rig, but for what he paid, he could have gotten a pretty decently equipped half ton. IMO these things are living off past reputations and are significantly overpriced for what they ... more »

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It seems like people who buy European vehicles and either don't drive them much (~20k miles in over 2 years) and/or are very diligent about maintenance tend to have okay luck. People who drive a lot (>20k/year) and treat them like American or Japanese ... more »

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My buddy has one of these trucks. I get that it's a reliable engine, but that doesn't mean the rest of the truck will hold up. His is a '97 with maybe 180k on it. He's had to do cab corners, rockers, bed supports, bed sides. You can dress it up all you ... more »

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Ironically, the Honda CRF450 is the only 450cc bike that has not won an AMA Supercross Championship. And it's been out since the 2002 season. Matter of fact, it's only won 1 outdoor series, and that was 2004 with RC.

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Haha I've got my eye on an NB or NC within the next couple of years. C5/C6 Vettes are starting to get pretty cheap though. Pretty solid value for one of those.

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Oh I agree the modern autos/dct's are far superior from a pure performance standpoint. There is no way a manual can put the power down as consistently or shift as fast. I'm talking about user engagement and the joy of driving; the sensation of heel-toe ... more »

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Out of my price range anyways but the lack of a manual option in cars like this and the new Supra is really disappointing. You could have the best dual clutch hydromatic ZF whatever...still not a replacement for a manual gearbox in a driver's car.

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ICU nurse here. I can't speak to insane post-admission bills like OP is referencing, since I have little to no involvement with the billing process. I will highlight the following two points though. As one of the other posters said above, a great deal ... more »

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Good point. Modern "midsize" trucks have about the same capabilities of half-tons from the late-90s/early-00s. If you don't need to tow 6k or more regularly, a midsize will work fine. Tacomas are a little too pricey but Colorados, Frontiers and the new ... more »

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My $.02 I'd stay away from the upper level Rams with air suspension if long term durability is your goal. Zero chance that crap holds up over time and it would seem to be a pretty costly out-of-warranty repair. Same with the active grill shutters and ... more »

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Just started watching after hearing my girl talk about it all the time. "The National Anthem" was pretty insane but worth a watch

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in MD you are required to run a front tag. I used to not run one at all in my Mustang, then after being pulled 2-3 times I put it in the windshield, got pulled over like two more times and said fuck it, and put it on the front bumper. I had put a Cobra ... more »

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This guy was a piece of shit. I could care less if he gets convicted of anything but absolutely do not give him a police pension. Because it's pretty clear that's the only reason he was doing this job. Surely not to protect and serve. Too many lazy slugs ... more »

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Never been to Dilla but Budds is a great track for spectating. It's also about an hour outside of Washington, D.C., so you could rope in a visit if you haven't been before.

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I agree with the sentiment of spending less to get into the hobby. But spending $125 on a Walmart bike and trying to ride it on anything other than gravel walking paths would be like going to Pep-boys and spending $500 or whatever on a Chinese minibike ... more »