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Im waiting for that electric boat other posters are talking about getting.

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I do wish it was more lucrative for the pros not-so-high on the list. It is what it is. Its a shame. The 100th best pro in the USA should make 50k/yr. Only going by other sports, where the 250th pro makes pretty decent bank. I have a dream!๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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The deletion of all Honda is a clue.

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A sponsor doesn't really care about insiders that 'know'. Its about what it 'looks' like to all the ones about to spend the coin. I bet a 'lousy' product would actually support someone who used a superior product, as long as it 'fooled' the masses into ... more ยป

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This is first year I would get the yz250f first. Was always into the 2-strokes. Too old for a real one, which is the ktm, too fast! 450 simply too much bike. Im 165#.

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I like challenging obstacles that only 1-5 can do, but, make it so not making it results in a 1 second problem, not a trip to hospital, and missing the rest of the races.

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Nice stroke!

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Whatever is 'funnest' to you!

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Yep, try pedal height, maybe even slightly bend pedal out. Something like that. Its not the boots.

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I wonder if something like kevlar could be added for longevity.

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Gold rims are sweet, should be yellow though.

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Liquid-radiator-cooled suspension coming soon!

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I do.

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Wheres that carbon-fiber exoskeleton at? Then I can pretend im a pro for a couple corners, eat shit, and do it again!๐Ÿ˜ƒ Oh, make it inexpensive too.

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Just like a boxer or ufc coach can 'teach' someone that can kick their a**, its about seeing things, and explaining them so pupil understands, and incorporates.

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Shoot. I had no clue. I would like to do it right. Sucks to do things wrong just for not knowing. So the blue background, and stars should always be 'moving, or towards the front'? I always looked at flag and thought blue to left, stripes on right. Other ... more ยป

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It would be mostly used for trail riding, logging roads and back country roads. That right there says kdx all over it. Yz not made for that.