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This track is a good addition. Looks awesome.

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My only issue with it is Marvin not owning it. He went for a very aggressive pass and shouldn't act like it was an accident.

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This is going to be rough to watch.

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I'm sure decades of the US dominating motocross everywhere had nothing to do with it. The last ~6 years the MXGP guys have changed that for sure for outdoor racing. I do look at the MX2 field though and wonder if it's going to last when you compare it ... more »

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Neither did Herlings when Anderson beat him in Italy, Webb beat him in Charlotte, or Tomac, etc... all of which are equally as dumb as your example

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And it's been the opposite for many years before now and will shift again in the coming years. I'd argue Supercross is still the most popular mx series in the world, and until that changes, many of the top racers (from around the world) aren't going ... more »

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As someone that moved from southern California to Charlotte I think you're crazy because the traffic here is not bad at all but I guess it's all relative.

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The whips in All Out look a little strange because the rider doesn't move his head. He's always looking at his front fender. Wasn't like that in Reflex. Hopefully it's just early gameplay stuff.

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You've posted several times in this thread about how you think the developers don't listen. Do you really think they wouldn't want to make a game officially licensed by AMA/FIM or that had all the gear, bikes, and real tracks? They are still a business ... more »

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This video is spot on. I feel like the physics issues present in the MXGP games will be more of an issue in the supecross game.

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Looks great but same moon physics as MXGP3 don't make it that exciting.

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I played reflex the most out of any mx game. Even the free riding was fun because of the way you could move the bike in the air. MXGP is great (better than anything since Reflex and they nailed the first person view) but it gets old quick because of ... more »

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No, not too fast. I prefer MXGP3 over 2.

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Agree. And there are templates/themes to look like the design above too.

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You can hear the disappointment in Malin's voice when Herlings wasn't closing on Tomac lol.

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Congrats Tomac! Great season.

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Herlings would know the feeling lol. Happened last year where some of our 250 guys beat him. Or Gajser when Tomac beat him last year. Joking aside, Herlings looks like he is going to win by a lot today. Looked great on the track.

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Lol, trolls be trolling. I think Herlings wins in Indiana and we see a better battle at the US MXGP when Tomac isn't scared of throwing away his first big bike title. Don't think Tomac has won a moto at this weekend's track before. Would love to see ... more »

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So it's a holiday when GP riders come to the U.S. but when we go overseas for MXDN on tracks our riders have never been to it is totally different, right? You are saying we pick and choose which races matter but you do the same thing. Both series have ... more »

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You guys can spin it that they don't want to go because they are afraid of losing but the reality is that it is the schedule. Tomac and Osborne plus any other rider at Matterley would be one of the favorites so I don't get that argument. And you can't ... more »