Started new thread JJ Luisetti interview on joining BOS GP team 9/8/2018 6:34 AM

JJ Luisetti returned to the sport as team manager a couple of weeks ago with the BOS MXGP squad and promptly announced Kawasaki and Tommy Searle would be on board for 2019! Andy McKinstry sat down with the new BOS team manager to get his thoughts on ... more »

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Started new thread Enzo Lopes interview 8/17/2018 4:15 PM

Young talent Enzo Lopes talks about his first season in the pros in the States with JGR Suzuki and why he is looking forward to supercross. Enzo Lopes interview

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Started new thread No Gajser or Slovenia at Red Bud! 8/11/2018 3:34 AM

US fans won’t be seeing two-time world champ at Red Bud MXoN as he and team Slovenia will not be competing: Gajser out of Red Bud

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Added reply in a thread Herlings is top level 8/7/2018 3:44 AM

Herlings is the best motocross rider in the world, he’s doing it in different countries. Tomac has incredible speed too at times but until he does it in MXGP and beats Herilngs to a title he can’t be the best in the world. Winning in your own country ... more »

Started new thread Christophe Pourcel interview - back in the MXGP paddock, coaching technique and the MXoN 7/26/2018 2:14 PM

Andy McKinstry caught up with Christophe Pourcel to talk about the Frenchman being back in the GP paddock, his coaching style with Monticelli, as well as his days in America and thoughts on the MXoN at Red Bud, Read the very interesting interview here

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Started new thread Anstie confirms he’s leaving Ice One Husky and whether he will go back to the States or stay MXGP 7/17/2018 11:00 AM

Max Anstie confirmed with Andy McKinstry at the Zwarte Cross hat he is indeed out at Ice One racing at the end of the year and is looking a ride for 2019, after a tough season since getting knocked out in Spain although he is showing signs of his old ... more »

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Started new thread Jeffrey Herlings interview - I really do love riding my bike, I don’t really have too much else! 7/16/2018 10:34 AM

Jeffrey Herlings spoke to Andy McKinstry at the Zwarte across about recovering from his injury, still not being back to his best and admitted that he simply loves riding his bike and he doesn’t shave much else going on in his life right now! Jeffrey Herlings interview ... more »

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Started new thread Jake Nicholls on doing an AMA National this year! 6/27/2018 7:32 AM

Gatedrop caught up with Jake to talk about his day at Desertmartin, racing in Canada, doing Red Bud and why he isn’t racing MXGP. Jake Nicholls interview

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Added reply in a thread Herlings Injured 6/13/2018 9:36 AM

True. Feel so sorry for him. What a tough sport this can be. Those 62 points he has might keep him in it if he can be back fairly soon.

Added reply in a thread Herlings: "I don't think there is anyone in the world on our level at the moment." 6/4/2018 11:57 AM

Eli might be on their level in the states on his home tracks but to be the best in the world you would have to beat or run with those guys in the world championship on the variety of tracks in different countries, until he proves he can in MXGP, Herlings ... more »

Added reply in a thread Jeffrey Herlings interview 6/4/2018 11:30 AM

Why? He gives USA racing more coverage than most US sites give MXGP, the world championship of the sport we are all supposed to love.

Added reply in a thread Friendly reminder Justin cooper is the future 5/18/2018 11:48 AM

Both Cooper and Sexton are really impressive. Always good to see the young kids come through.

Added reply in a thread Swinkster passed today. 5/18/2018 6:51 AM

Terrible news. Always good to watch on a 125!

Started new thread Justin Hill on going outdoors - going for the win! 5/18/2018 6:49 AM

Justin Hill says he will be going for it this year outdoors as he wants to win at least one overall before he moves to the 450 class. He also talks to Doug Turney about his favourite and least favourite outdoor tracks, two-strokes and his new way of ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Jeffrey Herlings & Antonio Cairoli Impressive Action - MXGP of Latvia 2018 5/18/2018 6:46 AM

At Red Bud, I think he might. Over a GP season I don’t think he could do it week-in week-out due to the variety of tracks and countries, he wouldn’t be far away on tracks that suits his style though.

Added reply in a thread MXGP of Latvia, Kegums, Saturday discussion 5/13/2018 5:03 AM

It was great yesterday then they went and levelled it overnight for no reason, as loads of lines had developed. They need to keep it rough from the day before imo and just fix dangerous places or kickers. Not sure what is going on with GP track prep ... more »

Added reply in a thread GP tracks 5/6/2018 7:06 AM

I agree. Ruts restrict line options on tracks like that. No idea why they kept watering it, ruined the racing but nice to see some proper hard pack again. Not all tracks need to have ruts and grip, it allows other riders with different skills to excel ... more »

Started new thread Jeremy Albrecht interview- the move to JGR and going Suzuki 5/4/2018 4:27 AM

Doug Turney spent 30 minutes recently talking with a very open and honest Jeremy Albrecht about his move to JGR MX, the switch to Suzuki, their future aspirations and riders living in N.C. Jeremy Albrecht interview

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Added reply in a thread Please pray for Joel Robert's full recovery! 5/1/2018 8:16 AM

I agree. Get will soon Joel, amazing natural talent on a bike.

Added reply in a thread MXGP of Russia.......on Monday and Tuesday? 5/1/2018 8:11 AM

Too much watering created one lined ruts on hard pack tracks. No idea why they do that. Be more open in corners if they just left it.