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We caught up with Jeffrey in the snow at Hawkstone Park and spoke to him about his day, the upcoming GP season and the chances of him racing a US National again this year. Herlings interview

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How Stefan was with Strijbos in that instance is exactly how Harry was with Stefan, even when Stefan won a race. Stefan probably doesn’t know any different. He said in his book at the end of his career he realised why his dad was so hard on him because ... more »

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Justin had some interesting things to say about joining JGR, the program, the bike as well as his love for his guitar! Justin Hill interview

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Started new thread Elliott Banks-Browne interview - AXUK! 1/5/2018 6:10 AM

With the UK Arenacross series also kicking off on tomorrow as well as A1, we caught up with former British motocross champ and GP rider Elliott Banks-Browne to discuss taking on the French indoor experts, returning to AX after his injury there and his ... more »

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I think Eli is great. He’s a very genuine person and a nice guy. He Isn’t bothered about being the centre of attention , he’s quiet but works hard and is very determined. Not everyone can be a showman like MC or Roczen, even if that probably benefits ... more »

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That was cool, still love watching races from that era. MC still sounded a bit frustrated at himself for the 96 outdoor title! I would say McGrath is the GOAT of supercross, RC the GOAT with the combination of both disciplines.

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You can see pics of Petrov on Honda here: Petrov on Honda Leok news also here:

Started new thread Luonngo: MXoN won't be until after MXGP series 10/16/2017 1:19 PM

In an interview you can read here. GL talks about the "stupid" idea to have the MXoN before the end of the MXGP series in order to suit the USA. He also talks about the U23 rule and the prospect of a couple of the manufacturers pulling direct factory ... more »

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Started new thread Jeff Emig interview 9/29/2017 1:43 PM

Got to talk to one of the greats of the 90s, Jeff Emig, and asked him about his Des Nations memories and thoughts on this year's event. Always awesome to speak with riders you used to look up to as a kid! Jeff Emig interview

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Started new thread Everts on Cairoli 9/13/2017 4:51 AM

Caught up with Stefan at Assen to get his thoughts on Cairoli winning his ninth world title and being one title away from Everts' record! Unsurprisingly he was very complimentary about the current king of MXGP - as well as Jeffrey Herlings' speed! Stefan Everts interview ... more »

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Good to have Ben Watson and Conrad Mewse back plus Jago Geerts too!

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I think Cooper has a riding style better suited to a 450, he rides with a lot of technicality similar to the riders in the 90s. I believe that guy will figure it out and can get to the level he needs to be a consistent threat at the front.

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I think he did a great job and JT was very good as well.

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Racing the full world championship would be a bit different for RJ from racing your home GP or the des nations. Ask RV. There is one world motocross championship, that's MXGP, it's the measuring stick for being the best mx rider in the world. If you ... more »

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What has SX, an American sport, got to do with motocross racing and the USGP? The KTM duo will be riding Lommel in the middle of winter in preparation for the 2018 motocross world championship. Which is part of the reason why if you want to be the best ... more »

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Looked to me He got the holeshot and pinned it while Herlings and AC started about tenth, Herlings actually closed the gap when he got into second then backed it off... Tomac is as fast as them on smooth wide open tracks that suit his style. He took ... more »

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He rode great and wanted it badly. Impressed with his composure under pressure after his crash in moto one and again when the Suzuki duo were hunting him down in moto two at the end. He has always been very fast but mentally he was very strong today ... more »

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Very, very surprised they levelled the track after Saturday. I wonder what made them do that as that does not usually happen in MXGP. Not sure why they wanted the track so smooth, it was bizarre to see such a smooth wide open track on the first motos ... more »