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My 21 250fx is supposed to arrive this week. Im coming from 6 years on a YZ250 and not having owned or raced a 4 stroke since 2008. I recently rode a buddies 2020 KTM 450XC being the first FI 4 stroke ive ever ridden and saw how much I was lacking being ... more »

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My 21 250fx is supposed to arrive next week. At least thats what I was told two weeks ago.

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Thats why BPD makes these for offroad riders

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Ive ran Kendas for years offroad and some MX. In Oklahoma I see a variety of terrain from sand to hardpack/rocks and love the Washougal DCII rear and recently put on a Washougal DCIII front. The new front is really good and I consider it a step above ... more »

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I saw an IG post from Langston Motorsports that they have received 21 250f and 450s, has anyone seen a 21 250fx in dealerships? I ordered one but as of last week there was no real answer on when it would be in dealerships.

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Used FMF Powercore 2.1, will fit at least 05-21 not sure older models. Silencer is in good shape not bashed or anything. I have repacked it once and it has a few rides on it since. $135 shipped 918-five7five-80four4

... more »

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I use shout, its cheap and available at any of the 6 dollar general stores within a mile of your house. The only other cleaning product I use is the Maxima chain cleaner but obviously I only use it on my chain.

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Sounds like a million dollar idea, bio degradable tearoffs. Im not going to claim to be a "environmentalist" however I do want to keep our land grand. I always make it a point to pick up a few tear offs when im out on the trail and I see them.

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interested in the 250 silencer ill PM you.

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Man, back in the day having a Suzuki ride meant you had it made. I remember Grant on the HoH 80 and black rims as well. Early 00s moto was an epic time to be alive.

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I jumped off 80s onto a YZ250F back in 01. At the time seemed like the right move, looking back I wish I would have spent a year on a 125 but oh well. Now I have a 125 and a 250 2 stroke and when I go to the local MX track on my 125 I get aggravated ... more »

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I run Wiseco pistons but everything else internal is OEM always.

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Might try Privateer Connection, look them up on FB, hes throwing out deals all the time.

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I am, have one race on it and so far so good. Raced a dry grass track with some single track and it gripped very well.

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Word on the street was there was a commercial during last nights SX that showed a "racing type" klx 300? I watched via gold pass so i dont see commercials

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Where can I find info on this?

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I had a pristine 07 RM250. Loved that bike but it was getting to hard to find parts for.

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Riding in Oklahoma is still in full force. Rain seems to be the biggest deterrent. If anything I have seen more people out riding at the local riding areas than normal

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Ive seen some floating around on FB "Yamaha YZ250 2-Stroke" page

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I watched mini warriors so much the VHS tape broke haha.