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Still available. Price drop to 40/set, 120 for all.

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4 sets of Fly Gear all in great shape. All are size M jerseys and size 30 pants. Looking to get 40 bucks per set or 120 for all 4. Can ship CONUS I also have two sets of M Jersey and 32 Pants in great shape, text for pictures or questions 9one8-five75-eight04four

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This is the biggest tech advancement on the RMZ since FI haha That being said, id buy a kit for my 350 if someone sold one...

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I’ve searched the internet (have not contacted my dealer…) for a packing kit for my Akrapovic silencer with no luck. Would also like some new stickers if that’s a thing as mine are scratched. Does Akro make these or will I have to get generic silencer ... more »

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Theres always Oklahoma, if you dont watch the news then you would never know COVID exists. Plenty of riding areas and tracks. Things are getting more expensive every day but ultimately low cost of living compared to other states. Gas is 2.89 at the moment, ... more »

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So when you ride a dirtbike you are using all of your muscles which requires more blood flow obviously so your heart rate is higher than other sports. Cycling predominantly uses only legs which is why your max heart rate is typically lower than riding ... more »

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Dungey, PJ Larson, AMart, Chiz, Kiniry etc. Raced Am nats in the 00s. I remember Dungey at Branson on his shiny new RMz 250. Did a FCA riding cap in Indiana in 05 with Sipes, Buckelew and a few other big names at the time. Growing up in Oklahoma Marley, ... more »

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My experience - Ive ran Michelin and Nitro mousses over the past several years. I used to think that Nitro was the best thing since sliced bread because they fit alot better and were easier to mount. Last year I picked up a new bike and the dealership ... more »

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If you are looking for lap times only then id look at the mypitboard option. If you are wanting a fitness tracker then go for the Garmin Fenix series. I have the Fenix 6 and its amazing. I put it on my bars for every race and not a scratch after a year ... more »

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I always tap the bearing in so it just touches the spacer tube. Makes it possible to move by hand if needed but not impossible. I also line up with the axle so the spacer doesnt get lodged in crooked

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Went through this last year, sold my YZ250 in hopes my 21 yz250fx would come in "Any Day now" waited and waited...First weekend in November I called and they had just got a truckload of KTMs, one of which was a 350xcf. Picked it up next day and never ... more »

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Id recommend getting a heart rate monitor if you dont have one already. Hard to tell exactly how hard you are going without one. Plenty of options out there, I personally run a Garmin, but I think PulpMX has a code for Polar if you want to save a few ... more »

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I put the Dirt Tricks on my 350 at about 15hrs. no issues and took longer to watch the video than it did to install it.

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I use the Murphys tire lube from O Reillys. It works great with no issues. I have ran nitro and michelin bibs and the michelin bibs last 2x as long for me. I also change tires every 3ish races and keep them well lubed. For tires I would suggest the Kenda ... more »

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Anyone had any experience with this under protector? Im looking for something under the jersey because im tired of smashing my shoulders ... more »

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Why did you switch the case guard back to stock from the Nihilo? Sweet bike man, I have a 350XCF I started a build page for but have since fallen short of updates lol

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So it did not eliminate the flame out but it made it more manageable. So far I am happy with the clutch weight as it helps with some low end grunt. Solid mod for 60 bucks.

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Ive had 3 knee surgeries and have an 80% ACL tear in my right knee. Had custom CTis and most recently Mobius. When wearing knee braces I would sometimes dab my right foot and my knee would pop out and lock up. I would then have to stop mid race and fix ... more »

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I always just loosened the bottom subframe bolts and tilted it back against the wheel. you can leave the silencer on as well, it should just slip out.

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I think Baylor is now training with Ben Greenwood from Aus. He has a podcast and a ton of good information from his IG. He is all about strength and flexibility. Coach Robb follows the same path, Strength and flexibility are key components as well as ... more »