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Summary = Too many classes. Let's get these kids racing each other not the stopwatch. But overall glad to see some racing back and good turnout considering. I'm ready for the nationals.

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C'mon Yamaha, It could be the 2022 YZ 125. It's all ready and waiting, cut Fantic the check.

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You mean like a couple degrees forward with the head angle?

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Wonderful news!

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Get out and go ride y'all scooters, you'll feel a whole lot better afterwards.

Added reply in a thread Dragon's Back discussion - Forkner on DMXS 7/9/2020 6:20 PM

More dirt. The tracks of the bygone era utilized more dirt. More dirt.

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James Stewart did exactly what Jeremy Mcgrath did in the 90"s. Changed the game. The way James attacked and carried momentum and misdirected his momentum was and still is a thing of beauty to watch. There were some epic battles between RC, JS, and CR. ... more »

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We need racing back and/or some folks need to go out and ride their motoscooters.

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AM has a new 2.0 pant and Jersey and some new items are being produced and introduced shortly per email from the company. And their product is made in the USA.

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Just clicked purchase on an AM gear set. Has a revised series pant. I'll give a review once ridden in.

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This is awesome and something I will be looking into for my wife. We're outdoor oriented but are limited to what and where we go due to wife's muscular dystrophy. Great device!

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Thanks, I think I'll give AM a try.


Too much speculation here. Not enough facts. Two different stories being told. Carry on.

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Been wearing answer for a couple years now, guess I'll finally make the switch to some AM motocross gear. I've been eyeing it for a while and another positive is its manufactured in the United states. Anyone with some reviews on the AM brand gear?

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I hope the nationals go on, it was refreshing to watch the sx series wrap it up. Congratulations to Tomac, he deserved and finally earned it. As far as the mask/virus situation goes, we wear a mask until what or when? This virus is not going anywhere, ... more »

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I wish Ralph would just refer to him as Adam Enticknap on the seven twenty two machine. He sounds like a nerd trying to be cool by refering to him as seven deuce deuce. And there is way too much over use of - yea no - in the Enticknap entourage. Rant's ... more »

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This is just weird.

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Updated 65

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Absolutely agree, as a fan of the sport and life lessons in general I can totally admire him and elle's story. Tough, grit, determination, desire and seems like a true family man throughout it all. Well done 22! Well done. I'm not ashamed to say that ... more »

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Nope, the whoops have been quite legit. Roger did not push too hard, yet.