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^^^^^^^^^ Ronnie and the 2-stroke challenge made the event successful and is guaranteed to next year as well. The other two classes were the side show as far as I'm concerned.

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From the stands.

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With as strong as Covington and Osborne are right now, I like our chances. I think France is stronger than GB. 1. USA 2. France 3. GB 4. Belgium 5. Netherlands

Added reply in a thread With all due respect to Craigslist here in Vegas OfferUp seems to have taken the top step for "Ads of the day" 9/15/2017 9:30 AM

lord help us.

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Man, if that's the most of your

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Got mine yesterday and filled it out yesterday. All in all I am very happy with the service. I wish there was a solution for SX as easy as this. I'd buy it too.

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Seely is a great starter and a solid rider. Zacho can come from the back and is fast as piss. Covington has been out there swinging with those guys getting solid results every weekend and is accustomed to the environment. Very good team. Psyched for ... more »

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To be that clueless you'd it would have to be stolen.

Added reply in a thread Wonder how many teams kick themselves for not signing Wilson? 7/14/2017 4:44 PM

I'm pretty damn sure everyone that has ever worked with Dean has been pulling for him ever since he first kick started that Yamaha. Of course it was a kind of wait and see game but Husky jumped at him and made a great call. He deserves all his success ... more »

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Too hot to ride here. Need a break anyway. Been a long season so far.

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Blake is going to have to cut through those first few guys more quickly if he and Eli both get decent starts together. Eli is so good at dropping those guys like flies on the first lap or two.

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Good luck to him. Hope he gets in the show. His Priorities are in the right place. After these painful years he'll be able to fund his (and possibly his children's riding and racing) without having to beg for shit from anyone because he was willing to ... more »

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Probably the best advice.

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Vohland's 84 RM. Dude's right. That is CLEAN.

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He's from the UK. Universal coverage.

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chicks, man.