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Thank you! Didn’t want to be scrambling at 6 to download and subscribe to Peacock. Maybe I’ll get it down the road when the races are delayed.

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** Sorry I didn’t go through every single comment if this was already posted** Does anyone know, if I’m using a TV provider login, can I just watch the race on the NBC or NBC sports app without signing up for Peacock??

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Seems pretty dumb to sign DiFrancesco doesnt it??? Kid has maybe 2 years left amateur before he signs with PC and goes right back to wearing Fox again...

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Appreciate the input. I thought those were more for streetbike riding but these Drystar riding shoes seem like a better option. I have a pair of tech 2's and I feel like even those are too big for a stock 50. Looking for something with a strong sole

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Looking for some opinions on these shoes. Has anyone on here owned a pair? I bought a crf50 for some pit bike racing and was thinking they might be a nice middle ground between skate shoes and actual moto boots. Thanks.

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You definitely win dumbest comment of the day with this one. Let’s pretend you’re even remotely close to the talent level of Tomac or Roczen and in a position to take your first 450sx championship but you’re going to turn it down because you didn’t race ... more »

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I realize it's still pretty early on the east coast right now but does anyone have details on the press conference today?

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Whats the difference between the WE graphics and the factory Honda graphics that throttle jockey sells? I understand the KTM situation where technically you shouldn't be able to get Red Bull graphics elsewhere but don't see this issue on the Honda.

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Anybody else notice RacerX immediately deleted the photo... somebody fucked up today lol

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Masters of Mini has over $30K in contingency up for grabs between Piranha, YCF, and Pitster Pro.

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My mistake, D’Cor did Star racing’s stuff in 18 and I thought they did the factory team as well because they looked so similar. Either way not a fan so far.

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What's the deal with D'Cor and the horrible choice of numbers? I realize this isn't the greatest angle but that #7 looks like it was put on with electrical tape... Obviously no one was a fan of the original 5 they put on Tomac's MXDN bike. Seems like ... more »

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Is it just me or did Kawi totally butcher the look and flow of the 18 with the new plastic?! IMO the body style of the 16-18 450/ 17-18 250 was the best they've had in a long time.

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Haaker's part was sick and was by far filmed the best. I also loved Axel's part just because he has amazing style. If you guys haven't watched Colby Raha's part, he goes the biggest. And it's just classic old school free riding. The part screams Crusty ... more »

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This is exactly why companies that use a vinyl application for jersey lettering tend to stick to a thicker/heavier glossy heat transfer vinyl. Lighter weight vinyls tend to be less opaque which will result in the sublimation inks from the jersey pulling ... more »

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Anybody catch Roczen slamming this game on his IG story?? Haha quote, “this might be the worst game we’ve ever played in our lives”

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If barcia could race as fast as he speaks on the podium he would win a lot more races hahaha jk but seriously great ride by the #51

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Not quite lifelong