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I won a Kawasaki 700 flattracker in a similar raffle two years ago. Tickets were $350 each, and only 40 were sold. The bike qualified 5 at this years Indy mile in the production twins class

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He was live on FB a few minutes ago. He has been doing a lot of “training” in advance of the event. Lookup Flat Track Fite Klub on FB. Tons of smack talking from most of the riders.

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I don’t now. He has never raced against this caliber of riders at a pro event, and these Astros are much different than the other bikes he has raced on the TT’s.

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Being that they are on Bultaco Astros is going to the a huge equalizers for the retired guys. If any of the current riders I have ridden and Astro, it is most likely a very short amount of time, and most have never used a decompression lever. The older ... more »

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Tp4, I am guessing that you have never promoted a race, let alone a traveling series?

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I had a Jemco down pipe on a 2006 CRF450 and failed tech at one of the AMA Pro Indoors. I was 117db. They told me to correct it before the heats started....

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I ran a 1/4 mile flattrack for 12 years that had a great reputation for both the surface and dust control. We would start watering on Tuesday for a Saturday race. Try to do it once it starts cooling off. This allows the water to settle into the ground ... more »

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I have been riding flattrack and speedway for the last 15 years, but rode MX for 15 years before that. Sponsorship is hard to come by in MX. I have found that it is much different in speedway as I was able to get almost all of my airfare, hotels, entry ... more »

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I have been involved in MX, Speedway, and Flattrack since about 1978. In the fall of 2018 another rider was raffling off a pretty nice Kawasaki 700 flattracker for $350/ticket. He was only selling 40 tickets and my wife told me to buy a ticket. I ended ... more »

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Other than sales tax, what fees would apply?

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Started riding in 1974, first race was 1978 or 1979. Have been fortunate to race in 37 states, and 5 countries. Never paid for a hotel or airfare!

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You do realize that ABC News did not post this story and a lot of people are being hurt by these non FDA regulated clinics?

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I was the second person to ever ride a flattrack bike with their soon to be released flattrack tires and they were amazing. They don’t compare to anything on the market right now.

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I promoted flattrack for 12 years and it was $792/race, if you did a two day race, it was 1/2 price for day two. Had to have an ambulance on sight. Feel free to email me at if you have any other questions.

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I promote flat tack, and we use Jones Birdsong and have used them for several years. They are also AMA approved if that matters. They are very easy to work with, and do offer a lower rate for practice/clinics etc.

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There is a Speedway gas station between the interstate, and Indianapolis Raceway Park/Lucas Raceway that has it at the pump for usually $7-$8 per gallon. When the drag strip is running, you can hardly get near with the drag guys filling up all of their ... more »

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Wardy was 10th or 11th in his semi. Top 8 go to main.

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Jackson Oil is located about 15 minutes from Lucas Oil Stadium. If they don’t have it I would be surprised.

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27 states, 9 tracks In England, Germany, Ontario and British Columbia

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