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Someone mentioned earlier about only having audio communication happen down the pit lane. Riders may not read the pit board, but they will hear a time update or a "blue flag warning" and it would become common place if the rider knew it was only happening ... more »

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Road Atlanta just north of ATL use to have a MX track on the inside of the start/finish straightaway. They ran a series there in the 90s for quite a few years. Fun track.

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LOLOLOL Keep these coming! Do more riders. F'n hilarious.

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Specialized Tarmac Pro
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Typical Reed post...which I think is great and gives us fodder. He did just sell his FL house and move his entire family to the JGR neighborhood in NC. We have pretty good schools here, but I feel like there was more to relocating his family here than ... more »

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When I decided to race, my dad went by the local shop to get some numbers. I requested "45" just because it's the number that popped in my head. The shop was out of "5"s that day so he grabbed the #3 and I ran with 43 ever since. I was mad that day, ... more »

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Judging by the position of the clutch lever, I'd say it's Shae.

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How many times did Stewart (and Villopoto) lose SX races last season due to the front-end washing out? I can remember multiple for both riders. How many times did Brayton or Millsaps crash due to washing the front-end last year?.....None that I can remember. ... more »

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That bike looks so sick!

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JGR has Pirelli listed as its tire sponsor on their web site, not Dunlop. I'm sure those guys are ticked knowing they lost one of the more recognized teams in the pits.

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If this tire is supposed to be so good, then why did Dungey, Reed, Stewart and all the other top riders, use Dunlop's sand 773 sand tire in SX? Dunlop is overrated.

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