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Came here for mot-ards saying this is fake news, was not disappointed.

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Not that any of this matters but aren't you a bit quick to judge Ken's now-age-old comment then, seeing how it was a gut-reaction to someone talking shit about his current wife over social media?

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No help from the good lord for Cooper at Glendale this weekend. He does work in mysterious ways...

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I, as apparently many others here, tend to cover my levers with my index fingers and have had the privilege of enjoying the weirdest kind of 'off-axis dead sailor'-crash when I got a bit careless with the right-hand index finger. It was good fun, 10/10, ... more »

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I love this event. But I've been blown away with the effort and content with this years USA MXoN team. Just awesome. Congrats to everyone that worked and participated. Killing it

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I think Hunter Lawrence's 1-3 performance was the most impressive result out of the 250 class results. Think that should have been mentioned in here somewhere given it was kind of the surprise of the weekend.

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I remember practicing at Budel back in 2001 or 2002 (I think). He was there, going around the track (which was insanely rutted and whooped out) as if it was flat. When he was out on the track everyone else just stopped riding and looked at him in awe ... more »

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I'm confused on which rule-book applies and what have you, but this one I found through -> Rules -> AMA Pro Rules(page 7): " 2.11 On-Track Regulations [...] b. A rider leaving the course may continue the race by properly ... more »

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They (RacerX) have just accidentally counted the second heat of the GP of Netherlands two times.

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What the hell is up with the thumb downs? That is some HoF-material right there.

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Orion has gotten itself one scary looking speaker-tower there.

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A lot of people would do themselves a service reading the following wikipedia pages: and It is easy to fool oneself with statistics, especially when the ... more »

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I'm confused, and it appears many more than me are. I'm certain that Webb would've gotten around Tomac later on any way, but you never know and that is no excuse to let people bend the rules in their favor (which happens every now and again in both this ... more »

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Yeah this is confusing me as well. Webb is the new generation at 23 and Roczen is the old guard at 24. Meanwhile Cairoli, at 33, put down his 86th GP win and 171st GP-race win this weekend (remember that after struggling with injuries through a couple ... more »

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Yeah, it is a tad click-baity

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I wouldn't be surprised to see Pauls Jonass end up in the top 5. I really hope he turns out to be competitive in the MXGP-class, always nice to have more win-able riders in the mix.

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Track looks great as always! ... more »