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First race was '95 on a ktm jr 50. In the middle of the race I pulled up to a jump my Dad was standing on and said I was done. Said I had to finish the race. Race to the checkers. Begrudgingly I did. Loved riding ever since.

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Yeah that way he can not ride the track, but run on the outside of the tough blocks and have his bike quit in the last half a lap. Serves him right. Karma is a mo fo. Or maybe he can have his bike quit in the last corner and try to push his bike up the ... more »

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I am looking to get a flywheel weight for my 2018 CRF450R. I am a local intermediate and I came off of a 2013 CRF450R. I have never felt that 450s have all of this insane power that people talk about. That they are too fast, have too much power and are ... more »

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Sounds like an acoustic Creed. "With arms wide opennnnn!!!!"

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I went to Shawnee Honda in Oklahoma and picked up a new 2018 CRF450R. I understand there is a newer model, but I like cheaper options. Now to ride once a month, when it is not raining and the tracks are rained out.

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As an Austrailian... Austrian? hahaha I can see why you don't understand. Red, white and blue is USA to 'mericans. As the race is in 'merica, red, white, and blue flares means... 'MERICA!!!!

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This is Des Nations we are talking about. You can forget about AC. ; )

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I thought part of the nostalgia was the "2-strokes only" idea? They aren't going to win or even top 10, regardless of two or four strokes. I was sad to see Windham riding a four stroke. Hopefully he was training on that, but had a two stroke ready to ... more »

Added reply in a thread cr125 9/23/2018 12:52 PM This is me on my 02' CR 125. This bike is so much fun. Just remember to turn the gas on. If you are competitive as I am, it is a blast to pass 4 strokes while on it. But it is nice to have the excuse of it being a 125 ... more »

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Oh shit!!! Is this Mr. Eppers? Damn, live on MXCRAZY/TXMotocross. Another great track to hit up is Greenville MX. It is in Greenville, TX, imagine that. Good dirt and a fun lay out. Prep is usually prime.

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Change the top end 5-10 hours? Another manual thumping "rider" huh? Have fun with all your bike maintenance.

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If you followed the owner's manual to the letter, you'd be doing a tremendous amount of maintenance to your bike for things that are not needed. I change the oil after every two rides, probably close to every 2-3 hours, and keep the air filter clean. ... more »

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1 - 2 slide out or tip overs a riding day. Averaging 1 big hit every year or so. read as (concussion or knocked out. Haven't broken anything in years, knock on wood) Aint crashing you aint trying?

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I have a '13 CRF 450 that I ride a decent amount. I have never had to change clutches on any of my 450s, never done valves on it and it still starts fine and have not done a top end on it. Other than 3 full exhaust systems for $1,000, I'd say it is a ... more »

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As an "Undertaker," I think you should know that we don't WANT people to die. Just when they do, come see me! :D Curing cancer won't stop death.

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There are numerous theories behind yawning. Most have been stated. I have also heard that you yawn when your body wants to wake up. The air you inhale is usually cooler than your body temperature and the coolness helps to excite/invigorate your mind/body. ... more »

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All of you idiots complaining about the team for Puerto Rico should shut it. It is done for a good cause, they probably won't make the A final so won't hamper the main race, motocross is supposed to be fun, quit being sissy babies and let the ... more »

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Qualified for Loretta's without a visor in my supermini days. Qualified area and regionals with no visor. Rather pay practice entry than look normal. Best years of my life, just my Dad and I.

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Was at a local race and was knocked into a coma for two weeks. 364 days later was my first ride back. Try to ride when I can, but being a new father to be, working, honey-dos, moto-poor, and everything else that comes up, it is a once a month hobby. ... more »

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Similar lay out with a few tweaks. Looks fun!!!

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