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Dave Ginolfi is doing some coaching and training for some pretty fast amatuer kids right now (can’t name them). He knows a lot on the bike and off the bike. He will make a program specifically for you. He’s in SLC area. PM me and I’ll send you his contact ... more »

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I put 100 hrs on a 2018 SX. Ran 13/48 final gearing. Never had an issue. Not that it's anything but put 180hrs on a 2019 XC last year and so far 30 something hours on another new 2019XC. Seems fine to me.

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2020 prospect, best goggle on the market. New facefoam is the best on the market, nobody is even close. Lens lock, big lens, big strap, made in USA...

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Ok, I've had both bikes, here's my experience. The YZ(X) is a great bike, it can handle anything you throw at it. Go read any review on a YZ and this bike lives up to it. But my down falls were this: 1.They cut the head to different spec so that it's ... more »

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From what I understand, Nicole Bradford and her husband, have been donating their own money to Endurocross and NHHA for womens purses in hopes to attract more women racers.

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Imagine GNCC ruts, that will bring you to a complete stop, but instead of mud, its silt/dust. The rock sections aren't as hard as you'd think

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It is direct competition with distributors and their gear companies (WPS/FLY, TuckerRocky/ANSR, MTA/SHOT) That was the issue a few years back when they tried.

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I can't speak for anyone else, but I know, for a fact, that SCOTT makes all of their goggles (winter and moto), in house. All SCOTT goggles in North America come out of Ogden, UTAH, USA.