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Shameless garage post.

Here’s my setup with my homemade bench off to one side. I think if you built something about the same size as I’ve got but covered the top in stainless and mounted a vice it would be perfect for the limited amount of ... more »
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Holy down draft intake. That's some creative subframe mounting too. Although I give it about a B as far as looks go (why are number plates disappearing???), there's a lot to like here.

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Damn I did a quick search and didn't see that topic. Thanks

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Preliminary results after stage 2 have Shorty at 10th overall with Ricky Brabec in 5th! Sam Sunderland leading. But this early in the race sometimes the lead isn't the best place to be in the Dakar. ... more »

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Damn this makes me feel old. At 25 I feel young as ever. It really makes me think that maybe these guys are getting pushed too hard in their amateur careers, and then by the time some of them have the wisdom to actually succeed as a champion their body ... more »

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The other unfortunate way to look at this is that Suzuki just got 15 years or so of free marketing. I’m sure their accountants are happy about that. Shows how nice of a guy Travis is but you gotta wonder why he never cashed in his marketability with ... more »

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A ktm 250 xc if you've got the budget, or a yz250x if you're constrained in that regard will be bikes that will do everything you want. Their power is easy to use and suitable to a broad range of riding conditions. You also won't lose your ass nearly ... more »

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All depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go. If you are dead set on learning the theory, pick up an engineering book or two on fluid dynamics and control theory. Those will teach you the actual math that goes into what your suspension does ... more »