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did he sneak in a 2018 model bike this week? He is looking good so far tonight!!

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Just bring back 125s for the lites class and either 250fs or 450s for the premier class. problem solved!

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RC lapped 40 of the best riders in the country. enuf said. JS was the best on 125s. he slaughtered the 250fs in 04 while racing with 125ccs. ET is fast right now no doubt, but not in the level yet of RC or RV

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Honda probably paid someone to "take him out". They don't want a 2stroke anywhere near the top 10.

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18th in the 1st moto isnt bad at all on a 2stroke! someone get him some support. keep on smokin!! i hope he continues to improve.

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Obviously some of you guys have never harescrambled or Mx ed a quad. They are hands down harder on u physically. I've raced both and am more tired after a 2 hour harescramble on a quad than on a bike. so why don't some of you try it b4 talk shit.

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I've used a product called Cratex rubberized abrasives to relieve the exhaust bridge. they are awesome products for polishing and smoothing metal. also i would drill the holes in the piston to help lubricate the bridge area. as long as you take your ... more »

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I agree Burnthill was an awesome track. I heard the insurance price on the track was outrageous and they couldn't afford to keep the track open. so they sold it to a local farmer and its all leveled and turned into more rice field lol. I think there ... more »

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Just finished a minute and a half in front of 2nd place after racing 3hrs with some of the best offroad guys in the world, all while riding a 150cc 2stroke. Who says a small bore 2t can't win? plenty of people haha. Congrats to Ryan Sipes, he finished ... more »

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I like it. i guarantee that bike is about 60lbs lighter than last years!! haha. there is a still a small chance that the pic is photoshopped tho

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Kailub Russell is The Man!

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sounds like Ktm needs to make the 250sx have some "factory" porting giving it a few more ponies stock.. Theres more than one way to skin a cat!

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Russell ended up finishing 2nd right behind Strang. they were battling and russell bent his rear brake pedal. Still pretty darn impressive for having a 300cc disadvantage! Who says a small bore 2stroke cant hang?!! Milner did good for his first race. ... more »

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Russell has been leading since 2nd lap on the 150 2stroke!

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Squish needs to be around .038"-.040" for optimum performance

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These last 2 rounds are going to be awesome. Russell on the 150cc 2stroke, Mullins is coming back Sunday, Milner starting Sunday, and Grant Baylor moving up to XC1 for the last round. The field is going to be Super stacked! I hope Russell can get a win ... more »

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Carmichaels 02 cr250 made 62hp i believe.. that was 13yrs ago almost.. another decade of technology can certainly make a 250 2t smoke current 450's. just takes the right rider. I Think someone like Barcia that can really wring a motor out would be a ... more »

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Ha ha so true! Not all of us Arkansas guys live under a rock lol. I'd love to build a 500af just to see how much fun it would be.

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Thats true. In about half of the supercross races the 250f's have faster lap times. IDC how they do it i'd like to just see 125's back in show. Funnest bikes to ride in my opinion

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I don't give a crap if Honda offered me a brand new 250f for 2 grand i wouldn't buy it from their non 2stroke producing ass. If i get the chance to buy a new bike it'll be orange