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Ok you are old. Although I was out of diapers in the 60’s... Simple green will stain aluminum stuff. Don’t use it unless you keep it wet and wash right away. I stopped using it and switched to shout.

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Omg these are such great prices for these bikes. I love my ‘17 and I paid $8k otd for it. Ouch!

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Some sweet bikes. But what exactly is Marysville MX? There was E-street, Riverfront, and MMX. Is it MMX ?

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What is it with TLD and their clown outfits??

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Dude, this is a no brainer. Why do you have to ask??? A flat sucks too much time from my riding so I keep a spare wheel. But for sure if I rode trails and moto I would have a different wheel and tire for each. This is not rocket science. Go get a wheel ... more »

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I've had a rear hitch carrier like this since 2002. No problems. And nobody randomly rear ending me. Your questions sound like my wife. "What if you fall?" Umm, f!ck, I guess I would deal with it. But if it's a problem for you, please do something else. ... more »

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Douche post right here. Everyone has "heard" of a dealer!!?? Used bikes with few hours on them are the specialty of vet dudes whose priorities have changed.

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It’s really not that big a deal to take care of the air fork. Factory Connection, racetech, and others (TBT Racing) will convert it to a spring fork and after that it’s a winner. I had TBT convert my TAC fork to Showa sff spring and I have zero complaints ... more »

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Faster USA is based in SoCal and machines their own hubs that use stock bearings. USA produced and racer owned is all I need to know. They stand behind their products and will build a wheel to your specs (a60, takasago, etc). TCR seems to have lost their ... more »

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Hey those are awesome and I’ve been looking to get a new helmet!

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Bump for great seller! Parts received and packed great. Have a 450 clutch basket? Non oem? Hinson, etc?

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Bummer for the seven deuce tres!! How it happen??

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I broke the scaphoid in my left wrist ages ago and it never healed properly. Now the only fix is a wrist fusion. I’ve tried lots of different braces since the last 15 years. My favorite and most effective is also probably the least costly you can imagine. ... more »

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I'll take the OEM clutch plates and possibly the IMS pegs. I can grab them from eBay if you can combine shipping. Or send me email address for direct PayPal.

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I had TBT in Az do my tac to sff conversion. They use oem Showa parts. These forks are great!! I did tune them a little (a few clicker adjustments and added oil ) but after that, wow!

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This downtime between motos blows chunks.

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Love the format but too much downtime. Gotta figure that out...

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You never had dirt in your goggles??? That’s the most annoying thing ever, and anytime it happens the dirt invariably goes in your eye over a jump. So gotta get that shit out before the gate drops.

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I'm in the "thanks pulpmx, it's an awesome idea" camp. Marx dawg will get it right. Just some growing pains.

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