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It seems like some comments are a little ignorant (meaning: not aware) that Triumph is a significant brand. The quick comparisons to ATK or Cannondale were so strange to me. Here's an established motorcycle company with all the infrastructure and the ... more »

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I thought this was going to be humorous video of him jumping off the couch due to his lack of height....

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I'm 58 so in a little different place than you are. I was racing a KTM SX250F and a CZ a five years ago and decided to step away from racing and enjoy the forest service roads and trails. Bought a Husqvarna FE501S four years ago now. The street legal

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could be the kind of people who like Coop aren't the talkers... and the fanboys who like the Roczens and Tomacs are. nothing to do with how many like Coop, just simply a different kind of people like Coop. I like Coop, and don't think I need to defend ... more »

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it's amazing how the hall monitors can't just live and let live

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no flaggers any where along the rhythm section, where these guys are tripling out of a turn and quading over a table, of course putting flaggers in between whoops and a rhythm like that is dangerous too...

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youtube suggested this to me this week. sometimes it gets it right.... Gennady Moiseev, Vladimir Kavinov, Harry Everts (on a Bultaco), Graham Noyce

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if you can't see what happened you are blind

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about as much as he's gonna give you

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the fourth choice should be Webb owns roczen

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i apologize if i missed it when skimming through this string, will peacock archive the races, like sports gold, and allow us to watch races at a different time?

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Long Live the King.... Greatest Of All Time. I really don't think RC would have had anything for him... (no disrespect to Ricky).

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Joel Robert is my first moto hero... reading about him when i was 9 in my brother magazines. He was the greatest of all time, at that time. Roger Decoster was on the rise and of course a team mate on the dominate Belgium MXDN and Trophee Des Nations ... more »

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like Waldo in Hot for Teacher.....

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I've always liked Barcia. But it's a good thing everyone doesn't ride like this. yeah, lines come together, but there is a certain amount of constraint and consideration which must be used in racing. you don't see Tomac doing this, ... more »
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hell yeah! that is awesome... if I had known when i got rid of my 70's MXAs and Dirt Bikes how much I'd love to have them now.... and now one "shows up at the door" thanks...

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Let me try this: If you had a new KTM 450. And you had the following choice. 1. 16 year old Bobby down the street who reads MXA can come to your garage and set up your suspension and mapping. or 2. Decoster and Carlos Rivera will meet you at the track ... more »