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like Waldo in Hot for Teacher.....

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I've always liked Barcia. But it's a good thing everyone doesn't ride like this. yeah, lines come together, but there is a certain amount of constraint and consideration which must be used in racing. you don't see Tomac doing this, ... more »
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hell yeah! that is awesome... if I had known when i got rid of my 70's MXAs and Dirt Bikes how much I'd love to have them now.... and now one "shows up at the door" thanks...

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Let me try this: If you had a new KTM 450. And you had the following choice. 1. 16 year old Bobby down the street who reads MXA can come to your garage and set up your suspension and mapping. or 2. Decoster and Carlos Rivera will meet you at the track ... more »

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so Decoster should have just been happy with his 1974 RM370?

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this idea has always confused me. it's a difficult job... well I have a difficult one, do I want to know if I f'in it up? yes. i have to believe the pay is good, and out of self respect you'd believe negative feedback would cause one to strive to improve. ... more »

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I find your take on this a little strange. on the question of him providing feedback, it's odd that your sarcasm misses the point. most businesses welcome customer feedback and strive to improve their product. certainly a hardcore audience members take ... more »

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did you notice he quickly caught Roczen. then a decision was smartly made (it seems). go past Roczen and give him a chance for a take out. (even if Kenny isn't known for such a thing) the smart decision is to follow this guy and ensure you get the check ... more »

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this battle of Ken and Jeffery was epic... makes you wonder if Jeffery would have all the titles/wins if Ken would have stuck around...

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Love him or hate him, the kid is an awesome talent with more heart than most... I hope he can take some time off, and come back to give us all the inspiration he has in the past. Like this scrub when he was like 16: ... more »

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my question is the dirt. why not truck in 10 semis of sand and mix it in. I know it might cost a bit, and there are no fans, so little money... but, geez, get a ride-able surface that will hold some moisture. and why don't they water it, and then cover ... more »

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Lake Whitney National or TransAMA in late 70's... Rocket Rex was on a Harley. My best friend Ben was a huge fan of his. Right at the end of the second moto we snuck into the pits and was at his box van when he pulled up. He threw his bike on the stand, ... more »

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great stuff, thanks for posting

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you are watching the superbowl, and the ball is hiked. the producer shows a line man fall to the ground, and then get up, and brush himself off, and then jog down the field alone. while the commentator talks about the linemans socks. that's what we have. ... more »

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Diffey killed it. Knew what he was talking about, called the action as a play by play commentator and allowed the colour commentator to explain things and provide opinion. Diffey 9 on a 10 scale over the practice session

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they have spotters? really? i'm serious here, I've never noted them (broadcasters) telling me anything other than what was on the screen. I'm watching the position column trying to follow what's going on and they are never, never seeing major things ... more »

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so Guy, I guess if there is a significant portion of audience who feel they have legitimate complaints about the current employees of the broadcast, they shouldn't continue to make that clear. That mentality would have us riding bikes with 3 inches of ... more »

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what was the year when villo fractured his leg attempting to run with Dungey? just how does that fact play into the "straight up" talk? and when villo was injured, was he injured due to working his ass off attempting to be ready to compete with Dungey? ... more »

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ruts... Marv kills it in the ruts.

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This may be an easier answer for an old school guy like myself, than a kid of today. But, I'd rather have 3 outdoor titles, than a supercross title. If you could have one or the other, which would you choose?

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