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Since this is Sunday, perhaps a prayer is in order: Dear Lord, thank you for this hilarious thread. We are thankful for it but Lord PLEASE don’t let this thread get tangled up with the one from a while back that turned pro riders into girls. If these ... more »

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Two NC boys on MCR now. Hell yeah!

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Didn’t know the X model had a button. My bad. I’m today’s example of what A S S U M E does for ya!

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Wait, doesn’t GNCC do a dead engine start? Sounds like a grrrrreat plan!

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Guess he’s having to buy a mini van...

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Is there a bonus for winning the Texas state championship? Asking for a

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Toyota ain’t having none of that.

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Yep, there’s a new sheriff in town and he’s not letting Mr Momentum change addresses!

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philG wrote: “Thats pretty much the standard UK moto build, everyone with a Sprinter/ Crafter does it like that, you can buy ready built kits that you fit yourself for not a lot of money , or get it done professionally and not get much change out of

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Lighten up Francis, then go read the “PSA” thread about people leaving EZ Ups at the nationals. Apologies to you if you took it personally. Yes, it was a joke. No, it wasn’t directed towards you. Peace out.

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I remember watching that Thunder Valley pass and just having to pick my jaw up off of the floor. I bet those folks that were standing there in that corner had to go wipe themselves.

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Who cares how you tie it down, just don’t leave the darn thing at the track after a national!!!

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Especially a restaurant.

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Haven’t read the RacerX column or listened to Pulp in a while but could being able to potentially keep his A Stars gear deal if he stays on blue be a factor?

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Where’s all those know it alls that said he only won @ LL’s because it was a mud race and when the series got to real pro tracks with normal weather, he’d maybe be a top 5 guy? Anything can happen in the remaining rounds but it’s looking more and more

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What about Milwaukee power tools? They are the right color!

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That foot off the peg whip gave me a Buckwheat flashback.

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That mandate probably came from the same genius that decided to have Will C wear a mask for a podium interview done from a separate platform in the next zip code while outside in the heat and humidity.

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Oh how I wish it was that simple here...

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I just figured the camera crew on Saturday was drinking the Corona(s)...