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Great looking bike dude! You may want to look into FMF exhausts for Hughes replica though.. Only GL run the doma exhaust for some reason. Ironic I've seen this thread and saw that Hughes' old mechanic from his KTM days is still around and was working ... more »

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I was hunting all over the place for the name of that restaurant for you! Yeah, Race Rock had a lot of cool stuff. Shame it closed! Another Race Rock style place I've seen was in Monaco "Stars and Bars" which was pretty dark inside, but also had some

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Where the hell is everyone watching it? FS1 - American Football FS2 - Porsche racing... A link would be lovely. Merci

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You know what, when I read he was wearing Just 1 I didn't approve. However, I think that's a really clean look! Goggles appear to give loads of view and will obviously work perfectly with the helmet. Saw the "sell out" comments, but people need to realise; ... more »

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Marvin did say "No"... DBR - Musquin

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Plus, it's only the forks that are the issue right? I'm sure you could pick up another set very easily if you ever did want to ride it - not that you do.

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Looking good man!! Any reason you went away from the PC silencer?

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Looks close Bilko, can't tell what's missing though

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First off, sorry if spamming photos doesn't help - I can delete my post if need be! I've been looking to into building an '02 replica too and here's some photo's I've got so far - some may persuade you into the build!! lol NSFW! Enjoy..

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This is a really cool build, especially making it out of odds and ends! Look forward to seeing the completed bike!!

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2 years of my instincts racing H&H. No issues! I ride with mean foot pegs on all my bikes too..
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Cool build! I went with the 2017 CRF 450 front fender and cycra stadium plate on my bike;

You'll have to slot out the two rear holes and get some penny washers/ nice lightweight bolt washers for the front fender. Here's a link to my build thread; ... more »
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Well, I've completed the internet to try and find a photo. This is the best one I could come up with;

If you zoom in closely, you'll just about be able to see the 'Sprocket Guard' logo, almost in a graffiti print. They used to do them in purple, ... more »
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I've been digging to find at least a picture of the classic; 'Sprock guard' front sprocket guard. I don't know if you guys had them in the US, but everyones KX60's in the UK had one on. Those things were cool back in the day and would be cool addition ... more »

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Definitely had a lowering link - can just about remember fitting it with my old man. I'd ask what one I had, but I assume they'd have stopped being made years ago! Here's another pic of the bike at the 2000 Hants and Dorset Challenge, no front teeth

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Aww man!! This is a cool build and the same route I took pw-kx! Here's my '99 at the end of the year - bit less purple;

Look forward to seeing it completed!!
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Wow! Great looking bike! Who made the seat cover dude?

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Either of these would be cool! Zeronine just released them both too: 1;2;

[/img] [img]" alt="" /> ... more »
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And wheels spacers etc.. Heard that's an issue, but no one has been able to give me any more info..

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Hi all, Had a big off last weekend and have bent my 7/8th Renthal Bars, so I'm now looking to fit Twinwalls using the 06 clamps/ bar mounts I've had sitting around for a while. Can I ask if these will fit my 05 forks/ what is needed? Cheers, Jordan

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