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Not uncommon for the imbedded nut to break loose inside the seat pan's plastic of the Husqvarnas, I've had two do this. You may have to resort to cutting off/out the bolt as I did. Then reseat the nut imbedded in the seat pan's plastic with a heat gun ... more »

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Part of my riding circle is attempting his first Rally down there in Sonora now, 24th after first day. Looking forward to following the results, hoping he finishes!

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Used bikes, boats, trucks, toy haulers, kayaks... heck, anything outdoors related is stupid prices in California right now. Wouldn't call it gouging per se, just what the market will bear with such unusually high demand. I have seen signs of some of ... more »

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I'd tend to believe that reflashing your current ECU by Blais would be the better if not best option to "fix" that fueling circuit to eliminate flame outs. Bang for the buck, that's the route I'd go. I'm an old and admittingly slow offroad guy, so take ... more »

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That's good news. Not to be argumentative, do you have a source for this? I was looking for information all afternoon online including CARB website. Perhaps my google skills are lacking. That said, unless CA SB 227 is passed, it is still my understanding ... more »

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I'm not a scientist or an engineer, but have followed this saga for a number of years including reading all the publicly available presentations by CARB. There is no two stroke, including TPI's, currently available that will come close to meeting the ... more »

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Paw Paw pretty much nailed it. If you suspect valves, check the clearances, adjust if nesc, and do a leak down test on your motor. The leak down will tell if they are leaking and which ones are leaking.

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When your parents say you are tall enough OR you are tall enough to pay for your own shelter, food, health insurance, education, bike, and maintenance. At 5'4" you are still well within the YZ85 or other similarly sized bike realm in my opinion. Just ... more »

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Like it or not, it is the future and probably sooner than some, myself included, would prefer. I'm not a MX guy, just a senior offroad rider. I love my two strokes and still prefer them over my 350 four stroke for everyday riding. But I have ridden an ... more »

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Cool video, love looking back over the years. Bench racing for an all time greatest bike or even bikes is good reading. One nitpick in the video for historical accuracy, the 76 RC500 was indeed Honda's first year. However you picture a 79 or 80 RC500

... more »
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250/300 is also Left Hand thread, my 16 300 is. Right loosen, left tighten. I generally break this nut loose prior to removing engine from bike with a impact gun. As I don't have the special holding tool, I thread a little climbing rope in through the ... more »

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1) I'd like to know if he knew what was happening at Geico Honda (sponsorship loss) AND if that was part of the decision to part ways. If he didn't, what was the reason. Or was it any of the other reasons posted already? I imagine this is probably the ... more »

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I get why they are identifying the color of the bikes.... I've watched the races with some family/friends that are not moto... and they have no idea. Its easier for them to know which rider they are talking about on screen. If Diffey didn't, I have to. ... more »

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Paw Paw and others have hit the relative points. 90 psi is way too low. Since it sounds like you are doing this all yourself and mentioning piston size etc, I have a few suggestions to consider if you are going to be doing this long term on your own ... more »

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Interesting, never heard of them. Looks to be $35 cheaper than the Tusk when purchasing the combo of a crank puller and case splitter. Nothing terrible complex about these tools, so I imagine they will work just fine. I'm not a power user, but do a few ... more »

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Great ride for Shimoda and even better his words on the podium. Class act and a ton of humility. Looking forward to seeing him progress. Congrats Jo!

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TLD Gas Gas bikes looked fantastic. Makes me want to upgrade my Husky TE300 for a Gas Gas EC300 and order a full TLD graphics kit. Bet Troy and his team are going to have an EPIC party tonight!

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Buffering was shiet, even with an uber fast internet connection on my laptop. Hopefully its better by Tuesday. .

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Books being handed out 15 minutes before the start of each stage is HUGE at equalizing the competition.

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I don't know how folks are going 200 miles on a 3 gallon tank....... hasn't been mine or anyone's experience I know on the KTM/Husq 350 or 500. Just did a Mojave trip this month. The group's mpg ranged from 40-50mpg. Perhaps it's the sand, perhaps my

... more »