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Until now I assumed the motor was legal. Now I have to wonder. Why was Brian concerned about being defamed? Why so concerned about an engine builder seeing the engine? How could claiming the bike defame the Deegans more than their behavior has unless...more

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Donny is a great story, getting dumped by Factory Suzuki, buying his own CR125 and beating both Factory Suzuki riders for 4th overall the next year as a privateer. Then going to Europe the year after to win the 125 World Championship. To prove he wasn't ... more »

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It's tough not to agree with the choice of Broc due to his number of wins, and the machine he did it on. Those YZ's were nothing like the factory Honda's, even after the production rule. RJ was never the same after his wrist injury and he may have very ... more »

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I think most would agree Dungey that would have him more than covered today, as he did most of his career….. at least those who follow the sport closely. Dungey is amongst the all time greats. Jlaw can’t match his legacy of racing success, on or off ... more »

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I've taken the trip out from CA to Moab to ride, but have not attempted 5 MOH yet. Read about it, watched videos, and unsure of how "enjoyable" at my age it would be..... but still have to try it yet. Perhaps it might be more appropriate to just skip

... more »
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I think 99% of us fans who really follow the sport know this to be true. Doesn't make it any less entertaining to discuss and "wish" for.

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MC hands down for racing success, money, and all round fun on and off the track. It was the perfect storm of the right rider at the right time. He is the King for more reasons than just his domination at SX. I'd include Rocket Rex in the entourage to

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Its all great entertainment. If JLaw actually does make it to a national (I have some well founded doubts,) the crowd and I would go nutz! By no means a JLaw nut hanger, but he was extremely talented and entertaining to watch ride a motorcycle. Especially ... more »

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Broc has been the most enjoyable thus far in my opinion... and probably the best or most natural commentator of the three others. I'm a huge RJ fan, as well MC. RJ's Whiskey Throttle episode was one of the best, great story teller if you are a fan of

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At the very least, time to pull the top end you just did to inspect the crank. A knock is usually a crank bearing. Not entirely unusual for an old crank to fail in short order after a fresh top end as you describe in your previous post. Especially old ... more »

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I thought it was awesome.... and funny as hell. Classic DeCoster.

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I've got a 78 CR390 too in my shop that I've been meaning to do a rough restore as a runner bike. While I prefer the red/chrome tanks, I 'm pretty sure the proper color for the 390s of that era is black/chrome. The 250's were red/chrome. Good price if ... more »

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Frickin awesome, thanks for sharing! True moto.

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After checking off the obvious, stuck slide or misrouted throttle cable.... buy or make yourself a two stroke specific leak down tester. You generally aren't going to be able to "see" a leak via just inspecting your work, you need to test to be certain ... more »

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Yep, the "stamp" isn't a stamp at all in the casting. Ink or paint of some sort and usually wears off after a few years.

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If you want a list of all the models that use the same hubs as yours, go on to bike bandit's OEM parts fiche website. Pull up your bike, click on the hub part number and it will list all models and years the hub was used on..... it's a pretty extensive ... more »

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I thought he was going to hold off Hunter, like others, and cheering for him. He was racing forward, and not merely just trying to hold position. Impressed and earning my respect as a fan. Hoping he gets on the podium before the end of the season.

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I'd vote for seeing more of Blair in the booth paired with RC. Did a great job and can only get better with more time and comfort in the spot.

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No other differences. Just make sure you order the crank of the same gen of the flywheel you use, I assume the the one out of your 16. Are your transmission bearings roached out after inspecting? I generally get significantly more hours out of mine than ... more »

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For what you are specifically asking for in Baja... Tim Morton- Baja Bound hands down. As an organization, there isn't a company that can or will do it better for you and your buddies when it comes to the fly and ride experience. I've been doing Baja ... more »