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I have to admit, I am an early to mid 80's works Honda fanboy... RL's JT gear and Scott Venturi googles are also my favorite.

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That's just bad luck. Outdoor practice for these guys is really a catch 22. They need more riders to make it rough. But those "more riders" come with the inherent dangers that team Husqvarna has experienced this month. The factories should invest in tracks the general public can pay to ride on certain days and times. Only to make them rough. Then have days and times with exclusive access to the pros. It would likely be cheaper than their top guys riding the pine.

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You are correct. His factory Yamaha debut is scheduled for Glen Helen.

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I particularly liked the replacement of the Fly 150. They were actually able to race in that section versus flying single file. Don't get me wrong, the Fly 150 was cool to see (a couple times). But it only added the excitement of big air. Regarding the ... more »

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Yes, he impressed me big time. His 1st moto was just as impressive. From nearly last to 10th is pretty awesome.

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When was Vital created? If you can answer that, it's the answer to your question too.

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As soon as you can do some ab work, I would get moving on that. I ruptured my L5-S1 and the thing that helped me the most was having a very strong core. I have gotten away from keeping up with my core and I'm currently suffering the consequences. I had ... more »

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100% agree... This is exactly my point. Like I said earlier, he didn't lose time over a the entire moto. He suddenly slowed WAY down. So much so, it literally looked like he was going to pull off the track a couple times.

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His downhill speed was down right scary. During practice he was wide open throttle noticeably longer than anyone else. The dude is impressive to say the least.

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If you take the results at "face value", I would agree with you guys who say this is where you expected him to finish. But the dude has won motos before and I wouldn't expect guys like Bloss and WP to make him look slow. It didn't surprise me when Barcia ... more »

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It was more than that... I wouldn't expect a "Supercross hangover" to cause him to lose that much time as quickly as he did. Especially to guys he normally handles. Like I said, they didn't simply beat him. They devoured him up and spit him out after ... more »

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I was at Hangtown yesterday and saw some interesting things from him in the second moto. He was leading by a pretty good margin for quite some time. No one seemed to be catching him. At about the 15 minute mark, he seemed to drop anchor. I actually thought ... more »

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I would say that Mid summer 2015 and prior. Maybe I went a little far with "no match" but I think Eli was definitely the stronger of the two. Yeah, he butchered his competition. Mostly because anyone else who had a butcher knife already crossed the pond ... more »

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There was a time when Herlings was no match for Tomac. It looked like that's how it would continue. Fast forward to Eli's bionic shoulders and a bike swap along with his Supercross focus and it's a different story now. Couple all of that with Herlings ... more »

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I could hardly ever beat jnickell. That guy took me out so many times. If it weren't for him, I may have had a chance to go intermediate.

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This thread is Prime!

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I think you meant devolve... This PC crap will eventually be the demise of many of our freedoms.

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White males can be made fun of with zero consequences. However, if a white (heterosexual) male uses a 100% true statement about another gender, he has the potential to be accused of sexism or any other ism you want to use.

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It wouldn't have qualified as a talking point 10 years ago. Fast forward to today... almost any comment about gender, race, or political affiliation is very flammable if certain groups are made aware of it. ...and sadly, that's why it's a thread.

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So sad. Of all the 80's euro guys he was my favorite back in those days. Prayers to his family...