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I hear you but riding and staying fit does not equal gate drops and 30 + 2's against the elite. It's even tough for guys to come back after a long injury. Shoot, people were saying the 1.5-year WADA penalty is a career-ender because of such a long layoff. ... more »

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I have gotten to Hangtown early enough to simply walk right in. However, I still buy tickets to support the cause. Like you said, keep your morals in check.

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These are a couple I took almost 18 and 20 years ago. I think that qualifies for "old school" but it's a very subjective term. The first one is Ivan Tedesco at the Kawaski test track in 2004 (notice the 1W number plate). The second one is RC (duh) during

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That’s easy—-

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I’ve been to Hangtown, Washougal, Glen Helen, and Budds Creek. Hangtown has excellent view ability, as does Budds. Glen Helen had more blind spots but it varies from year to year, but still good. Washougal, though beautiful, is tough to view more than ... more »

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Got the holeshot sequence and laying it flat from the fenceline right next to the left hander immediately after Big Moe...

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However bad the broadcast is, watching the racing every week is a must situation.

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Yet all of you "down vote thread" down voters are enjoying your time down voting each other for the sake of seeing what number down vote you end up with. Norcal succeeded in providing entertainment. Thanks yo!

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Footage like this is fantastic. Almost everything is available via social media these days. During this race, I was a freshman in high school and thought guys like Bailey, O'Show, RJ, and Wardy were living legends. The problem was, there was very little ... more »

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This dude's riding style was clearly influenced by having nads too heavy to allow him to stand.

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Yep, Suzuki fortified their 125 forces with Larroco and L. Ward. That was the first pro AMA event I attended. I specifically remember Kiedrowski wadding it up on the drop-off/downhill. I can't remember if it was during practice but I feel like it was ... more »

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It seemed like I was watching a helmet cam from ABC's Wide World of Sports.

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Since electricity travels at nearly the speed of light in a vacuum, use the symbol for that speed--- " c ". Such an easy graphic.

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"It's HEDley"

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The automatic transmission story was awesome. However, my favorite part was when the Japanese Honda exec met with Dave Arnold so Dave could request permission to sign RJ away from Yamaha, even though RJ had already signed it. Before they started talking ... more »

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NICE!! I had no idea I lost out to you. Glad you got it and I'm really happy to see your career success. Time flies is right. YES, I remember KTMNelio, I think his name is Aaron Neal. Really cool dude from Colorado?

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What's up goorider! Glad you parlayed your dealings with us, bottom dwellers, into a career with real people in the industry! That's as close as us mortals can get to being Ricky Carmichael. Yes, I remember all three of those guys. I tried to get a job ... more »

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Your "glory days" are still in your future. I look back now and think my 30's were the best combination of brains and brawn. As we age, the brains continue to advance. The brawn, not so much.

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makmcguire simply established context by mentioning his critical stance on Tomac's results. A stance likely built by Tomac's previous results. In no way does he imply Tomac gives a crap about his opinion. It seems to me mak simply started a thread to ... more »

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MC also over-jumped something and hurt his foot or ankle that year. I think it was Millville. He then pulled out of the next race because he didn't want to accept a poor result. I think the soundbite we hear of him talking about the fact that he could ... more »