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Get the Yamaha

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Honestly the dude contributes just as much as you do to the moto community. I've been watching your posts for 10 years and you got to be miserable dude. Always so quick to call people out in literally every thread. Wishing you a healthy mindset bud.

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Bro same thing happened to all my trophies, every trophy I had from growing up got broke by a bitter ex. Over 200 trophies as well!

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Im from Cali but I hooked up with a chick from Tupelo before. Nice girl! Those southern women are awesome haha

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Wow! Say hello to the dumbgeon for me.

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Anyone else think maybe Forkner should ride the rest of SX on the 450 when he comes back? The 450 class is stacked but so many greats have rode some rounds on the bigger bike while still riding 250f/125 . This may be a good opportunity to give it a try? ... more »

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A bank owns the bikes then the dealer pays a monthly flooring fee. Also to the 250 topic YZ250's are in super high demand, shops don't get many of them and you'd be surprised how fast they sell especially since it's a two-stroke!

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Agree that was super cringe and got very awkward at some points. Wow, I would never say that kind of stuff about women that had me smh! What if his chick's family sees that? It honestly looked like they wanted to "be romantic" at some points and I wanted ... more »

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Agree with what everyone was has said so far. Great ergos the bike feels really great in the ruts and the front end tracks very well. I went through a lot of 250fs during that chassis (2010-2013), around 10 yz250fs between those years, and its one of ... more »

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Actually it's not that they are paying some kid low hourly to do it but the mechanic has to stop on his $100/hr back of the shop service job, where the real money's made to help the front end sales side of the shop so the job is done quick and minimal. ... more »

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Who else had some epic kitchen tracks as a kid? Toaster tabletops, oven whoops but watch out for the sink where races could be won or lost.

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Every privateer that doesn't have a filthy rich family is getting funding from dealerships, industry people, fans, businesses, etc. If he would have used PayPal instead of gofundme nobody woulda said shit, which is really small minded on the people saying ... more »

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Bro no disrespect but you obviously didn't watch Mini O's or the Arizona Open a week after. The rumour I heard (possibly the truth) was the team didn't want his dad at the races so he left. Please go watch those races if you haven't he was absolutely ... more »

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Good for Chase! That deal was worth a lot more than 30k that's forsure. Do y'all really think that Forkner will end up at Factory Kawasaki? I can see maybe a 1 year contract at most.

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Bro your the one that did good if your son is buying you bikes!

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I personally feel like since their pipes are very good and proven that they can leverage riders/teams into wearing them and if it's a colab like mentioned then everyone is over hyping this. That's like calling Fly helmets that have the Dragon (optics) ... more »

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PCI is a legit company and a rad group of people! Same as Team Green started dealing with them for Baja 5+ years ago

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Haha, have any of yall actually ridden the bike?? Discrediting an experienced test rider, someone who has had a career working for a manufacture testing bikes just for the hell of it?? Cool story

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Would you like a slurrrrrpeee mon

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McGrath was getting smoked in the Intermediate class..