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If the 19 is anything like the 18 you may want to invest in a vortex or re-mapping. My 18 was way off. I could reliably kill the bike with too much throttle input - on the track, not just on the stand. I tried adjusting the TPS with a little luck. The ... more »

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#1 selects the base vortex map. #2 selects whichever map you have the dial set to on the vortex ecu. So set that dial to something other than 1. To set your TPS hold down your kill switch and push the start button for a few seconds, then while still ... more »

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Tacoma Motorsports carries VP. There’s also a place in Federal Way called honest performance that I used to get it from. Honest performance used to dispense from larger containers if you bring your own jug. Most of the tracks up there are south of Seattle ... more »

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9500 with CA tax is actually a better deal on the bike than 8999 without tax. The cost of the bike at 9500 otd is more like 8700 + 800 tax/lic. Probably really close to their cost. The dealer in Oregon above made about 300 bucks more at 8999. It always ... more »

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Try Slavens. They were able to get me one in about a week. Everyone else was quoting me 6+ weeks out

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Does anyone have a vortex ecu for a 17-18 ktm/husky 350 you’d like to part ways with?

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Have you already removed the chain guide on the other side?

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PM sent. I’ll take the last set!

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I’ll take a few off your hands. Where are you located?