Vortex on a Ktm 450 question

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9/19/2018 8:27 AM

Recently acquired a used Vortex X10 cdi. Came off an 18' KTM 450. I'm confused which map setting on your handlebar you use.
Do you use map #2 to get into the various X10 mapping programs?
Map #1 ---for what?


9/19/2018 8:41 AM

#1 selects the base vortex map.

#2 selects whichever map you have the dial set to on the vortex ecu. So set that dial to something other than 1.

To set your TPS hold down your kill switch and push the start button for a few seconds, then while still holding the kill switch, push the starter with the throttle WFO.


9/19/2018 9:02 AM

It will look like this Photo


9/19/2018 9:10 AM

HUGE help! thanks for the info.