Added reply in a thread WTB Shoei grant 2 size sm 5/14/2020 7:37 PM Grant 3?

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"Budget" hardtail build I did a couple years back and have been updating lately. I plan to keep it and upgrade the drivetrain to a wider range 11 speed in the near future, maybe the brakes too. Fun little bike. Had to keep it moto-ish with the Renthal

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Bump. Still available. Feel free to make an offer via eBay.

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Never used (ridden with) and bike was never ran with the cover on, just installed and then removed a week later. Ended up getting a clutch cover off eBay from a 18.5 Rockstar Edition. Link to my eBay Listing: HERE Asking $100

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2020 Husqvarna FC450
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If you want to safely haul your kids I would advise purchasing a passenger van and removing the back couple rows to fit the bikes. I don't have kids, but if I did I wouldn't want them riding on some janky bench seat setup screwed into the floor.

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Keefer with that passion. You could tell he was bummed. I personally would have enjoyed reading his feedback vs. PF, which wasn't bad either.

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How long ago was this? Chad seems like a good guy who is willing to open his facility on weekdays which is pretty rare in this region I feel. Bummer you had some bad experiences as I've had great experiences there so far. That said, I haven't made it ... more »

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I believe the FE/Rockstar editions are worth the extra $1100 or whatever if you would do similar upgrades to the 2021. Slip On, Aftermarket Seat, Billet Clutch Cover, Holeshot device, Triple Clamps, things start to add up quickly if you price out what ... more »

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I swooped some of those clamps last year during the sale and ended up with 2011 YZ250F forks. To center the wheel I believe you need to remove 1mm of material from disc side spacer. Yamaha changed the fork spread on certain years (2006+ I think) and

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I think MD & LG are the same shell size so you might be able to make it work with different pads from a LG.

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Anyone have one they want to part ways with for less than $100 shipped? New or lightly used condition please. Don't really want a thrashed one. Photos help. Looking for a Rekluse Clutch Cover RMS-380 or one pulled from a Rockstar Edition with H Factory ... more »

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Size 9.5 Vans, and wear size 9 Tech 10.

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Next best option?

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Get there early so you can get some decent parking (if arriving Sat). Wear comfortable shoes or hiking boots as there are hills at Budds. Bring sunscreen and maybe an umbrella so you can make yourself some shade if needed. Viewing is pretty cool at Budds ... more »

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Watching Tomac seem to muscle that Kawi around, carry momentum into the deep deep ruts while keeping power to the ground and accelerating through and out of every corner is very cool. Watching Kenny "finesse sprint" his way around the track and through ... more »

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Where did you end up getting the plastic fork guard protectors (kit style)?

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No I just went with the configuration for the 04+ YZ 2-strokes.

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The only difference is the steering stem length.. PC has the top one on their site, but I'm afraid the bottom is out of stock at the moment. ... more »