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Wow. Thanks for all the inisghtful responses everyone! I'm leaning towards the PW for his 4th birthday which would be in April. And maybe pick up a stacyc the following Christmas. It seems from your responses that both bikes have a good purpose with ... more »

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Has anyone tried the Quick Turn throttle cam that comes with the bike? That is also said to make an improvement in getting up into the power a bit faster/easier as the stock KTM throttle pull is loooong. Keefer talks about this in some of his podcasts. ... more »

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Hey all, I have a soon to be 4 year old and naturally I had planned to get him into motocross on a 50cc just like i did. Initially I had thought that the PW50 would be the best bet but with these Stacyc bikes I'm wondering if its a better move to start ... more »

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I've been wondering the same thing and haven't seen anyone discuss this as yet. Would like to hear feedback from those that have ridden the Alta as to whether they think a clutch would be useful or not.

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I listened to the podcast. Doesn't seem like Keefer thought the gains were worth the money and race gas etc, unleas your racing?

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You race off-road or Moto?

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I have to say. I also have a 2017 KTM 450 and I have NEVER had an issue with stalling. I've never tried a rekluse but I also don't see the need for one on this bike. Maybe on old 4 strokes , but to need one on these new bikes seems odd to me.

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Thats exactly what I was thinking to myself! I was reading through the comments and thinking "huh?" Thanks for re-confirming.

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From what I see on Instagram, it appears Keefer is testing the 2019 at the moment. Hopefully he will release a first ride impression soon.

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This. I love my 17 for what it's worth.

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Sad, I grew up on Axo gear. Hopefully they make a comeback to the US in the near future.

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Good point!

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Love my 17 450 SXF. I have 22 hours on it and haven't changed a thing besides Renthal chain and sprockets, moved to a 14/52 gearing. I'm actuall goin gto test the quick throttle cam that cam with it in the tool bag, according to Keefer and others it ... more »

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In my personal opinion, a 125 is more of a "lilght switch" powerband and not as friendly as a 250F in this regard. If the OP is concerned about scaring his kid away with a big bike then that really only leaves the 85CC or CRF150 as viable options. The ... more »

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SO Frustrating to watch...hes riding awesome but has been struggling there all night. Maybe too young/small to soak up that jump when he comes up short. Sucks because hes really good everywhere else!

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According to an isntagram post by one of the mags, he was shaking down the 19 Kawi. Not sure if he was testing it for Kawi or to potentially put his own deal together?

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THAT IS AMAZING! Good stuff.

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Shae Bentley kind of disappeared fast right? Although he did win a 125CC Supercross title in 2000. What about Bobby Bonds? Agree with others on TP199. And even though JS7 had many many titles, its still amazing he only has 2 Supercross titles in the ... more »

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I rode a friend's 19 Kawi the other day. It was great! The most impressive thing to me was the ability to corner like my 17 KTM. Kawi real did a great job with this bike! The only thing I noticed, and maybe it was partially due to the pro taper bar the ... more »

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BAM! Loved these factory Kawis and graphics back in the day. Had them on my 1995 KX100 !