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THAT IS AMAZING! Good stuff.

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Shae Bentley kind of disappeared fast right? Although he did win a 125CC Supercross title in 2000. What about Bobby Bonds? Agree with others on TP199. And even though JS7 had many many titles, its still amazing he only has 2 Supercross titles in the ... more »

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I rode a friend's 19 Kawi the other day. It was great! The most impressive thing to me was the ability to corner like my 17 KTM. Kawi real did a great job with this bike! The only thing I noticed, and maybe it was partially due to the pro taper bar the ... more »

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BAM! Loved these factory Kawis and graphics back in the day. Had them on my 1995 KX100 !

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Despite the strange post by the OP. I kinda always wondered what most thought of Jeffrey's demeanor? He doesn't appear to have the like-able attitude of say someone like a Windham or even a Cairoli. But I could be wrong..

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I buy all my bikes in the crate as well. That's mainly because they are exported to me though. I do assume that the dealerships still do some checks on the bikes even though they are in the crate.

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One of my favorites was "Children of a Metal God"

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I like the Shift gear. Thoughts on mixing Shift gear with a TLD helmet? Allowed?

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CRAZY ! I live in the Caribbean, Barbados to be precise. That certainly wouldn't happen at one of our tracks so its sort of surprising to see that the guys in DR held a race like that.

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I kind of a agree with the sentiment about the 'window" of use. They are much more fun on sand and tacky tracks than they would be on a dry hard packed track. This is my problem, I mostly ride on the latter, otherwise I think i'd be quick to go back ... more »

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you never mentioned what bike you are on???!!

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I was wondering the same thing. I see there is some new Raceshop gear on BTO sports that looks pretty cool. But it doesnt seem there is an entire 2019 release as yet.

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Well said, agreed!

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Thanks, good to know!

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Hi Michael, First off, great work with the shootout! I had just one question, I noticed that the one tester who rated the Husky 2nd commented that he used the "Quick" throttle cam during his test and which improved things for him , did the rest of the ... more »

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Wow...sorry to hear of your msfortune. FWIW I had some issues with my 2017 from the Factory, but they warrantied everything and I am so glad I chose this bike in the end. It's one of the best bikes I have ever had, despite the initial trouble. I'm sure ... more »

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Nice looking bike. I still love my 17 model. Might I recommend you go with a Renthal fatbar or Protaper instead of the Twinwalls? The Twinwalls are super stiff and won't give you as much comfort as the Fatbar or Protaper Evo. Just a tip.

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Nice! We are about to pull the trigger on a new 2018 250 XC as well. Did you ride or own the 2018 version or were your comments based on previous years?