Added reply in a thread Is this guy mitch evans the real deal? 2/15/2020 10:35 AM

Love it when a rider such as Evans appears and beats established riders, possibly unexpectedly. Really hope he does good and will be rooting for him.

Added reply in a thread A hero of mine: 2/15/2020 10:12 AM

Brownie's battles with Langston were maybe the best racing I ever watched! Was just so tense. He also took it to the 250GP class and beat the very best at times ocassionally. Credit to him how he is still kicking ass, amazing!

Added reply in a thread East coast 250 class predictions for round #1 2/15/2020 9:58 AM

I'll go with Sexton or Smith- 1-2- vice versa results. Think Smith has some potential to come. Always impressed me. Hope its got as much excitement as the West one has provided! May the best man win.

Added reply in a thread Rob Andrews 'The Inside Line'. 2/15/2020 9:40 AM

Rob's website also is fantastic and well written. Great rider also and superb how he makes a book about the glory years of MX Gp racing. I wish more old GP riders would be more involved and do similar things and tell their stories. Many of them just ... more »

Added reply in a thread ISO: Simonini 125 parts 2/15/2020 8:46 AM

I reckon eventually you may find one on Ebay but may have to wait till something shows up and maybe costly. As you say though it maybe possible to craft/ create one and alot cheaper. Very cool bike with the Sachs 7 speed! Love these 1970's bikes like ... more »

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Does that have a Sachs engine? Interesting and pretty looking bike for sure. Never seen one before or heard of them. anymore info?

Added reply in a thread Nick names for Dylan Ferrandis 2/13/2020 6:21 PM

Back in his MX2GP days, he got nicknamed 'The Mullet', think was actually was a pun against Herlings being called 'The Bullet'. So Ferrandis got 'The Mullet' tag, whilst Herlings was 'The Bullet'. Which was abit of joking maybe at Ferrandis being the ... more »

Added reply in a thread If you thought Ferrandis move was bad... Check this out 2/3/2020 2:57 PM

Yea when he did AMA SX rounds he even made a few finals, he looked quite good really albeit abit out of control at times (not dirty riding, just riding on the edge). He was entertaining when he did AMA SX and was rooting for him back then. Is a shame ... more »

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Didn't Featherstone do some SX rounds in AMA a year or two back? He didn't look too bad seem to remember and crept into a few finals I think. Surprised how big that Arenacross crowd looked, thought people would not be so interested. Not sure what went ... more »

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For some reason can never imagine Dungey putting on weight, riding or not. He always seemed really disciplined and also such a super guy - all that charity work and the other super things he does. Yea just never could imagine him changing, weight, stature ... more »

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Was that the Ponca 'infamous race' somewhat where Bruce Bunch and the other Team Suzuki riders had that very sad accident? You must have been a good rider to have done well at a high level. Wasn't your brother also a good rider? Was he at the same Ponca ... more »

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Bet you rip on that mower also! Guess it just isn't the same as a Yzinger though and is abit hard to jump.

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You look fast- no goggles and also no gloves? Cannot quite work out in the pics if you got no gloves on? As you say kids didn't have alot of common sense back then (or some of them), me included especially. I used to like riding in T-shirts. My time

... more »
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Ferrandis looks like abit like scruffy guy on the streets approaching Craig for some money?

edit ... Not hating on Dylan- just joking. Good they made it up.
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I agree Motels were probably a good place for wild dudes to meet each other and Lechien is definitely in need of marketing work done. John was a probably good dude for letting people ride the track though, if they helped out that is.

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'Wild dudes hanging with other wild dudes' is a good combination, always works well.

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Undecided if it was dirty or not- its racing I guess and they are giving it their all. Ferrandis has however had loads of bangs and scrapes throughout this series especially at the starts and somehow always seems to stay upright somehow, whilst others ... more »

Added reply in a thread Carey Hart, Pink, Josh Grant, Villopoto, Christian Craig & others being "Moto Parents" at A2... 1/22/2020 1:52 PM

Very cool to see the little 'uns do what their parents do- also the involvement of their parents nurturing them! Could be some future champs in there. Motocross is such a family thing and may it long stay the same.... famous parents or not.

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Extreme maybe but guess adds to the entertainment. I would say Jett Lawrence also was Maximus Entertainment and talent- he would have won it if not for the mistakes in my opinion. I mean Ferrandis aint the first person or won't be the last to cause some ... more »

Added reply in a thread Fellow vital members (the ugly side of the sport) 1/15/2020 3:53 AM

Damn- heres to a full recovery and when you are back will be faster still! Hoping you got some good folks around you for the support that I think is so important whilst recovering.