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Undecided if it was dirty or not- its racing I guess and they are giving it their all. Ferrandis has however had loads of bangs and scrapes throughout this series especially at the starts and somehow always seems to stay upright somehow, whilst others ... more »

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Very cool to see the little 'uns do what their parents do- also the involvement of their parents nurturing them! Could be some future champs in there. Motocross is such a family thing and may it long stay the same.... famous parents or not.

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Extreme maybe but guess adds to the entertainment. I would say Jett Lawrence also was Maximus Entertainment and talent- he would have won it if not for the mistakes in my opinion. I mean Ferrandis aint the first person or won't be the last to cause some ... more »

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Damn- heres to a full recovery and when you are back will be faster still! Hoping you got some good folks around you for the support that I think is so important whilst recovering.

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I had it when I was about 18 years old- cooked (fried) some beansprouts, chinese type food. Think they were abit old but figured they were probably okay (famous last words)... kind of got really intense fever type symptoms and felt all faint- within ... more »

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What a lovely guy- made a kids and his families Christmas dream come true! Kid looked a really good rider also- was well impressed how he was hitting the jumps! That must have been a super day out. Always liked Dean and his humour but like him even more ... more »

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Best of luck- you got a great attitude and outlook- think stuff will happen if you keep plugging on- don't give up!

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Got my first bike in '73 as a little 'un and had a smile as wide as you like! Other than the injuries racing which were frequent and at times unpleasant the smile has still remained and probably always will. Think I enjoy bikes and racing exactly the ... more »

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Cool thread! I had a really early one- on ZX Spectrum 48K- loved that little machine! Thought all my Christmas's had come at once after upgrading to Spectrum 48k from Commodore Vic 20 which had 3.5k of memory if I remember correctly. Played the thing

... more »
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Think that may have been the bike (ex. Jason Bonham)that was on Ebay for sale about 1 year ago. Think was a kx125 or may have been a Kx100 and it had the seat foam cut right down because Jason was so small back then and couldn't touch the ground! I wanted ... more »

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They were a great racing family and Jason Bonham was one superb rider, one of the finest in UK. Think John Bonham also kind of was instrumental in helping to setup the Team Green Program for talented youth riders, such as Paul Malin and Jamie Dobb who ... more »

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Without these brave souls who sacrificed so much, I may well not have the wonderful life I am blessed with- including bikes, racing, a lovely home, wonderful food and so much more. RIP and thankyou so much.

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Hey 313Slowdown - That Aspes is one of my most favourite bikes! Does it have the Glitter paintwork? What year is it? Loving that!

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If I didn't have Healthcare Insurance for whatever reasons and that happened to me I would be so damn grateful for any help at all and I bet Dear Micky is. He needs help and hope he gets it!

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Yes, easy to tell you were very fast just by your look and whole demeanour. Funny a few of the very quick kids here whom I was lucky to race against(well I was in the same race as them!) also had exactly that same sort of look on their faces and style! ... more »

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Sachs and Zundapps were so cool- how unusual to put one in a Honda! Superb!! On this subject sometimes Sachs engines would also be used in Aspes in the 1970's. Loving your pic Dropbear of your YZ80 Noguchi- you look one fast rider and that must have ... more »

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Thats amazing- your Pops sounds one damn cool man! I can understand how he was worried you could get hurt- I think if I had a son I wouldn't want him to race either. Boy though- I bet that was kind of frustrating for you being young and not being able ... more »

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Loving that! Wish I was clever enough to be able to build a bike like that! well

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That would be awesome to see and hear the stories from the Champs and legends!

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Got to love 'The Bomber'- never knew that he had one! My most favourite story of all with the Mini Star riders/ legends/ champions, was the one where Bruce Bunch overtook 'The Bomber' on his 80cc!! I love that story so much. Afterwards 'The Bomber' went

... more »