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Ill bet you it ends up in has barn property shop if it goes back to the Carmichaels...... you know, the one that MXA reposted that was from a few years ago that was almost falling down. Inside it was full of bike parts and works parts Mostly all Suzuki.....factory ... more »

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Ive only read through the first page but i didnt carw for the track either ruts aside it looke very herky-jerky (sp?) I like to see tracks that have sort of a continuous flow to them and those tracks can still be rough, the track just looked out of sync ... more »

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possiblywow Durham won it? ...... DARRYN DURHAM NEEDS A RIDE! 😂😂

Started new thread So Ummm About 250/450 Moto 2 On NBC Time Allotment 6/16/2018 10:23 AM

So just like every weekend for the outdoors I go and free set my DVR just in case something comes up and I'm unable to watch it this week I had read on here that the second Moto's were going to be on the main NBC Network channel Itslelf. if this question ... more »

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Thank you Scotty I’m glad actually check this thread because tomorrow morning I would’ve been cussing up a storm looking for it on NBC sports and not knowing it was on the regular network crisis averted LOL

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Bump....can anyone tell me what fork guards I need to get to run the cr style setup on my 03 kx250? I have some brand new in the package white lightspeed yz fork guards that apparently dont fit so Im looking to get rid of them but need to replace them ... more »

Added reply in a thread KYB Bumper Forks 6/14/2018 4:11 PM there ANY alternative to using these bumpers like an updated bumper...I thought I saw something someone made to retrofit a better bumper system or maybe a retrofit of a hydraulic lock bottoming system? Yes I know im bumping an old thread ... more »

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James Stewart without question

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Much ty

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Im REALLY contemplating going this year.....anyone think its too late to pull it together? What airport would be best to fly into to get to Red Bud easily? The whole area is going to be extra booked on Hotels too, anyone have any advice on Hotels near ... more »

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I dont know if id call him ineffective as much as id say he flat out put forth as little effort as possible when on the 250 except for San Diego and maybe one other SX he podiumed. Every other race this year looks like hes almost riding the 250 in protest ... more »

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Yea, I was kinda let down on "New YZ85" .... it sounds like a mix&match of new and old parts, a disjointed "New" bike. Im really surprised they didnt mimic the YZ65 look more bec Im sure the body parts dimension-wise are very close except for the ... more »

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FYI Lose ...not Loose You're ...not your in certain contexts Capital....not Capitol Losing ....not Loosing Clearly your degree wasn't in English don't get butthurt, just use spell check.

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Dude those TM's although cool in concept ....look absolutely HORRID

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Sooooo lemme get this full rip which I know wasn't paid for the parts on this bike, I was curious what the mods cost since I saw a lot of dollars here.... $10,698 on top of a $9,000 dirtbike???? That's absurd! I mean I get the point behind ... more »

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Honestly if it were me, I'd rather have the retail value of all those parts in suspension work minus maybe the PC Pipe...

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I do daily and it offends me when they flip me off so i stamp my feet in a circle and pout!

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C. Zitterkoof ... Is that the son of Greg Zitterkoof?

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Wow.... Justin Hill really making good on his sttatement to be up front and winning outdoors this year.

Dayum Justin Cooper is riding into the future with those qualifying times!! ... more »
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H-2-Oh yeeeeaaaaaah!!!! Maybe Honda still has some works parts for the 92-96 bike.

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