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If you don't think that they can't get that bike to have the softest most perfect power delivery if that's Kenny's taste.... at the level of Factory Honda then you are sadly mistaken and should rethink life 😂😂

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Yes but here's the most frustrating part I'm finding out part way through one of these new podcasts......all the newer podcasts is that all they're doing is regurgitating the exact SAME info we've already heard from a pod Matthes or Whoever has already ... more »

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I was juuuuuuuuust about to go there but note that every time I say it that it's done in a mocking type of way for those that were serious about it lol

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I always felt he had such a rigid slightly awkward riding style seemed so "technique" and rickety vs just flowing with the bike as one. I feel that was one of his biggest detriments to finding that extra 1% tick that would've had him beating guys ... more »

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Wow...this is a brilliant idea/concept!! I am one of these guys but I live in Orange County ....if you plan on expanding I'd be interested in what kinds of costs are associated with something like this and if there were opportunities to buy in for investing ... more »

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Me thinks you nailed it...

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I think it has more than 10 hours though....if not, its been 10 HARD hours.Still, thats a pretty good deal bros

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Let me be one of the first to say I absolutely despise the crap out of those stupid shorty vent hose tips for one when you take your gas cap off to put gas in your bike you have to set the cap somewhere and hope it doesn't fall down in the ground in ... more »

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It was an 85 CR250 bruh....which makes it even MORE impressive!! You've certainly laid out some very interesting mods I've never even come close to hearing about ...I'm gonna hot the Google machine about some of the things you mentioned, not for validity ... more »

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I have a feeling you're gonna love this song .....its hilarious and awesome!! Try Either link, first one may want your to log into youtube because of the Lyrics.....I love me some Dirt Nasty music! . ... more »

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JT just took shirt off!!

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While I love the looks of the 1996 CR250................... im 51% in favor of the 1995 being the best looking CR250 and while the 1996 has the exact same plastic shape, the 95 does edge it out for me Going as just the look of the CR250 my list looks ... more »

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Gawd......that front brake line!!! How could anyone that has enough experience to rebuild a bike let something like that slip??? I see it ALL THE TIME on craigslist bikes for sale. I actually had a good friend argue to the death with me saying that's ... more »

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That's the option I voted on hahaha

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You guys and your hatred for the 97 CR250 may not have been the BEST bike from 97-99 but it wasn't THAT bad. I bought a near brand new 97 CR250 with FC Suspension, a Devol adjustable billet link, and a PC Platinum Pipe in 2000 I paid $3500. I actually ... more »

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If you say his name 3 times fast while staring at a mirror, does he then appear?

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Youre both kinda wrong ....while James was annihilating guys on his 125, Chad had been repeatedly talking shit calling him out "If I had a start I could win...." "Lets see how it goes when were side by side and have a clear track...." etc etc etc.... ... more »

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That pic is my desktop wallpaper on my work makes me laugh every time I see the anger bnb in his eyes looking directly at Barcismss middle finger....what a great shot "That's why I Say hey man nice shot" Filter

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I almost get the impression he's sort of mailing in in after all the talk he said about doing well and being in shape and having that familiar special feel on the Suzuki ....he is like 2 spots at best ahead of the ankle injured last season. Kinda think ... more »

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T'was some phenomenal racing....Cooper is basssyyyaaasck