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I bought acerbies front and side number plates from Ricky mountain. The front number plate is perfect but the sides are a darker green.

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Derrick Anderson and Jeff walker. Driven to ride and man v Moto were the best YouTube Moto documentaries.

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Bought a 2021 kx250 about a month ago and love the thing! Just need new grips 😂

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2011 and 2012 kx250f are very similar bikes. If I were you I would put a wanting to buy post for those year bikes forks on the for sale/bazar section. With a bike that age chances are someone has a bike or forks lying around and will probably sell for ... more »

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I noticed and for sure have the bearings and races in the correct place. Do you know whether they are press fit?

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It’s possible, I will have to contact them and ask.

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Not that I know of. The bearing sits about a half inch above the bottom, so they must have given me the incorrect bearing. I will contact them and see if they can get me the correct bearing.

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I have a 2007 klx110, I bought all balls tapered bearings. the races fit fine and the top bearing fits fine as well, the problem is that the bottom bearing will not fit all the way down on the steering column. I have taken everything off. anyone have ... more »

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I’ve used it with my garmin forerunner 230. At first it wasn’t working right but my friend contacted the people who run the app and they refigured my lap times and then it was fine. They suggest turning data recording to every second instead of smart ... more »

Added reply in a thread Is it worth waiting for the 2021 KX250? 2/25/2020 6:20 AM I would say it depends on how much you want to spend. You can already get 20’s for less than 6 grand.

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You're right Matthes has mentioned it a couple times that Barcia needs top three in either series to re-up his contract.

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Totally understand where you’re coming from. But for a guy who hasn’t already picked what bike they want or is in the fence about a couple bikes this is cool info to help make a decision. I’d say more based on what your looking for out of a bike not ... more »

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I know this is late, but how come GoPro never put up any videos of ww ranch?

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are you willing to sell the gas tank without the pump?

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same thing happened to my 2010 crf250r eventually it completely quite starting. bought a new fuel pump and it fixed everything. when you put the new fuel pump in it will take a decent amount of kicks before it starts.

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what brand are the plastics?

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go for it. learning and doing it yourself is part of the fun. just depends on how long you're willing to take and how deep you're willing to go. i have little experience as well and i would probably do everything but lacing the wheels.

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Looking to wire tie some bolts on my bike, like the banjo bolts and steering stem nut. if you have any advice or pics it would be appreciated.

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some of the threads for my shroud plastic on my gas tank are stripped. I do not think there is enough material there to tap them. any ideas on what I could do.

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