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120 here. Steering stem bearings are atrocious. Currently running some pivot works one and they are a little better, but still don’t seal that good. I rebuilt mine top to bottom at 104 hours just for peace of mind on my way to 200 hours. The only problems ... more »

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I have the all sport ones, but I’m going to get a pair of the mobius ones in the near future. I’m not really a fan of having to get a pocket stitched to the glove. I have the older that don’t have the one strap, and the lace up style is kind of a pain. ... more »

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MS powersports in Gastonia NC

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Don’t know who makes the Mika metals o ring chain, but I’ve had good luck with it. I’ve got 60 of off-road/deep east coast conditions on it and I’ll probably replace it soon.

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If I had to guess I would think the Daytona vintage race would be up there. That’s all I got for “big” vintage races in the south east.

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20-30 here is the south east, but 25 is the standard for the most part.

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My father is buys and sells TVs so I’ve seen quite a few coke through. I would think a super C toy hauler with that many miles would be in the 45k range if you are privately selling it. I don’t know what the situation is with potential buyers getting ... more »

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“I’m holding my breath on whether or not he’s going to perform on a 450” (referring to sexton) give me a break buddy lol. One of the more ridiculous things I heard. Just swept all his outdoor results under the rug. This is where they really lost me. ... more »

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proper spring rates, o ring chain, bars, levers (arc), and an all black guts seat cover with bump.

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another vote for the shoals. at least 4-5 tracks and I would be willing to bet that their rates are the cheapest out of anyone. The little bit of training I do there is 200 a month for two, two hour sessions per week for a month.

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No more race tech this year? Enzo suspension and xpr motors this year I guess. I would be interested to know if the whole teams gets this kind of support or if it’s is mostly just for Mumford.

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Imagine washing the front end as the ram is chasing you... would not be a good day lol.

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Yea when I tried a set I liked them on a hard base moto track, but anything in the woods I didn’t think they where that good. But next summer I’ll definitely be giving them another shot for those dry hard days at the track.

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All body position.

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Oil problem. Has nothing to do with the intake/air filter.

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Sent. Thank you chris for trying to get me sorted out.

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I’m a Scott guy as well. Recently upgraded from the hustles too the fury’s. I noticed the fov being a little bit better and the foam being a pretty big improvement. Also I like the 4 post tear off system. Seems to be better at keeping little bugs of ... more »

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Don’t know about buying a shirt but I’ll definitely be sending a vortex ecu his way sometime soon.

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So me being forced to buy something else from race tech if I want my money back is fixed? Maybe we have different definitions of something being fixed. I got a store credit not a refund. The way I see it I tried to support the podcast I listen to and ... more »

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no no no. I bought a spring from directly from race tech. Checkers is talking about the gold valve kits which I bought from ebay. 2 different things.