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It’s not really 8.3m though is it. Riders with factory contracts are voided from contingency as their bonuses cover that and they technically don’t own the bikes they race. So to earn the bulk of that you’d have to go buy a bike from a dealer then go ... more »

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I believe the mx sports fee is $10 per class no matter how you register. Every one we’ve done this year has been cash at the event only. No pre registration.

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Pause it Then forward it

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And the rest. His 2005-07 KTM contract would have been close to $2m alone. + bonus + Astars + shark helmets + Red Bull + goggles + ++ He probably made $2m before his 20th birthday.

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Think Kenny is over Webb’s shit now. He won’t go out if his way but if the opportunity arises, Webb is going into row F!

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I found one in my desk a few weeks back. Good times.

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So rider following the rider in front at walking pace Is at fault when someone crosses the track and runs into him. Without the medic having no track awareness this doesn’t happen. Let’s be real. The medic was rushing to check on a downed rider that ... more »

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Americans want a class for every 3 entries so everyone gets on the podium. Soon there’s going be a class for 36.5 year old Between intermediate and novice who rides once a week on a Honda purchased in the month of June.

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Seeded practice used the be 125/250.

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Las Vegas 2017 may not have been the best 250 or 450 main events ever. But it was the best 3 hour live tv broadcast of Supercross ever!

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Vegas 2017 The whole 2011 season The whole 2006 season Atlanta 90 Anaheim 86

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2x had his events cancelled Tracks still open to public Cal City, Perris, Glen Helen Myron called county officials to get the shut down. His story is he did it for the safety of the Moto community. The tracks all think he did it out of spite since he ... more »

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What was found in Davi’s locker was a contract for Eli Tomac and enough budget to pay it.

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That’s not an either or. That’s a start with a Stacyc then move on to a PW. A Stacyc is a toy to ride around the pits or pump track. A PW is a motocross bike. But be careful we started with a 10in Stacyc now I have a stock and a brushless Stacyc for ... more »

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You mean douchebag gear

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Totally wrong. Special Limited is cobra P3 and KTM mini. The P3 is smaller than a cobra JR. Seat high 22 inches not 24 inches. Carb is reduced from 14mm to 12mm. 4-6 Ltd is cobra JR. LL replaced spec Ltd with e bike for 2020 and beyond.

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Biggest difference between Euro and here is there’s no A, B, C class in Europe. A national championship or European championship is not an ability class. Get rid of that and watch everything change. C class champion at Lorretas is the fastest rider with ... more »

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I think it was the rider that changed the sport not the bike. James would have done that on any brand.

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That is spot on! That is how it’s done.

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Ain’t that the truth! Especially if they fly out of French valley