Silly Season 2024 | The Full List? - Round Five 111

It's the best time of year! Silly Season, the best gossip and what is likely to happen for 2024

Welcome back! Silly Season is nearing its long-winded end, with most deals having been announced and just a couple of straggling announcements await. We've updated a few more teams, cleared up a few position changes, and added a couple of little rumors since our last version.

We now have around 190 team positions listed and over 110 riders either in their locked-in home or the rumor of where they could end up. Any surprises in here for you?

Team Honda HRC 



Team Honda HRC has some minor changes but for the most part will look familiar. The Lawrence brothers will be at Anaheim 1 aboard 450s, while Chance Hymas will have a new 250 teammate in Jo Shimoda.

Incoming Riders:

#30 Jo Shimoda (250 West): Jo Shimoda rejoins Honda and will enter his first year of racing for Team Honda HRC on a two-year contract for 2024 and 2025. His gear situation looks similar to his Pro Circuit days, except with a change to Fox helmets. His mechanic will be Ben Griffith and Jo continues as a Monster Energy athlete.

Shimoda Gear: Fox helmets, Scott goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.

Returning Riders:

#18 Jett Lawrence (450): 2024 will mark the first full-time 450 season for Jett Lawrence. We expect Jett to continue in his current gear deals. Jett continues as a Red Bull athlete.

J Lawrence Gear: Alpinestars helmets, 100% goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#96 Hunter Lawrence (450): Hunter Lawrence is extremely likely to step up to the 450 full-time alongside his brother for 2024. Hunter continues as a Red Bull athlete and head-to-toe Alpinestars.

H Lawrence Gear: Alpinestars helmets, Alpinestars goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots. 

#48 Chance Hymas (250 East): Chance Hymas enters the second year of his pro deal for 2024, which runs through 2025. We expect him to continue with all his personal sponsors, including Fly and Monster Energy.

Hymas Gear: Fly Racing helmets, Scott goggles, Fly Racing gear, and Alpinestars boots. 

Departing Riders:

#23 Chase Sexton: Chase Sexton departs Team Honda HRC after four-and-a-half years. Reference Red Bull KTM.

#45 Colt Nichols: Colt Nichols has joined the new Factory Beta team for 2024 and 2025. Reference Liqui Moly Beta.


Team Manager - Lars Lindstrom

Crew Chief (450) - Grant Hutcheson

Crew Chief (250) - Jordan Troxell (Moved to this position before Nationals in 2023)

Chassis R&D - Shane Drew

R&D/Electronics and Development - Ricki Rock

H Lawrence Mechanic - Cameron Camera

J Lawrence Mechanic - Christien Ducharme

Chance Hymas Mechanic - Thomas Harris

Jo Shimoda Mechanic - Ben Griffith (Was test technician through most of 2023)

Engine R&D (450) - Robert Reichman

Engine Technician (450) - David Presler

Engine R&D (250) - Gilbert Lujan

Engine Technician (250) - Mick Fallins

Engine/Test Technician - Sebastian Palmese

Parts Coordinator - Todd Flickinger

Technical Truck Driver - Mike Spraker

Hospitality Truck Driver - Tom Poage

Race Team Coordinator - Latricia Barbee

Communications Manager - Danny Gonzalez

Team Consultant / Test Rider - Trey Canard

Red Rider Program Coordinator - Jose Monge

Showa Suspension Technician - Derek Atkinson

Showa Suspension Technician - Trey Rein

Phoenix Racing 


Phoenix Racing will likely downsize for 2024 in its Supercross program to be more focused on its returning riders. The long-time Honda team has some interest from other OEMs, but is re-upping with RideRed for 2024 and beyond.

Team Gear: 6D helmets, 100% goggles, Moose gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Rumored Riders:

#14 Dylan Ferrandis (450): Ferrandis has signed with Phoenix Honda for 2024 and will compete in the full season.

Ferrandis gear: Bell helmets, 100% goggles, O'Neal gear, Five gloves, and Alpinestars boots.

Returning Riders:

#58 Cullin Park (250 East): We expect Cullin Park to return to Phoenix Racing in 2024.

Kyle Peters (#1 in AX and 250 East)Kyle Peters will be returning from a near career-ending neck injury. Right now it sounds like Peters will focus solely on defending his #1 plate in Arenacross but after their season is wrapped up, we may see Kyle at a few later rounds of 250 East Coast SX.

Departing Riders:

Jace Owen: Jace Owen will not return to Phoenix Racing in 2024.

Caden Braswell: Caden Braswell will not return to Phoenix Racing in 2024.

Coty Schock: Reference ClubMX.


Team Owner - David Eller

Team Manager - Heath Harrison

Crew Chief and R&D - Josh Wisenor (former Gieco Honda / TLD GasGas crew member joins the team for 2024)

Team Coordinator - Keith King

Ferrandis' Mechanic - Dalen Vernazza

Park's Mechanic - Kris McCraken

Engine Technician - Gino Aponte

Engine R&D - Dan Lamey

Transporter Driver - Brian "Rabbit" Swead

Monster Energy Kawasaki


Things to be status quo for the Monster Energy Kawasaki squad for 2024. Adam Cianciarulo has an existing contract in play for the new season and we believe Jason Anderson will return on a new contract as his current one expires after the 2023 season. What about rumors of Dylan Ferrandis? We don't expect them to come true as the team retains Jason Anderson on a new two-year deal and there's not the budget to go for a third top-level rider. 

Returning Riders:

#9 Adam Cianciarulo (450): Adam Cianciarulo enters the second year of his current deal with Kawasaki.

Cianciarulo Gear: Fox helmets, Fox goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.

#21 Jason Anderson (450): Jason Anderson will return to the Factory Kawasaki squad on a new two year contract.

Anderson Gear: Airoh helmet, Scott goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.


Team Manager - Dan Fahie

Adam Cianciarulo's Crew Chief - Oscar Wirdeman

Adam Cianciarulo's Mechanic - Justin Shantie

Jason Anderson's Crew Chief - Theo Lockwood

Jason Anderson's Mechanic - Jason "Rango" Montoya

Parts and Testing Coordinator - Kurt Rood

Transport Driver - Brian "BigB" Barnhart

Test Mechanic: Brian Kranz

Test Rider - Broc Tickle

Monster Energy/Pro Circuit Kawasaki


Mitch Payton's legendary team has some movement going into 2024. Three returning riders, two incoming, and two departing. Read below for more details on the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki squad.

Team gear: Bell helmets, Scott goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.

Incoming Riders:

#20 Maximus Vohland (250 West): Maximus is set to ride for the same team his father raced for in 2000 and 2001.

#47 Levi Kitchen (250 West): Pro Circuit's big signing for 2024, as they beat out both Red Bull KTM and Triumph Racing for Levi Kitchen's services. Kitchen joins the team on a two-year deal and we've heard unlike the other riders on the team, he may have the freedom to ride and train outside of California. Sounds like Levi will be riding at the Moto Sandbox when he's Florida-based.

Returning Riders:

#43 Seth Hammaker (250 East): Hammaker begins the second year of his current two-year deal in 2024. Meaning 2024 is a contract year for Seth Hammaker. 

#63 Cameron McAdoo (250 East): McAdoo begins the second year of his current two-year deal in 2024. Meaning 2024 is a contract year for Cameron McAdoo.

#64 Austin Forkner (250 East): With recent rule changes, Austin Forkner is no longer on the bubble to be bumped out of the 250 class. He has been retained for the 2024 season at Pro Circuit. He has also changed his program up quite a bit, parting ways with long-time coach Robby Reynard, and now linking up with Ryan Hughes for on-the-bike coaching, along with Charles Dao handling his fitness and off-the-bike work.

Departing Riders:

Jo Shimoda: Jo Shimoda had multiple teams after him for 2024 and has ultimately decided to move on from Pro Circuit. Reference HRC Honda.

Jett Reynolds: Jett Reynolds will not continue on with Pro Circuit in 2024. As of now, he doesn't have a home for 2024.

Ryder DiFrancesco: Ryder DiFrancesco will not continue on with Pro Circuit in 2024. Reference TLD GasGas.

Carson Mumford: After riding as a fill-in rider for the team in 2024, Mumford won't be with the team. Reference MCR Honda.


Team Manager - Mitch Payton

Crew Chief - Ian Southwell

Engine R&D - Ryan Cox

Austin Forkner's Mechanic - Tony Archer

Seth Hammaker's Mechanic - Jacob Martin

Cameron McAdoo's Mechanic - Derek Dwyer 

Levi Kitchen's Mechanic - Matt Goodwin

Maximus Vohland's Mechanic - Ryan Hughes

Showa Suspension Technician - Dave Cruz (replaced Adrian Bernal halfway through the 2023 Pro Motocross series)

Pro Circuit Suspension R&D - Luke Boyk

Team Transporter Driver - James "Jimmy Jack" Shofner

Rockstar Husqvarna Factory Racing


The Rockstar Energy Husqvarna team will see a lot of returning faces and possibly one change-up on the 250 side of things. There was also speculation that Rockstar Energy would continue with the team after 2023, as their contract was coming to an end. While not 100% confirmed, it's looking very likely that Rockstar Energy will renew with Factory Husqvarna on a multi-year deal for 2024 and beyond. Lastly, the team's goggle deal with Scott has fallen through. The 250 riders might be able to do their own deals if nothing is secured soon.

250 Team Gear: Fly Racing helmet, Goggles, Fly Racing gear, and Gaerne boots.

Incoming Riders: 

#83 Guillem Farres (250 East): The Spanish sensation, Guillem Farres, joins Husqvarna Factory Racing for 2024. Farres was with Star Racing in 2023.

Farres Gear: Fly helmets, 100% goggles, Fly gear, and Gaerne boots.

Returning Riders:

#27 Malcolm Stewart (450): Stewart will begin 2024 on a new two-year contract. Sidi boots are a new addition for Malcolm in 2024.

Stewart Gear: Shoei helmets, Scott goggles, Seven gear (DUH), and Sidi boots

#28 Christian Craig (450): Craig enters the second year of his two-year deal with Husqvarna.

Craig Gear: Fox helmets, Fox goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots.

#24 RJ Hampshire (250 West): RJ started 2023 on a one-year contract now he has a new two-year deal with options beyond 2025.

Hampshire Gear: Fly helmets, Oakley goggles, Fly gear, and Gaerne boots.

Casey Cochran (SX Futures, 250 SX East and MX): Cochran begins his A class/Pro season. We believe you'll see Casey participate in the opening rounds of SX Futures, then head to East Coast Supercross, and then a full season of Pro Motocross...

Cochran Gear: Fly helmets, Oakley goggles, Fly gear, and Gaerne boots.

Departing Riders:

Talon Hawkins: Hawkins looks to have landed a home with AEO for 2024. Reference AEO Powersports KTM. 

Jalek Swoll: Jalek Swoll has departed Husqvarna for 2024. Reference Triumph Racing.


Team Manager - Nathan Ramsey

Team Coordinator - Sean Murphy

Crew Chief - Tony Hall

Engine Technician - Chris Loredo

Christian Craig's Mechanic - Jared Warrik

Malcolm Stewart's Mechanic - Tyler Thomas

RJ Hampshire's Mechanic - Anthony Amos

Guillem Farres' Mechanic - Garrett Airhart

Casey Cochran's Mechanic - TBD

450 Suspension Technician - ? (Adrian Bernal replaced Todd Brown, who has moved on from WP and is working for BarX to round out 2023. But then Adrian left WP a few weeks into his tenure.)

250 Suspension Technician - Hunter Falk (Prior 250 suspension technician, Craig Monty, is no longer with the team)

Technical Transporter Driver - John Addison

Hospitality Transporter Driver - Paul Delaurier 

Factory Red Bull KTM


The Red Bull KTM team is having a few major changes for 2024. Cooper Webb has departed the team, and KTM snatches Chase Sexton away from Team Honda HRC. Maximus Vohland is out, and a rookie is incoming, along with long-time lead mechanic (Carlos Rivera) moving to a crew chief role.

Incoming Riders:

#4 Chase Sexton (450): After four and a half years at HRC, Chase Sexton makes the switch and leads the roster for the Red Bull KTM squad. This contract will of course be multi-year, two or three, at least. Sexton has also re-upped with Alpinestars.

Sexton Gear: Alpinestars helmet, Oakley goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#929 Julian Beaumer (250 West): Julian Beaumer makes his Pro Supercross debut with the Red Bull KTM squad in 2024 and replaces Maximus Vohland. JuJu is under the guidance of Davi Millsaps as he prepares for 2024.

Beaumer Gear: Arai helmet, Scott goggles, O'Neal gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Returning Riders:

#7 Aaron Plessinger (450): Aaron Plessinger begins a new one-year extension with Red Bull KTM for 2024. After rumors that Plessinger will be in Fly for 2024, it turns out he has re-upped with Thor.

Plessinger Gear: Alpinestars helmet, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#16 Tom Vialle (250 East): The two-time MX2 World Champion will begin the second year of his two-year deal in 2024.

Vialle Gear: Airoh Helmets, 100% Goggles, Thor Gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Departing Riders:

Cooper Webb: Cooper Webb departs Red Bull KTM mid-way through Pro Motocross in 2023. Reference Star Racing.

Maximus Vohland: We don't expect Maximus Vohland to continue with Red Bull KTM in 2024. Reference Pro Circuit and Husqvarna.

Marvin Musquin: It's sounding more likely that Marvin will not return to racing in 2024.


Team Manager - Ian Harrison

Team Coordinator - Frankie Latham

Crew Chief - Carlos Rivera (Moved to this position for Pro Motocross in 2023)

Chase Sexton's Mechanic - Brandon Zimmerman (Zimm follows Chase Sexton from Honda)

Aaron Plessinger's Mechanic - Jade Dungey

Tom Vialle's Mechanic - Richard "Pedro" Sterling

Julian Beaumer's Mechanic - Austin Watterson

Testing Technician - Kyle Defoe (wrenching for Jorge Prado at TLD during opening SX rounds)

Suspension Technician - Ryo Okuda

Race Transporter Driver - Cory Flewellen

Hospitality Transporter Driver - Pat Muras

Monster Energy Yamaha Star Racing


The Monster Energy Star Racing Yamaha team has some big decisions to make this off-season with the 450 team but their 250 squad is pretty much locked in. Cooper Webb is returning, Dylan Ferrandis is out, and Eli Tomac is back for at least Supercross. Also, they've picked up Progressive Insurance as a sponsor...

Gear for all 250 riders: Alpinestars helmets, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Incoming Riders

#2 Cooper Webb (450): Returning to the team that gave him his shot as a pro, Cooper Webb is on a two-year deal, with a third-year option. Mechanic? Adam Campbell

Webb Gear: Bell helmets, 100% goggles, Thor gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Gavin Towers (SX Futures and 250 MX?): Similar to Daxton Bennick's deal in 2023, amateur racer Gavin Towers is on a tryout/handshake deal with Star Racing that will take the young racer through SX Futures. If it goes well, we suspect to see him on the line at some Pro Motocross rounds. Maybe even the whole season?

Enzo Lopes (250 West - SX only): Lopes will join Star Racing on a one-year Supercross-only contract.

Returning Riders

#3 Eli Tomac (450 SX Only): Eli Tomac has confirmed he is coming back in 2024 and as of now it's a Supercross-only deal. We wouldn't be shocked if he has an option for Pro Motocross but that will ultimately be up to Eli to decide if wants to do it or not. Either way, we're excited to see ET give it another go!

Tomac Gear: Bell helmets, Oakley goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#32 Justin Cooper (450): Justin Cooper himself has stated he has a full-time 450 deal lined up for 2024. We suspect that it's at the team he's been with for his whole pro career.

Cooper Gear: Alpinestars helmets, Oakley goggles, Alpinestars gear, and Alpinestars boots.

#31 Jordon Smith (250 West): 2024 will mark the second year of a two-year deal for Jordan Smith.

#38 Haiden Deegan (250 East): 2024 will mark the second year on a contract that takes Haiden Deegan through at least 2025 with the Star 250 squad (with an option for 2026).

#57 Nate Thrasher (250 East): For the fourth season, Nate Thrasher will be racing with Star.

#59 Daxton Bennick (250 West): After going to Star Racing on a handshake agreement for SX Futures in 2023, Daxton Bennick has been rewarded with a two-year deal taking him into 2024 and 2025 with the team.

#61 Stilez Robertson (250 East): 2024 will mark the second year of a two-year deal for Stilez Robertson.

#411 Nick Romano (250 East?)Nick Romano is being retained by Star Racing for 2024.

Departing Riders:

Dylan Ferrandis: After multiple championships with Star Racing, Dylan Ferrandis and the team will part ways at the end of 2023. There is no solid source for 2024 and retirement is possible.

Levi Kitchen: Levi Kitchen departs the team he turned pro with, Star Racing. Reference Pro Circuit.

Guillem Farres: The Spanish surprise! Farres is off to Husqvarna for 2024.


Owner of Star Racing 250 - Bobby Reagan

Co-Owner of Star Racing 250 and Team Principal of Star 450 - Brad Hoffman

450 Team Manager - Jeremy Coker

250 Team Manager - Jensen Hendler

Assistant Team Manager - John Kuzo (previously 100%)

450 Crew Chief - Rich Simmons

450 Engine Technician - Brian Calma

250 Engine Technician - Trevor Carmichael

250 Engine Technician - Georgie Frye

450 Suspension Technician - Ricky Gilmour

250 Suspension Technician - Jake Price (Replaces Drew Hopkins, who departed from the team early into 2023 outdoors)

Eli Tomac's Mechanic - Josh "Jelly" Ellingson

Cooper Webb's Mechanic - Alex Cambell

Stilez Robertson's Mechanic - Colin Burgh

Justin Cooper's Mechanic - Mikey Germain (Daniel Castloo departed the team mid-way through the 2023 Nationals, Germain was assigned to Farres in 2023)

Nick Romano's Mechanic - Austin Kent (Previously Cooper Webb's practice mechanic from Red Bull KTM)

Nate Thrasher's Mechanic - Christian Kauffman

Jordon Smith's Mechanic - Justin Hopson

Haiden Deegan's Mechanic - Brent Duffe

Daxton Bennick's Mechanic - Morgan Hunt

Enzo Lopes' Mechanic - Hunter Layton

450 Transporter Driver - Ken Stultz

250 Transporter Driver - TBD

Triumph Racing



Triumph Racing is something we're all waiting to see fully confirmed. The rider lineup seems to be pretty well known but not official, and there are some decent rumors out there about the look of the team including Alpinestars boots and helmets. The rumor about the team being titled sponsor by Monster Energy in the US has started to fade though...

Team Gear: Alpinestars helmet, ? goggles, Renen gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Incoming Riders:

#17 Joey Savatgy (250 MX-only): Savatgy has confirmed his two-year deal with Triumph. Signing for 2024 and 2025, with 2024 being a 250 Pro Motocross-only deal. He currently can't race 250 Supercross due to an out-of-date point-out rule. 

#33 Jalek Swoll (250 East and MX): Jalek Swoll will reunite with Bobby Hewitt and other staff.

Evan Ferry (SX Futures, 250 East SX and 250 MX): Through Triumph's launch video, it has been confirmed that Evan Ferry is aboard their team for 2024. He will likely start the season in SX Futures before transferring to the pro leagues.


Team Principal and Manager - Bobby Hewitt

Crew Chief and Assistant Team Manager - Steve Westfall

Director of Chassis Research and Development - Dave Arnold

Director of Engine Research and Development - Dudley Cramond 

Data Manager / Electronics - Alex Bergendah

Engine Technician - Cody Richelderfer

Suspension Technician - Drew Hopkins (Was with Star Racing for nine years, left mid-way through 2023)

Rider Mechanic - Pat Thrall

Rider Mechanic - Travis Soules (Joins from HEP, was Ken Roczen's mechanic in 2023)

Rider Mechanic - Dillion Smith

Parts Manager - Eric Hansel

Team Trainer - Mike Brown

Test Track and Equipment Manager - Raymond Stripling

Transporter Driver - Brian "Rabbit" Swead (Joins from Phoenix Honda)

Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull GasGas Factory Racing


The Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull GasGas team has one continuing rider, one re-upped, and an incoming rider as well. After early off-season rumors of going with two 450 riders and one 250, the team has stuck with their more traditional layout with one 450 rider and two 250 riders.

Team Gear: Troy Lee Designs helmets, Oakley goggles, Troy Lee Designs gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Incoming Riders:

#34 Ryder DiFrancesco (250 East): The long-time Kawasaki racer, Ryder DiFrancesco, will join the TLD squad for 2024 and 2025.

#111 Jorge Prado (450 SX): MXGP World Champ, Jorge Prado, will compete in the opening rounds of 450 Supercross with the TLD team, before returning overseas for the start of the MXGP season. He will be supported by KTM's Kyle Defoe as his mechanic for these rounds and will retain his personal sponsors with Airoh, Scott, Thor, and Alpinestars for this adventure.

Returning Riders:

#51 Justin Barcia (450): BamBam is back and has a new two-year contract in hand. Justin Barcia remains the team's sole 450 rider in 2024 and will be with the team through 2025.

#39 Pierce Brown (250 West): 2024 will mark the second and final year of Pierce Brown's current agreement with the team.

Departing Riders:

Michael Mosiman: Michael Mosiman departs the TLD squad after 2023. He currently won't be racing Supercross in 2024.


Team Manager - Max Lee

Crew Chief - Olly Stone

Justin Barcia's Mechanic - Jay Burgess

Ryder DiFrancesco's Mechanic - Craig Behl

Pierce Brown's Mechanic - Jake Isaac

Jorde Prado's Mechanic - Kyle Defoe (on loan from Red Bull KTM)

Engine Technician - Jay Burgess

Suspension Technician - TBC

Transport Driver - Tony Modica

HEP Racing



The HEP team is starting to come together as they have re-upped with Suzuki for two years and with more support. Meaning they will be yellow for 2024 and 2025. The team will be 450 only in 2024.

Team Gear (Not Roczen): Fly Racing helmets, 100% goggles, Fly Racing gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Incoming Riders:

#12 Shane McElrath (450): After filling in at HEP in 2023, McElrath returns in 2024 as a full-time racer.

Returning Riders:

#94 Ken Roczen (450): Ken Roczen has re-upped for another year with HEP Suzuki, this contract runs through 2024.

KR Gear: Fox helmet, Fox goggles, Fox gear, and Fox boots

#11 Kyle Chisholm (450): Chisholm enters his second year back at HEP, part of a multi-year deal for racing and bike development. We expect Chiz to race US Supercross, select Nationals, and WSX in 2023.

Departing Riders:

Dilan Schwartz: Dilan Schwartz departed the team mid-year for BarX and won't return for 2024.

Marshal Weltin: Weltin will not return to HEP for 2024, reference Rock River.


Team Owner - Dustin Pipes

Co-Team Owner - Aaron Pipes

Team Manager - Larry Brooks

Shop Manager - Eric "BigMac" Gregg

Ken Roczen's Mechanic - (TBD)

Kyle Chisholm's Mechanic - Andrew Livingston

Mechanic - Alex Faith

Mechanic - Blake Bolton

Suspension Technician - Matt Andruk (joined the team mid-way through 2023 Supercross season to replace Dave Cruz)

BarX Suzuki



Similar to last year, there are some rumors of the BarX team switching brands but we expect them to stay Suzuki, along with expanded help from Toyota of Redlands.

Team gear: Fly helmets, Scott goggles, Fly gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Incoming Riders:

#87 Max Miller (250 West): Max Miller joins the team aboard a 250 for 2024.

#128 Preston Boespflug (250 East): Boespflug has recently announced he will join BarX as a pro for 2024 after his final year of amateurs aboard Orange Brigade KTM. He will race the opening round of Supercross Futures, before making his pro Supercross debut in East coast.

#540 Leo Tucker (250): Tucker will race Pro Motocross for the team.

#334 Nathan Abbott (SX Futures): Abbott joins BarX for amateurs and SX Futures.

#945 Anthony Bourdon (250 West): French rider Anthony Bourdon has joined the team for 250 SX West only.

Returning Riders:

#52 Derek Drake (450): We expect to see Derek Drake back with BarX Suzuki for his fourth season in 2024. It sounds like Derek will race a 450 full-time in 2024.

#40 Dilan Schwartz (250 East): After departing to BarX to race for HEP in Supercross 2023, and then returning to the team for Pro Motocross that same season, Schwartz will be back for 2024.

Departing Riders:

Ty Masterpool: Ty Masterpool parted ways with the team early into Supercross 2023.

Robbie Wageman: After missing much of Supercross due to injury and facing further injuries in Pro Motocross, the Californian native parted ways with the team mid-way through the season.

Chase Yentzer: Yentzer appears to no longer be with the team.


Team Owner - Myron Short

Team Manager - Travis Coy (Buddy Antunez leaves after the conclusion of the 2023 racing season)

Crew Chief - Tyler Mickelson

Engine Technician - Robbie Feder

Suspension Technician - Todd Brown (joined mid-way through Pro Motocross 2023, prior to Factory Husqvarna/WP)

Muc-Off/FXR/ClubMX Yamaha Racing


ClubMX is an interesting position going into 2024, they already have almost their entire team locked in rider-wise but their OEM deal was up. After talks with KTM and Yamaha, ClubMX has re-upped with Yamaha.

Team gear: FXR/6D helmets, Factory Ride goggles, FXR gear, and Gaerne boots.

Incoming Riders:

#69 Coty Schock (250 East): Schock has been picked up by ClubMX on a Supercross-only deal.

#99 Jett Reynolds (250 East): Reynolds has been announced at ClubMX and will be replacing the outgoing Enzo Lopes.

#105 Mark Finies (SX Futures and 250 MX): Mark Finies has joined ClubMX for SX Futures and Pro Motocross..

Returning Riders:

#6 Jeremy Martin (250 East and 450 MX): Right before his injury, Jeremy Martin signed a three-year extension with the team which has finally been announced. We've heard rumors of Jeremy finally making the move to the 450? We're also not 100% sure he'll be back for Supercross in 2024 or forgo until outdoors.

#26 Garrett Marchbanks (250 West and 450 MX): After racing the Pro Motocross season on a 450, it sounds like we'll see a split schedule for Garrett Marchbanks again next year. 250 indoors and 450 outdoors. For 2024, he's entering the second year of a two-year deal.

#36 Phil Nicoletti (250 West and 450 MX): Nicoletti will race 250 Supercross and 450 Pro Motocross for ClubMX again. He's slated for the West coast.

Departing Riders:

Enzo Lopes: Enzo Lopes is unlikely to stay with ClubMX for 2024...reference Star Racing.

Preston Kilroy: Kilroy is moving back to the West coast and is no longer affiliated with ClubMX.


Owner - Brandon Haas

Co-Owner - Scott Jeffery

Team Manager - Mike Bonacci

Crew Chief - Greg Chidgey

Engineer - Lucas Joyner

Mechanic - Cameron Callaghan

Mechanic - Tyler Morgan

Mechanic - Jason McCarty

Liqui Moly Beta Racing



Beta Racing is finally making its US Supercross debut with its new 450 motocross bike. Liqui Moly will be the title sponsor.

Incoming Riders:

#45 Colt Nichols (450 SX Only): Colt Nichols has been announced as Beta USA's second factory rider. Similar to Benny's deal, it's Supercross only. Nichols has signed a two-year deal with the Beta team. He also has two new sponsors with HJC and Scott, 

Nichols Gear: HJC helmets, Scott goggles, O'Neal gear, and Alpinestars boots

#67 Benny Bloss (450 SX Only): Beta has named Benny Bloss as their first US Supercross factory rider. 

Bloss Gear: Arai helmets, Oakley goggles, FXR gear, and Alpinestars boots


Team Manager - Carlen Gardner

Suspension Technician - Bryce Rivera

Engine Technician and Electronics - Brian White

Colt Nichols' Mechanic - Taylor Muto

Benny Bloss' Mechanic - Jason Soracco

Transporter Driver - Vincent Dawson

AEO Powersports KTM Racing



It looks like AEO Powersports will gain more KTM support heading into 2024, they will be in a new full-sized rig/semi, and the team is growing to a three-rider operation.

Team gear: 6D helmets, Canvas gear, Oakley goggles, and Alpinestars boots.

Incoming Riders:

#35 Talon Hawkins (250 West and 250 MX): It looks like the KTM group has found a home for Talon Hawkins after his unexpected pro season at Factory Husqvarna, linking him up with the AEO support team.

Ryder McNabb (SX Futures and 250 MX): Canadian MX2 Champion Ryder McNabb is heavily rumored to be joining the AEO team for 2024, if so he would likely race SX Futures and then a full season of AMA Pro Motocross aboard a 250

Returning Riders:

#53 Derek Kelly (250 West and 450 MX): Derek Kelley returns to AEO KTM in 2024 and it looks like he'll be 250 indoors and 450 outdoors for the first time with the team.

Departing Riders:

#78 Joshua Varize (250 SX): Josh Varize will not continue with AEO in 2024.


Team Owner/Manager - Jeremy Scism

Suspension Technician - Mark Johnson and JR Boyd

Derek Kelly's Mechanic - Scott Youngstrand

Talon Hawkin's Mechanic - Joe Dehart

Ryder McNabb's Mechanic - Landon Ajster

Transporter Driver - Coy Cameron

FirePower Honda



The Australian-founded FirePower Honda team is entering its second year based out of MTF in Georgia with Martin Davalos handling the management duties.

Team Gear: Fly Racing helmets, Oakley goggles, Fly Racing gear, and Alpinestars boots.

Returning Riders:

#15 Dean Wilson (450 SX Only): Dean Wilson enters his second year on a two-year deal with the Firepower Honda team.

#37 Max Anstie (250 East SX): Anstie enters the second year of a two-year deal, with an option for a third year. We expect him to be on 250 East and WSX if it continues. If WSX falls through, we could see Anstie on a 450 in Pro Motocross or maybe select MXGP races? We'll have to wait and see.

Will Campbell (SX Futures): Will was supported by the team last year and for 2024 he'll be racing SX Futures.

Departing Riders:

Gage Linville: Gage Linville, who made his pro debut with the team, will not continue with them in 2024


Team Owners - Yarrive Konsky / Troy Campbell

Team Manager/Co-Owner - Martin Davalos

R&D Engine - Dave Walls

Engine Technician - Jessie Wik

R&D Electronics - Jamie Ortiz

Dean Wilson Mechanic - Craig Brown

Max Anstie Mechanic - Nate Alexander

Will Campbell Mechanic - Lachie Mills

250 Suspension - Factory Connection (250)

450 Suspension - SHOWA (450)

Communications - Jack Williamson

Logistics - Wes Cumberland

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Solitaire Yamaha



Solitaire partnered up with Heartbeat Hot Sauce in 2023 and now for 2024 they have locked in a multi-year deal for the brand to be title sponsor.

Team Gear: Leatt helmets, Leatt goggles, Leatt gear, and Leatt boots.

Incoming Riders:

#73 Robbie Wageman (250 West SX Only): After leaving Solitaire at the end of 2022 to race for BarX Suzuki in 2023, Robbie is returning to his long-time home for 2024.

Returning Riders:

#71 Cole Thompson (250 West SX Only): Thompson joins the team in 2023 after privateering 2022.

Rumored Riders:

Nique Thury (250 East SX and AX): Nique may continue with the team in 2024 but in a slightly different racing role in Arenacross and East coast 250 Supercross.


Team Owners - Ryan Clark and Chris Elliott

Thompson's Mechanic - Joe Buttas

Wageman's Mechanic - Eric Angelski

Transport Driver - Ken Weckwurth

Videographer - Cullen Boswell

MotoConcepts Honda



Things have been quiet for MotoConcepts Racing. With their focus changing primarily to World Supercross and the unknown future of that series, our best information points to the team again doing 250 West Coast Supercross in 2024. The team has also switched mid-way through 2023 from head-to-toe Leatt over to Alpinestars and Canvas products. The team has also seen an overhaul in mechanic staffing, with little-to-no resemblance to where they started in 2023.

Team Gear: Alpinestars helmets, 100% goggles, Canvas gear, Alpinestars boots

Incoming Riders:

#41 Carson Mumford (250 West SX, select 250 MX, and WSX): Mumford has started riding the MCR bike and will race WSX for them in 2023 and US for 2024.

#943 Noah Viney (SX Futures, select 250 MX, and WSX): Viney will be competing for MCR in 2024.

Returning Riders:

Vince Friese (450 SX, select 450 MX, and 450 WSX): We expect to see Friese return with MCR in 2024.

#55 Mitchell Oldenburg (250 West SX, select 450 MX and SX, and 450 WSX): We expect to see Oldenburg return with MCR in 2024.

Departing Riders:

Anthony Rodriguez: Anthony Rodriguez originally was slated to race for the team in 250 SX West and World Supercross for 2023, but A-Rod and the team parted ways before WSX started.

Cole Seely: Cole Seely will be re-retiring before the end of 2023. We don't expect him to finish out the World Supercross series.


Team Owner - Mike Genova

Team Manager - Tony Alessi

Mechanic - Aaron Mrozek

Mechanic - Cole Tompkins

Mechanic - Mike Jones

Suspension Technician - Kaz Masuda (Showa)

Partzilla PRMX Kawasaki


Incoming Riders:

Aaron Tanti (450): Australian champ Aaron Tanti is rumored to have a 450 Supercross deal in place with PRMX. 

#82 Mitchell Harrison (250 West): Mitchell Harrison joins PRMX for the first time on a 250 Supercross-only deal.

Returning Riders:

#81 Cade Clason (450): Clason has signed a two-year extension with PRMX.

#85 Hunter Yoder (250 East): Hunter raced for the team in 2023 and he's back for 2024 and 2025.

Departing Riders:

Chase Marquier: After one season with the team, Chase Marquier will not be back with PRMX in 2024.

Josiah Natzke: Departs the team before 2024.


Team Owner/Manager - Julien Perrier

Crew Chief - TBC

Engine Development - Jesse Williams

Engine Technician - David Gringas

Suspension Technician - Tim Bennett (TCD)

Rider Mechanic - Joseph Kremkow

Rider Mechanic - Dillan Stanfield

HBI Racing



HBI Racing looks to expand in 2024 and returns with multiple riders they picked up throughout the 2023 season.

Team Gear: TBD helmets, Canvas gear, Oakley goggles, and Alpinestars boots

Incoming Riders:

#137 Ayden Shive (250 East SX): Shive joins HBI for 2024.

Slade Varola (250 West SX): Slade joins the team as a Supercross fill-in for Caden Braswell.

Returning Riders:

#29 Ty Masterpool (450): After joining HBI mid-way into outdoors, it looks like he'll be continuing with them and possibly on a 450 all year.

#42 Caden Braswell (250 MX): Braswell is set to stay with HBI in 2024. He is injured and will miss Supercross, will return for Pro Motocross

#427 Cole Bradford (250 East SX): Cole was injured on and off in 2023 but returns for 2024.

#90 Hardy Munoz (250 East SX): Munoz will continue on with HBI in 2024.


Team Owner and Manager - Matt Bell

Gizmo Mods Rock River Yamaha



After a couple of shaky years and acting more as a hauling service in 2023, Rock River is reportedly stepping back up in 2024 with a more complete program and roster.

Team Gear: FXR/6D helmets, FXR gear, ? goggles, and Alpinestars boots

Incoming Riders:

#80 Michael Hicks (GT Arenacross and 250 East SX): Hicks is racing for Rock River to defend his GT Arenacross crown. Maybe 250 East as well?

#75 Marshal Weltin (250 East SX and 450 MX): Weltin will be joining Rock River for 2024.

#91 Devin Simonson (450): Simonson joins Rock River for 2024 aboard a 450.

#116 TJ Albright (250 West): Albright is 250 West SX only for Rock River in 2024.

#900 Keegan Rowley (250 East): Rowley is racing 250 East and 250 Pro Motocross for Rock River.

Returning Riders:

#23 Grant Harlan (450): Harlan, the Hawain-native, returns for 2024 with Rock River on a 450 all year long.


Team Owner - Mike Duclos

Ti-Lube Honda



We expect to see Ti-Lube Honda back for 250 East region in 2024.

Returning Riders:

#65 Henry Miller (250 East SX): Miller is riding for Rick Ware Racing in World Supercross, but continues on with Ti-Lube Honda for 250 East.

#86 Luca Marsalisi (250 East SX): Maralisi joins Ti-Lube Honda for 2024.

#174 Trevor Colip (250 East SX): Colip joins Ti-Lube Honda for 2024.

Departing Riders:

#80 Michael Hicks: Hicks has joined Rock River for 2024.


Team Owner and Manager - Buddy Brooks

Madd Parts Kawasaki



Bubba Pauli's ISRT (International Supercross Race Team), formally known as Madd Parts Kawasaki, looks to be growing again in 2024 as they head Pro Motocross racing.

Returning Riders:

Bubba Pauli (450 SX): He owns the team. Unless he was going to fire himself.

#22 Freddie Noren (450 SX and MX): After racing Supercross for Madd Parts in 2023, Freddie Noren returns for a full-time roll in 2024. Signing for Supercross, Pro Motocross, and SuperMotocross.

#74 Joshua Cartwright (450 SX): Cartwright rejoins ISRT.


Team Owner and Manager - Bubba Pauli

Crew Chief and Assistant Team Manager - Derek Rankin

Team Tedder



We expect Team Tedder to return in 2024.

Returning Riders:

#46 Justin Hill (450 SX): As of current, only Justin Hill returns to Tedder Racing for 2024.


Team Owner - Matt Tedder

Team Manager - Dakota Tedder

Crew Chief - Shawn Bell




The Wildcats continue into 2023! We expect them to continue with GasGas and at least the same two riders as this year, except we'll see Lorenzo indoors for Supercross.

Returning Riders:

#49 Jose Butron (450 MX): We expect to see Butron back for AMA Pro Motocross in 2024.

#60 Lorenzo Locurcio (250 SX East and 450 MX): Locurcio should be back in the US full-time in 2024, racing indoors on a 250 and outdoors on a 450.

AJE Motorsports


AJE returns for 2024, still on GasGas machinery.

Incoming Riders:

Joshua Varize (250 West): Varize joins AJE for 2024.

Returning Riders:

Austin Politelli (250 West): Politelli returns to AJE for 2024.

Matti Jorgensen (SX Futures):

Keden Lewis (SX Futures): 

Team Next Level Racing



Next Level Racing was new for 2023 and operated more as a hauling service with some support for privateers. In 2024, however, they've made a step to a full-fledged team with a uniformed look and all their riders aboard KTMs in the 450 class.


Justin Rodbell (450 SX)

#97 Tristan Lane (450 SX)

Hunter Schlosser (450 SX)

Colby Copp (450 SX)

Scott Meshey (450 SX)


Team Owner and Manager - Kris Fagala

Truline / Estenson Racing Yamaha



#70 Jerry Robin (450): Estenson Racing, Yamaha's factory effort in Flat Track, is dipping their toes into Supercross and Motocross with Jerry Robin.

Host / Grindstone Kawasaki



Grindstone, a California-based training center has put together a small Kawasaki effort for Dylan Walsh.


#88 Dylan Walsh (250 West): Walsh returns to the US for another go at 250 West Coast Supercross.



#62 Kevin Moranz (450 SX): Moranz will be doing his own program aboard Hondas.

#65 Justin Starling (450 SX): Starling returns for 450 SX only aboard Hondas.

#68 Romain Pape (450 MX): We're not sure if we'll see Pape for Supercross or not?

#169 Logan Karnow (450 SX): Fan favorite Logan Karnow will be back in 2024, likely on Kawasakis and with continued support from Only Fans.


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