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I drove from Simi Valley to Pomona january of this year and the freeways were basically empty at 6:00 in the morning on a Sunday.......I felt like i was driving in the twilight zone.......hauled ass all the way there and not one stop.....Funny thing.....I ... more »

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We're still on horses and waiting on electricity to be installed in reason to even visit here......

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amp blue lens for everything......thanks Bevo.......

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Maybe try one of these little sweethearts.....makes coming home to an empty house less stressfull.....If your rottie is happy when you come home, you know no ones in the house....That bark WILL deter anyone thats outside and trying to get in...... ... more »
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I like to see members new bikes.....I never get tired of these.....

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I love mine on my 300 xc

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Looks like i get to line my 52 year old ass up with the over 25' place for a vet racer?

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My local dealer told me that they had the highest sales month in May and June that they have ever had......they are begging other dealers for machines........he told me If i wanted to sell my UTV he could probably get me more than I paid for it......good ... more »

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Yes this is also true.....where I live is not densely fact I don't know anyone who has been sick at all........So admittedly my viewpoint is different......Mostly why I make my own decisions on what I'm going to do, And am not interested ... more »

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I sit here wondering how many of the 'you have to stay quarantined people' still have jobs and are not watching their businesses fail or are still getting paid...... you know...government type people. Of course they want everyone to stay home.....they ... more »

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I would pay lots of money to have access to a website that had archived issues of moto magazines....this is very cool Tony. I'm sure its a lot of work.....thank you....

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That would not necessarily be the end of the world except that the engine and transmission is back there......

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Listen up kids........MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY....Freedom does...(.in my opinion). Ask any old

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Berryhill is a good guy and runs a great track...

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RC rode over his head without hesitation if thats what it took......not many do that.....I believe that you could drop him into any era prime for prime and he would figure out how to win......including Herlings era...... He is one of the few racers I've ... more »

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tough crowd in here today.......

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these are very cool.....Thanks Tony....Do you have this one in a text form.....I like to stare at pictures....

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Or we could just not pay them back the money that they "loaned" us.....and do something about them spying on our technology and taking it back home to kick our asses with our own stolen technology....

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I love electric start but I stopped buying KTM's 300 xc after 2015 because I believe that was the last year for kickstarter back up.........I never liked riding 3 hours from civilization in colorado with only electric start......Now I think you can retrofit ... more »

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NE is open for moto........just drove out to the track yesterday.....plenty of bikes out there.....I 'm waiting to ride because I do not want to be apart of the medical profession in any way by having to go to the hospital.