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I miss TFS as well. We were not close friends, but knew each other through photography over many years. We spent 10 minutes at LL's one year and it is just like it happened yesterday. (He cleaned my camera sensor in his motorhome.) We had a press table ... more »

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I am sorry you posted that assholes name..... but a bit of history. Marty (marcad57) was pretty strong about his feelings and he would be on this in a second..... He was a huge RC4 fan and stuck up for him on the old boards. For those of you that do ... more »

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I don't post here that often any more, but what Dave and Davey said is spot on. I was privileged to be on the same line of many pro players. I was happy to be beaten by these guys. You know the rules going in. If you don't agree, don't play. It is such ... more »

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Another year.

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Marcad57 was here ...and Steve has passed since this....

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Damn, that had to hurt Please blur your mind to the bullshit on this website. You are a top 5 guy...maybe even the winner next year. You were amazing and on your peak. Seriously. you can win the SX title. I truly believe this. I hope you will come back ... more »

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C Class Har

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I was thinking the same thing as I was watching my life spiral away. I clipped it about 4 min in. I fast forwarded several times....It was crazilally ridiculous. Now I know why Bubba was so bored with the MXDN BS.

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After all this... Maybe you should give them a chance? Some of you are total assholes. I think he will make us motoheads proud. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHEN RC POINTS OUT TRACK CHANGES AND PERSPECTIVES FROM THE GOAT GREAT TV IT IS FANTASTIC WHEN HE POINTS ... more »

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I am in Winter Park. I have space if you want to hang out a few days before Daytona. I have space for a few full size rigs. Smaller box trucks are easier, of course. No Generators unless they are quiet. (Horse farms on both sides.)

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This was a 73. My 2nd bike was a 74 of this model. The 73 used the SL70 gas tank. The 74 was much faster because it had a sleeker tank. My 74 was modded to the max with a stroker engine, cantilevered shocks, Acront rims, Cheriani forks, Carnutt shocks, ... more »

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I stayed at the Motel 6 on Chapman - along the canal 3 years ago and walked back from the race to the hotel. There is a bike/walking/bum apartment path....Don't do it alone.No Uber, $79/night, I was back at the hotel 10 minutes after I walked out of ... more »

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I quit about 8 yrs ago and I actually considered riding again because of the Alta. Perfect Vet bike. BTW, I am currently working on a way to find bad cells in a battery pack like that. It is a bit of a challenge to find that one bad needle in that haystack. ... more »

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Wow, Good thread.

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Me too. I still have my first.

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I agree Hey Steve, just for fun who are the day to day handles that run this website? I know you're on the road all the time. I've always been interested who are the moderators?

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I'm all in. Thanks DC I have always been happy to pay for the coverage - commercial free.