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Damn, that had to hurt Please blur your mind to the bullshit on this website. You are a top 5 guy...maybe even the winner next year. You were amazing and on your peak. Seriously. you can win the SX title. I truly believe this. I hope you will come back ... more »

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C Class Har

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I was thinking the same thing as I was watching my life spiral away. I clipped it about 4 min in. I fast forwarded several times....It was crazilally ridiculous. Now I know why Bubba was so bored with the MXDN BS.

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After all this... Maybe you should give them a chance? Some of you are total assholes. I think he will make us motoheads proud. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE WHEN RC POINTS OUT TRACK CHANGES AND PERSPECTIVES FROM THE GOAT GREAT TV IT IS FANTASTIC WHEN HE POINTS ... more »

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I am in Winter Park. I have space if you want to hang out a few days before Daytona. I have space for a few full size rigs. Smaller box trucks are easier, of course. No Generators unless they are quiet. (Horse farms on both sides.)

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This was a 73. My 2nd bike was a 74 of this model. The 73 used the SL70 gas tank. The 74 was much faster because it had a sleeker tank. My 74 was modded to the max with a stroker engine, cantilevered shocks, Acront rims, Cheriani forks, Carnutt shocks, ... more »

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I stayed at the Motel 6 on Chapman - along the canal 3 years ago and walked back from the race to the hotel. There is a bike/walking/bum apartment path....Don't do it alone.No Uber, $79/night, I was back at the hotel 10 minutes after I walked out of ... more »

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I quit about 8 yrs ago and I actually considered riding again because of the Alta. Perfect Vet bike. BTW, I am currently working on a way to find bad cells in a battery pack like that. It is a bit of a challenge to find that one bad needle in that haystack. ... more »

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Wow, Good thread.

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Me too. I still have my first.

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I agree Hey Steve, just for fun who are the day to day handles that run this website? I know you're on the road all the time. I've always been interested who are the moderators?

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I'm all in. Thanks DC I have always been happy to pay for the coverage - commercial free.

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I never worry when someone drifts toward just doesn't get me nervous. People riding will yell and I just laugh. I still have great reaction on green lights and nobody gets the drop on me. Racing also trained me to scan way ahead for faster ... more »

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It really does seem a shame that so many trophies are just thrown in the trash. I hope that older racers will not just throw their stuff out. I hope they repurpose their trophies and remember their youth.

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Thank you for all your replies. I seriously don't know of any other Web site that I could've posted this and gotten replies that were coherent Thank you all so much.

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yup, pretty common knowledge. Me too