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Matrix M64 stand with removable roller caddy.
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First time on KYB since the Kawazuki collab.

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TP 2.0 Map fixed this for me. Much more connected, and builds strong into mid and top end. You can download directly from GYTR website.

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Article from RacerX 250 Words - Pointing out of 250SX CHASE SEXTON Years Exceeded: 1 Sexton is currently in his second year of supercross which means, like Forkner, he can’t be booted to a 450 regardless of what happens on the track this season. He’ll ... more »

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They were hauled out of a swamp. Literally.

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Respect, all around.

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The 480 does it for me.

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I’ve been running Acerbis X-brake disc cover since day one. The mount has spacer integrated, and also appears to have more material than stock unit. Extremely happy with my 2018 and no complains on cornering vagueness.

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DD is coming back?

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Affirmative. They’re the same as 2018 YZ450F.

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Good peeps down at CFPS.

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What a bummer. Red riders can’t catch a break this season.

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Local guy here in Ohio is dealing with the same scenario. Yamaha stood behind their product and corrected the issue.

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Heard through the grape vine that Goose is working on a performance race shop back home. Not that it has any ties with Reed getting a fill in ride.

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Slate gravel grinder. Hoping to spin some Ohio miles this weekend.

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Exactly. If real fans and enthusiasts don't find it suspenseful, how can the average viewer? I can't see ratings going up with the current triple crown format. People have a hard enough time comprehending 2 outdoor motos.

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Here are the stats... Tomac and Anderson both won 5 out of 17 heat races in 2017. Less than 1/3. Dungey won 7 out of 17. It's about making each gate drop count on the night, and building suspense for the main.

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Was there really anything wrong with our format? Yes and No. I believe every gate drop should mean something. It must play out to the big picture, not just gate picks, bragging rights and TV time. If it's not in the record books, it won't be remembered. ... more »

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Why not run replays of the LCQ races between mains? No need to be live. Just break it down, and show how riders got to the night show. As an added bonus... more racing, less dead air.