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Go the germany, and get Aral 102, thats the best pump gas you can get. Aral 102 and a good oil (motul 800) will be fine. For more info send my a pm. I live close to you. (recognize your name)

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Progrip for sure in the mud.

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42,5 pilot should be good, 40 maybe. Main 450 is to small in the sand, 470 of 480 in winter time. Also 14-49 in the sand is not ideal, 14-50 of 14-51 makes it better for sure.

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Does anyone know if the rear shock absorber of the 2016-2018 also fits into the 2019-2020?

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Use better oil

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Does it also work on a 2-stroke? Will they come for an sx250 2019?

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How do you like the JSV exhaust? I now have a hgs on my 2019. But want to try something else like that. Preferably with more power in the lower revs and yet more overrev than original exhaust. In my opinion, the hgs is lacking at the bottom. I was thinking ... more »

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Maybe you noticed a difference in performance due to better air flow? But the air filter box remains reasonably closed. Maybe you should really make it more open to notice the difference.

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Do you notice anything about the adjustment in the air filter box? I also have doubts about removing the "battery" container

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Volleberg motorsport. did the tuning for the hsf team and alot others in de gp's and dutch masters. Hnr, harry nolte also a good one.

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Is there a gas slide between 4.0 and 5.75? I am afraid that the 5.75 of the kawasaki is too lean in the Netherlands in the sand.

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For the nice wheather a airbrake, and when i really need roll-offs then the progrip. Never a problem with a progrip.

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Dankers broke is collarbone a month ago or so, his speed is way off, maybe he can make a podium halfway or end of the season. Moosdijk and horgmo are really title contenders i think.

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Best moment of the weekend by far. He proved alot of teams that he deserves a good seat. Hope bogers can make some inprovement this season, he is still young. But this is not whats HRC is looking for and he need a seat for next year.

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For more bottom end take the 18 450, really friendly bike. Like it more than the 350. The 18 is worth the money, the new chassis is really better!

Added reply in a thread Smallest & Largest Win-By Gap Time 3/1/2019 10:24 PM Herlings in Lierop, Lap till second

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His riding is better this year, hope is honda is a bit stronger also. The ktm's en husq last year got 2 hp more ore something, in the sand tracks you could see them pull away.

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That's alot money for the old ones. The new are black, .>2016.

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In the vicinity of Amsterdam the motocross is not that popular. There are almost no tracks there. Around eindhoven is much more motocross. The province of noord-brabant and Gelderland are real motocross environments. The best thing is a van for motocross. ... more »

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Amsterdam is beautiful, but Amsterdam does not give you a good picture of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is more than the red-light district and drugs. I would say that you should view more than Amsterdam.