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Don’t suppose you’ve heard anything about releasing a dual sport 450 similar to Honda’s 450L?

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At the risk of sounding like a vitard, I’m pretty disappointed with KTM’s attitude. Call me a diehard but I like riding a bike that comes from a manufacturer who puts 100% into their program. Even if KTM put out a PR about it or something, but dang I ... more »

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There is a difference between a douche and an honest boss. Lots of the time the harsh truth is interpreted as being a douche. They missed the podium. If you ride for factory KTM you are expected to win. Dunge and TC aside you really think he went up ... more »

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You just did a fantastic job of proving his point

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I feel like the attitude towards quads from the bike side has really softened a bit in the last few years. I raced growing up from 04-12 and experienced the heyday of the industry, or at least the best I could in Canada. I remember even in 2011 there ... more »

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Trey would provide flashes of blazing speed with bubba level scrubs, followed by crashes of epic proportions and possibly a medic flag or 2. Oh and before the medic flag he would be following someone so close he could count the beads of sweat running ... more »

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I laughed when I saw it, I think he certainly tried to avoid it but there was a point when they got close that his body position changed to “let’s goooooooo” and that was it for Kenny

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No idea what you’re talking about but he seems fairly breakable.

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I set my works connection by myself multiple times. I got really good at it because you only have one shot as you roll up to the gate from staging, otherwise you look like an idiot riding back and forth behind the gate with your leg out. Poof, mental ... more »

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I’m a young fella. I’ve seen this picture several times. Can someone explain what was on the backside of this or how the landing went?? Looks so badass but I’d like to know if it still looked badass 30 seconds after.

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Does Ping know he works for a motocross website? Does he know he's not managing a Boomer-Humour Facebook page?

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Those chainsaws are freaking awesome! I’ve never been fortunate enough to be at a national but when I can hear things like chainsaws and horns and screaming drunks through the tv it makes me feel like I’m there!

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Last time there was a thread about this on here, I was told that mullets pull chicks like crazy I tried. No chicks. Mullet was a bust Couldn’t possibly be me repelling women…

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I’m protesting moto if Yamaha doesn’t have him reshoot this on a Star YZ250

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My Dad gave me that DVD for my 9th birthday. I watched it thousands of times. Reed finally beating Carmichael was one of the greatest moments of my childhood. I didn’t have tv and we couldn’t figure out streaming until the 2012 season so besides Racer ... more »

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I feel for Mitch, he built his team with a generation of riders who understood what it took to be successful, and that mindset of team/rider together was very successful. Dare I say the new generation of 250 riders almost expect it. And that mindset ... more »

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How’s about a 450 dual sport so I can sell my CRF450L

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Wrong thread, Mr. Side. This feels like coaxing grandpa in the nursing home towards the restroom because he was pissing in the potted plants.

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He was a fan of the show who somehow strong armed his way into becoming a regular personality. Not a huge fan myself, but I’m slowly coming around. Seems like a genuine guy!