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That flagger must not have liked him to blue flag him for the last two or three laps of the heat.

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So what would you do in that situation then? Just back coast into every turn just in case the guy ahead of you cuts down earlier than you?

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It looked to me like Kenny probably cut that corner way tighter than Barcia was expecting. Will review thoroughly and gladly admit if I feel like I was wrong. Edit: I have several friends telling me I’m wrong. Maybe the bourbon invalidated my perspective. ... more »

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That’s the douchiest thing you could have said, and you said it. Great job.

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It is gnarly. AM is all over now. It’s also common in rocket engine hardware now.

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...I have no words.

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I was losing my mind over it and I think everyone thought I was crazy since they barely mentioned it on the broadcast and didn’t even do a replay. Inexcusable is right.

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“Correct” way? Also, the last thing the world needs is for this to turn into yet another bash-on-Yamaha event.

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Soooo..... Oregon?

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All you need to know is you’re about to have the time of your life! And there’s some helpful carb advice from the gentlemen above.

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I run a ReadyRamp that I’ve had for probably 15 years. I love that thing. I’ve since switched trucks and lost the clips to make it a tailgate extender... but it’s still a great ramp.

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Umm.... isn’t a 2020 CRF110 a Honda EFI trail bike?

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Not to get too far off topic, but I just moved up to the area, and am house-hunting with Maple Valley, Enumclaw, Bonney Lake being some areas I’m interested in. How do you like them? I also may need help finding riding areas when I get my bikes up here. ... more »

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I played it. Didn’t even make the finals in C class. Haha. It was fun though!

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I’ve actually seen a lot of people have a similar experience off the finish line there. In 450 moto 1 last weekend I noticed Craig slide pretty hard up the face but manage to control it somehow. It didn’t look like an intentional scrub. That was mind-blowing ... more »

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Interesting approach with that inverted left grip.

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The way I see it, doesn’t matter. Meaning that it doesn’t matter and the way that I see it doesn’t matter. The general public that doesn’t even watch the races anyways don’t care or need to know about the Ten Commandments... and ALL of us core fans already ... more »

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I just listed two bikes on FB last night. Already got a question about trading for a PC and a “¿Sigue disponible”...probably still beats CL, but man do I hate selling. Wish me luck.