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Shit. Wish I would have seen this!!

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I have to say, I’ve had an ‘07 and an ‘06 since 2009. I’ve had a handful of other bikes and brands, but never go without a YZ250 in the stable. I’ve never had a tranny problem. I really don’t get it.

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Hey! I’m a CNC programmer with years of experience machining as well, and I had my hands all over the SLS project myself. I’m actually currently between jobs because as I was going to transition to a new company hiring was put on freeze there due to ... more »

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Jersey stayed tucked!

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This is the first I’ve heard it’s only a broken hand, and dang that’s a relief. That was a scary one.

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I agree with DynoDan22. I’ve had every size big bike now basically, and currently have a 150 in my stable. I absolutely love it. It’s probably my favorite bike I’ve ever had, but at certain times. I whole heartedly recommend you buy one, but I think ... more »

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And people intolerant of other people’s cultures!

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I agree with this. I am a Bogle fan, I think he’s a great personality and brings some showmanship back to the sport that is very needed in my opinion. I also want every rider out there to be well and I believe he’s had some concussion issues in the past. ... more »

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And he also called Smith Mcelrath earlier. Real rough night with Ralph.

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Wow. That’s a hell of a post. I am curious what machine it is... as a programmer and long time machinist I imagine I could help, but I have a feeling that for $400k or more the machine isn’t the issue here. Also, isn’t ESR Racing kind of redundant like ... more »

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I think it was around 2003-2004, when Factory Yamaha started doing it with a hook and a slot cut into the fork guard itself?

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I mean, I think Barcia is pretty sick!

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On point #3.2 (the Jett Lawrence one) - it reminded me of Pastrana at times back in the day. That’s a great thing if you ask me.

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When did Seely ever have 1W?

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If there is one time I would have loved to seen a victory lap with some fat whips... this would have been it.

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If that’s true it’s really sad.

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I mean... it is a dirt bike race. I don’t think it’s inherently more dangerous than the 17 main series races.

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The hot ones are even better.

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Got it! I was digging that Parallax track.

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It’s moto related and this is a moto site. Wtf is wrong with you people? Dude did NOTHING wrong.