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Understood, meaning they took the 150 motor from your frame and swapped in the 125 motor from the other. Just spit balling.... never mind,,,,,just saw the MCO's match. That's crazy.

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Motor swap to run a 150 motor in a 125class for LL and not have the head tube and VIN marked as 150? But it would be less money to have a motor built then buy a new bike and do the swap as they are not a limited class.

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West Craven is great, even if it has been raining. It's a haul for us from Ohio, but being open 7 days a week, it makes it doable,

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Phil missed the triple into the rhythm section and went slow as molasses through it. He had to know someone would try to sneak up the inside as he stayed to the left,.. until the very last minute that is when he decided to cross up the jump face of the single going into the...more

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My son pointed that out before. Always touching his hat. I cannot help but notice it now.

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Picked up a 2022 KTM 250SXF. Yesterday. 2/12/22. Only 2 left and no more coming in, Paid $10369.60 when it was all said and done. The other one came with an FMF pipe and new triple clamps. Added another $1600. They had zero Yamahas in stock. Bought it ... more »

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This is the pro's, your statement should read “everyone should know better than to leave the inside open with....anybody." especially after making a pass on someone the corner before, regardless of who it is. In this case, it's Barcia, whose reputation ... more »

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Highland Park is one of those places that you say to yourself after spending the day there: "This is why I ride motorcycles." That place is incredible.

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Cleaning out the shop! Slow old guy owned and well maintained. Under 5 hours of use. Raced 1 local GP and 1 moto practice before going back to a regular clutch. No wear on clutch cover. Part number RMS-7713181 Fits 2019-2022 KTM/Husky 250 SX-F. I'll

... more »

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same here. MIKA for years with some HUGE get offs. No drama

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What would change for the pros if the event was 2 days? If the schedule was the same and the support classes raced on Sunday, it wouldn't effect them at all. During LL's this year, a bunch of us were talking about how cool would it be to have some amateur ... more »

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FedEx has a facility less than a mile from my office/warehouse. They built in 2020 and it opened in 2021 Our FedEx rep said they built it with the intention of occupying it in spring of 2022. They rushed the construction because of capacity short falls. ... more »

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I went bracket racing with a buddy once, 4 trips down the track in a 13 second car and we stood around for 4 hours. You think moto is bad at wasting time. Holy Crap that was boring.

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We camped next to the family at LL. Super awesome kid! He finished 7th in 250 b limited and 18th in 450b limited with a DNF in the first moto! Moto 2 was 7 and Moto 3 was 8th! Jordan is fast.

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I made a reservation to spend the night in the park, which will allow me entry. I saw that reservations or car passes. were needed for entry. I would have never guessed. Thanks for the heads up!

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From Ohio.. I will not be staying in Merced then. (or surrounding areas) Get in, pick up the car and head out. Thought about dropping down to Pala for the national but that is going to take up a lot of time to burn Saturday at the races...Looks like ... more »

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Flying into Merced to pick up a car that I bought online. Any advice or things to do and see? Going to head in Yosemite for a couple of days before heading back east. While researching some things, I saw an article online that named it 1 of the top 10 ... more »

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Stayed in Utica at the Homewood Suites for the regional. Hotel is nice and an easy drive to Unadilla. Its about 30 minutes away.

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I was at this race. He made a BUNCH of 250 riders look silly riding is 125. The kid is fast and his starts are nothing short of perfection. It was a real treat to watch him race.