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Jvdl put Rev together, but I believe Cytreen and Joao (sp?) were responsible for creating the actual sim physics mod that it used; I remember beta testing it with them way back in the day. The physics mod released on its own before Rev did.

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The overall results are literally in order of everyone's average result over the 3 mains lol. They assign a point total directly corresponding to your finishing position, then add it up. Yeah, they don't normalize the total (divide by 3), but it's irrelevant ... more »

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Just pay for a VPN. A service like TunnelBear is just 6 bucks per month.

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So will he be pitting out of an existing team's semi? Or will factory Yamaha be returning after all?

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So we're less than 3 weeks away from A1. Has it been announced which team he'll be riding under? Seems kinda late for pieces to still be falling into place.

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It's funny, I used to be so vehemently opposed to the idea, but I'm starting to be in favor of it. It would make the entire season stay interesting as opposed to losing interest 3/4 of the way through because the title is essentially decided. I'd also ... more »

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I'd rather see heats be the qualifying races for the night show that take place during the afternoon, then have two mains for each class for the night show.

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What did he say? Haven't had time to listen.

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I'd actually love to see it be a 3 or 4 race mini-series in the late fall/early winter. Could be fun.

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Who won the first moto at Glen Helen this year?

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I wouldn't expect it to be until the 2015 graphics are done.

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Matthes tweeted that according to a source he trusts, it's a done deal. Looking more and more likely by the day.

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Honestly, I don't find him offensive, I just don't think he's very funny. Reading his column reminds of those people who try really hard to be edgy, but don't pull it off very well.

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Ironically, I think the car was actually trying to get out of the way.

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Wow, that's shady of MXA.

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No it's not, Roczen left for Supercross. I've heard that he wanted to race SX and GPs, but the schedule doesn't allow it.

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Bull, it's so much harder for a rider to come into a season halfway through and find that pace. Kenny was going as fast as he has been all year, but Tomac went that much faster yesterday.

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Was he really riding in chuck taylors? those long-ass laces are just asking to get caught in something...

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Yeah, but that's my point. Whether people are good or not really doesn't have much to do with their religious beliefs. So you'll never have all Christians be as nice of people as Trey, simply because there are plenty of not-so-great people born into ... more »