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This more than likely is a clerical error or process that isn’t completed yet with California. Last I heard, they can’t sell them in Ohio either because Greenger Powersports isn’t an approved Mfg/Distributor with the state of Ohio.

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Bikes today are three or four times faster than bikes of the 70’s and early 80’s. Also, the track obstacles have a lot more risk. If those riders of yesteryear were racing today, they would race differently as well. Banging bars at 5mph is a lot different ... more »

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Just curious, where do you think most sales of motorcycles go that doesn’t have a mandate? India is the only other major country you didn’t mention and they have one as well.

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Mine is gas. At the time of installation, the electric models didn’t seem as dependable. My friend had an electric model installed during 2020. He claims it has worked flawlessly so far.

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When we built our house in 2017 this was one of my requirements. In our old house, the master bath was the furthest point from the water heater. It took about 30 seconds to get hot water to the shower. Between the unnecessary water waste and waiting ... more »

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When you compare prime years, Reed was hands down the most consistent rider ever. The last 4 or 5 years of his career lowered his career podium percentage but before that he was a podium guy every weekend.

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I highly doubt we will ever see another race in the Mercedes stadium. From what I've heard, they didn't build that stadium for SX or Monster Trucks. I think the rounds that actually happened there were honoring a previous contract.

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It sounds like the worst is over. Hopefully your water gets back on soon. Stay Safe!!

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Amazon is building warehouses all over the country. I wouldn’t doubt if over 90% the population in America has an Amazon warehouse just as close now. Before Covid, I was noticing a lot of new Dollar General store being built in very rural areas. It seemed ... more »

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I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve and Amex Delta Reserve. Both cards have a ≈500 annual fee but once you add the benefits back in, they easily pay for their annual fees. On top of that, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card has the best points program in the ... more »

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Any side effects from your second round?

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There is reason Polaris owns around 70% of the total SxS market. While their reliability is arguably lower than their competitors, they far exceed their competitors in features, performance and fit and finish of accessories.

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Ironically or purposely, they are getting added on the shortest day of the year. 😂

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I agree with this. The big issue often overlooked is building machines comes with a lot of liability and when there are distractions, the risk of error increases. The last thing a DP wants or needs to deal with is a lawsuit because a unit was assembled ... more »

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Lex Fridman did a 4 hour podcast with him on September 8th. I haven’t listened to it yet but it’s queued up next for me.

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It’ll be the same way we look at people that lived without refrigeration, HVAC and smoked cigarettes today. The other big pollutant not talked about nearly enough is our dependence on plastic. The amount of single use plastic that isn’t recycled is mind ... more »

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This chart says everything. The one feature I really like about the Hummer is its removable roof panels but I would take the CyberTruck or Rivian over it in a heartbeat. P.S. I'm not sure why they chose to use a different measurement of torque ... more »
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Keep in mind they are testing/building it in stages. The final ship with booster will be about 400’ tall. It was cool to see them succeed at making a silo fly during the first tests. 😂

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They should be on the free version of Spotify as well.

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I have a feeling most vehicles will be electric by then regardless. Driving an ev is a lot more enjoyable unless you’re towing something 700 miles at this point. This will be very similar to the dumb phone to smartphone conversion. Everyone went from ... more »