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Not sure what they're doing with it, but check with Kaplan Cycles in Vernon CT. They supposedly bought a whole collection of bikes, one of which was an 87 CR80.

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I’m all in in for Blake Baggett segment. Maybe we can just replay Atlanta main event and let him commentate that.

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I had a similar issue with a 19.5 FC450, still sorting with clickers here and there, but I will say having the correct rear spring for my weight/speed set at 103mm of sag made a huge improvement. I also went in on HS comp on shock, bike still stable ... more »

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Febvre 2015 MXGP.

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There’s an 87 on Jacksonville CL. Would be a project for sure.

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Common theme with them. I would check in with nearest reputable dealer, get a Husqvarna rep on the phone ASAP to determine a resolution.

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66/69 Honda S90s. One almost to the point of becoming a daily beer fetcher, other probably become an art project for one of the kids (locked up motor). Also have a 73 Husqvarna that over the past 24 months been making sloooooow progress on getting mechanically ... more »

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4 inches of suspension. Not exactly kind to the wrists or knees.

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Anton brings up a great point: what does the parts budgets and sponsor allocations look like 30, 60, 90 days out? While we may have a rough schedule, that is still subject to change, and what does travel arrangements look like in a similar time period? ... more »

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That’s an interesting tire pattern, mainly from the perspective it looks 99% similar to Pirelli dirt track tire “mt-53”.

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I had my best results on a YZ250 with some simple work to ride Florida enduros; resprung, had two sets of wheels (18 vs 19 rear) thanks to cost of the bike upfront, swapped to an 250X CDI, rekluse clutch. If I knew I was going to ride a ton of moto to ... more »

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Well done. ARay is fun to watch ride on something like that; on the pegs, rev to the moon, just wicking it.

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JMart and RCH Suzuki.

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Currently on a 17 Africa Twin. Does everything well; blast the highway, get up and down back roads two up, hit any dirt road or sketchy 2 track trail. I do wish I had a larger tank and probably will look to fine tune the bump sticks. I had a 2004 KTM ... more »

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Peloton has been getting a lot of use. 120+ miles in past week. I measure caloric output in bud light bottles to drink in the garage while working on the 69 Honda S90 and finishing up a 73 Husqvarna 250.

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Careful, that could make people actually go ride their bikes or do something outside their job as a keyboard warrior.

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I've heard so many positive comments and stories from this year's event...sure to create a bigger movement for 2021. I'm all in next year on my 73 Hoosky and probably put together something for a revo class while I'm at it.

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class structures for 2020: revolution 2, target years through 2008.

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2019 track was awesome; big rhythm lanes, jumping options, things where the elite guys could really shine or use to their advantage. Track this year had some positives; split lane worked, off camber section created options, one long rhythm lane coming ... more »

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The weekend after the USGP at WW Ranch we had a skirt with a cat 3 hurricane