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I have done many, but mostly smaller bore engines like XR100/200/250s and such. The neway kits are high quality, but for a one time use, they can get very pricey. If you plan to do many, then like any investment, it may be worth it if you put the time ... more »

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It's not just moto, but those of us that have ran/trained for marathons/ultra marathons/olympic distance triathlons know about the so called "training flu." Here is a great paper on the susceptibility of high endurance athletes and falling to respiratory ... more »

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I have a "gen1" Africa Twin, 17 manual 6 speed. I bought it new as a leftover for under $10k. I do ride some 50/50 stuff with it, about to spend 10 days riding South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota and 2 days in Tennessee on the way home. Wife and I have ... more »

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The vintage/evo/90s dirt bike resale market is absurd right now. All the craze that hit the "cafe racers" around 2005-2015 has all spilled over. The parts are getting even worse. Need that fender for your 76 Husky? $150 please. How about a set of OEM ... more »

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Florida is full, but if someone wants to buy a 3bd/2ba house near Palm Beach in cash, I know a guy. #californiaexodus

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You need a rider who can provide feedback and is a good tester. The other challenge will be who they also hire or use to develop the production bike itself besides Ricky.

Added reply in a thread 1993-1995 YZ250 Long Rod? 7/20/2021 11:31 AM

88 Rod; proX and VintCo sell readily available rod kits.

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Mitch doesn’t take excuses; if you’re healthy, he expects you’re in shape. Forkner riding around with an anchor going backwards is a 5 alarm fire hinting he wasn’t prepped to race.

Added reply in a thread YZ125 bogging/dying exiting corners. 6/4/2021 7:20 AM

Check the torque on the cylinder and head bolts. You say you are running the needle on the top clip? If that is the case, you may need to look into a leaner needle and try towards the middle.

Added reply in a thread KX112 Detonation And Damage 5/20/2021 11:54 AM

Exhaust bridge damage is a common "kryptonite" of those cylinders. Some builders will reweld and reshape that port to better withstand prolonged abuse. Even though they are small, these suckers do vibrate quite a bit thanks to higher revs, so good to ... more »

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Just convince the OEMs to do what Lancia did in the 80s during the last of the "group B" days; say you have 400 in two separate lots, show the first 200, take the scrutineers out for an afternoon beverage or two, drive the same 200 over to a separate

... more »
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I found an old craftsman box on FB marketplace for $30, had some similar foam from a coworker husband that works for snap on, added my tools as needed. I was a little lucky, grandfather gave me 90% of tools I’ve never needed, have added speciality stuff ... more »

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Aldon’s exclusivity with KTM expires this year. Possibly a part of it? Would seem strange as KTM has a great east coast base for testing there.

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Clown show.

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F1, if not for the racing but all the "high school" politics that go on.

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I am curious to see what Marv does; does he carry momentum from the last few weeks of supercross into a strong outdoors run? We seem to forget he only lost the title by 16 points in 18, and never finished worse than 5th in a moto the entire summer. Does ... more »

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Water temp sensor on the left side of the head. Maybe also check your coil (may static test it with an ohm meter) and the wiring going to the coil, make sure connections are good and nothing is wrapped around the coil itself.

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There is a fee and process to homologate; the fee is like $750 or something, but Yamaha hasn't paid it in years, I believe since 2014ish or 2015. I know Stank rode a YZ125 in the nationals one year, I believe the year before he did the series with those ... more »

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We used the small piece of PVC pipe for our friends kid. Easy to install, cut to whatever we needed and train using the throttle wisely. Clutch adjustment was a major help as well. Having both instilled confidence and time to work on using brakes, keeping ... more »