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You may want to invest in some UNI prefilters. I’m in the same “Florida sand, just sand everywhere” situation, and the prefilter adds additional element of safety and allows the main filter to last longer. I do like others; mineral spirits, dawn soap, ... more »

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Maybe some PB plaster soaked in the grove to start. Rinse and repeat a couple times. You do need a fine pick to tap and try and rotate it, or a super fine pair of needle nose pliers to grab one end and try and rotate or twist. If that won’t get you anywhere, ... more »

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You can move to a KLX 230R, at least that gives you some “more bike” to grow into.

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LOI with a title sponsor; new Suzuki president is pro-racing. And, ultimately, it's up to Gibbs to decide when spending money is enough. Seems like all 3 of those are pointing in a positive direction.

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How was 2 week quarantine life?

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First rule of motorcycles; the number you is need is N+1, where N is the current number you have.

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He’s right on. Went through race tech bible and here is what the issue was.

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2 pieces on the left look like components for the damping adjuster. The nut looks like the top rod end nut from the damper rod. I would take the whole shock apart and inventory all the pieces.

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Worn/bent shifting fork, or engagement dogs are rounded or chipped a piece.

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Florida governor said today he refuses to shutdown the whole state. So, unless local authorities pursue to end it, WW Ranch will be a go from the highest level.

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Cardio training; you can go the low end (fan bike, cheap mtb and stationary trainer, running shoes), medium (concept 2 rower, bike with a zwift setup) or upper end (peloton, full on road cycling or e-mtb). We have a peloton in our house mainly due to ... more »

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Any body can protest any body for fuel. Just pay the $800 protest fee plus the additional $1000 fuel protest fee. I’m sure for Star, the $1800 is worth it; public opinion probably doesn’t sway them too much. Per the rule book, the FIM will defer to the ... more »

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Get the correct rear spring for weight/and-or-speed, 103mm sag, ditch the backfire screen, check tps, check spoke/engine hanger/sprocket bolt torques, then just ride the thing. Linear power delivery and cornering when there isn’t something to bank or/not ... more »

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May want to check the head and have it micced to see if it warped or has a low spot. Interesting you’re the 5th or 6th person I’ve heard with same year and same cooling issues, even with low hours.

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You’ll be local to Dade City, Tampa MX, Croom OHV; longer drive to Orlando MX (Bithlo), 74 MX to the south, Gatorback on race weekends, the old Florida Track/Trails that is purported to reopen in the fall.

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Will be insanely hot and humid, but have you been to Budds Creek in late July/August? Just as bad, sometimes even more stifling with humidity and lack of any breeze. There’s been years where Southwick and Glen Helen or Hangtown have been 95+. Not optimal ... more »

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Mini bikes are in demand, anything two stroke has become gold to some, and any 90s motto stuff is hot. You can definitely make some money, but the buy in/up front cost is more than it was 10-15 years ago. I’ve flipped a few the past couple months and ... more »

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Find a used fan bike. Probably find some for $15 or less at garage sales or FB marketplace. Start out 20min steady pace, then start to build. Say 5 min at “talking but hard” pace, then a minute at a hard pace. Repeat. Look up workouts for things like ... more »

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Taking out one bolt from the frame hanger is a common trick. You may also play around the torque setting; for example if OEM calls for 34 ft/lbs, go down to say 29 ft/lbs and reevaluate. If that has no perceived effect, look into works chassis lab and ... more »

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Tallahassee. Only a 35 minute drive to Cairo, ANF with OHV torture fest 20 minute drive. Clermont, only about 45 minutes from Croom, Dade City about 20 minutes, Tampa MX about an hour, Bartow about 45 minutes, make a day trip to Pax about 1 hour 45 minutes. ... more »