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I believe for "the average guy," it's a solid all around package that has a predictable motor, great chassis and suspension that needs a little love, but certainly can be made great. I already see some great deals on them.

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Getting mileage at 5-8 miles a day will certainly help lower your time, but the biggest benefit is tempo running or fartlek. Basically, say you do 6 miles, you spend 2 mile at just your "average training" pace, 1 miles race pace, 1 mile back to average, ... more »

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Best: tie between 2000 XR600 and 2013 YZ250. Worst: 1993 Husqvarna WXE360. Never got along with it. Dad let me ride it on the weekends while in college. Ergos were terrible, front end feeling was non-existant, and the engineer that came up with the 3.5 ... more »

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Oh boy.
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Surgery and recover is anywhere in the 8 - 14 month range, depending on your ability to make rehab, the program you get into, and whether or not anything else needs to be fixed (microfractures, other ligament damage, etc.). In your case, I think it'd ... more »

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Sprint speed is the most important thing at the AQ and regional races, and depending on the class entry, not having a 450 could be a disadvantage on the start. I would look at the tracks you're trying to qualify at, as well. Obviously any track with ... more »

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That would basically completely lock out anyone not on a factory 250 if they kept their rosters as is. Or, it would force the hand with fewer factory rides as they would (presumably) pay salaries equivalent to 1 full year.

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Rumor has it Millsaps has/will be bought out. No way they let 3 out of 4 podums, #2 in points and 9 points back of Anderson leave that team.

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I ride my bicycle 4-5 days a week, anywhere in the 150-180 range. The most I've hit is 190 doing some sprints up/down a large bridge (we don't have too many of those hills in SouthFL). Everytime I ride MX, I always hit 200-203 my first moto. Don't know ... more »

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Mmmmm... long rhythms...

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250-2t makes you really focus on riding; line choices, braking points, gear choice and clutch skill are all critical to keep you moving. Make a mistake, you have to figure out how to rebound quickly. Obviously with a 450, you can be much lazier and sort ... more »

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Matthes said on RacerX review pod there was some trouble afterwards in the pits. Getting interesting...

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I doubt it; they're having enough issues producing parts to produce just ONE model with TPI (250XCW) for US distribution. Will it come some day? Maybe.

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Nicoletti made some comments saying they have missed some on suspension setup this year; too stiff, and dirt has been much softer than they originally anticipated.

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Format was good, racing was still pretty good at times even though track wasn't technical/rough enough to really separate the guys, broadcast blows with all the downtime. And I don't understand how during all that downtime not a SINGLE highlight from ... more »

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Less material for every piece possible. Hubs, cases, name it, they've found weight savings. With that said, some compromises in terms of longevity of some of those parts, then again these are supposed to be race bikes so the presumption is ... more »

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Maybe we can get the guy with the ultralight out to California to take a peak. Sure he is on full Stew stalk mode still.

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Just do your homework. You'd be surprised how many dealers likely have leftover 17 models; a local dealer near me quoted $6400 OTD for a 2017 RMZ450, which has the garbage front forks but still new.

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Something to keep in mind, Osborne starts were shaky at times last year. They got better at the end of the nationals, but it's a fact that could bite him in a few races. However, the east is not as stacked as last year. I wonder if the bike deficiencies ... more »

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Major point missed by many is people who have ridden for him and MCR have all said it's a well run team and TA does a great job for those guys/riders. He knows what is needed to be competitive equipment and preparation wise. I would also say maybe he ... more »