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An LOI has been rumored to been signed, but those in sports sponsorship deal are about as valuable as the paper they print them on. Teasdale making some appearances at the end of the nationals is a good sign. JBone said he will not make any offers until ... more »

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Visited his place 2 years ago; had a good conversation with him and his sons. We then bumped into them at Unadilla and had a good time. He is high energy, but genuinely loves everything motorcycle related, especially moto, and he has established a pretty ... more »

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Those were good bikes, too. The 94 cylinder was used for years to come until 99 I believe when Yamaha went to the horizontally mounted PV on the front of the cylinder. Larry Ward 2001 Red Bud on the MotoXXX YZ250F would also be a candidate. He ripped ... more »

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87-88-89-90 CR125s. Guys jumped on those bikes with minimal support and their results were instantly better. The 2003-2004 CRF450 and 2008 CRF450 filled a lot of gate spots.

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^that *might* be what he was referring to. Interesting ploy, especially since Honda already has Canard in the organization as a tester. McGrath go around 2.0? Throw Dungey in the mix for 2021, that 450 class is beyond all time stacked.

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One would have to think Feld Entertainment is in a bit of a pickle financially; revenue is basically frozen, and seems the return of live action events, sports or non sports, inside arenas is a ways off. Not making assumptions, but say the Feld Motorsports ... more »

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we use the foam a lot for Florida hare scrambles and some enduros; makes a big difference first lap or so of a hare scramble, doesn't feel like a bloated shipping boat rocking back and forth in a corner. Southwick 17' we had to source some for privateer ... more »

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Tomac has notoriously been very hard on clutches. Whether that was the final issue or not is a bit of an unknown, but somewhere to start. Bummer for sure, but mudders create that sort of chaos.

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Two biggest obstacles; people scared of making a mistake on modern four stroke and turning it into a disaster, and the need for some specialized tools and the costs. Want a good torque wrench? Be ready to shell out $500. Need that factory cam chain tensioner ... more »

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Check sag, where your weight and/or speed falls for spring rates, check basic things like what is recommended fork height for conditions and a clicker range to work within. Then ride and try and understand what any of the above changes had or feel like. ... more »

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You may want to invest in some UNI prefilters. I’m in the same “Florida sand, just sand everywhere” situation, and the prefilter adds additional element of safety and allows the main filter to last longer. I do like others; mineral spirits, dawn soap, ... more »

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Maybe some PB plaster soaked in the grove to start. Rinse and repeat a couple times. You do need a fine pick to tap and try and rotate it, or a super fine pair of needle nose pliers to grab one end and try and rotate or twist. If that won’t get you anywhere, ... more »

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You can move to a KLX 230R, at least that gives you some “more bike” to grow into.

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LOI with a title sponsor; new Suzuki president is pro-racing. And, ultimately, it's up to Gibbs to decide when spending money is enough. Seems like all 3 of those are pointing in a positive direction.

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How was 2 week quarantine life?

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First rule of motorcycles; the number you is need is N+1, where N is the current number you have.

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He’s right on. Went through race tech bible and here is what the issue was.

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2 pieces on the left look like components for the damping adjuster. The nut looks like the top rod end nut from the damper rod. I would take the whole shock apart and inventory all the pieces.

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Worn/bent shifting fork, or engagement dogs are rounded or chipped a piece.

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Florida governor said today he refuses to shutdown the whole state. So, unless local authorities pursue to end it, WW Ranch will be a go from the highest level.