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What, that’s clearly a 125 pipe… the 150/250/300 pipes look nothing like the 125 pipe, look at the power valve exit area…

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In addition, if this letter and/or issue is only related to the 2022 CDI. I’ve had to aggressively zip tie my wiring harness to the CDI because it kept high rev bogging, others I know have had to do this and it’s not limited to the 2022 model, but is ... more »

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My son has had 2-3 new KTM 85-105 bikes each year since 2019, each bike had 60-170hrs with no crank issues, I’m lucky. This fall he moved up to 125s, 2022 125SX and a 2022 125XC. The SX bike lost the crank seal at 70hrs, while replacing the seal alone ... more »

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I broke my visor one time, sold my whole program and hit the couch for 8 months, you can never be too safe

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A properly XC bike can work good enough on the track, while a properly setup SX bike is not fun to ride offroad. Generally, you want an SX bike to rebound slow, while a XC bike should rebound fast

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My poosee hurts!

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FYI; if it ever suddenly begins to cut out at high RPM, disconnect the ECU and reconnect it, this is not a new problem, and I have no idea why the KTM/GasGas/husky 125 does this.

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This forum blows my mind

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Follow RMXSeries on Instagram, it’s our local organization that covers the Utah/Idaho area.

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To me, this question is no different from “what gear deals do pros have”, it’s so weird! I know absolutely zero people above the age of 15 who care what gear a pro wears. Is this forum just a bunch of kids?

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Best? Lol, the best suspension for an individual is tuned to the riders abilities and the terrain. Cove valves are for kids who buy $500 Jordan’s

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I built a moto van 4 yrs ago, we ride every week in 30-105F weather, I don’t have a vent/fan in the garage area. I used 1/2” to 2” thick insulation on the walls and roof, then enclosed that with 1/4” plywood on the walls and sheets of aluminum on the ... more »

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When it comes to amateur motocross, I’ve witnessed maybe 2-3 guys who can use the 450. For me, the 350 has all the power you’ll ever need, and is much easier to control over the 450, and more importantly does not that the 250 issues because every fast ... more »

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The way he was in/out of control with the front end tire shows he’s still getting used to the KTM vs the Yamaha. I just hope he rides inside his abilities once he masters the KTM. Anyone who didn’t too much time on Yamaha and is now on a KTM, knows what ... more »

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It’s very early in this race, current standing don’t mean much. This year, more than years past, it seems to be a huge rubber band effect with stage finish times, that suggests the navigation is very difficult and guys in front are getting lost or putting ... more »

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I know Skyler personally, he’s as hardcore as they come, on all of his bikes he takes the tires off and lubes the bibs, after every single ride, so they last much much longer

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Well, maybe all the guys who actually race it are dumb also, because they usually talk about the huge disadvantages to opening a stage, and the results back up those claims, maybe the results are dumb too... ha

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For me, magura has the control like a sram guide brake system, while brembo has the feel of a shamano XT system. For that reason alone, I can’t see myself on a husky anytime soon.

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Elevation and water weight is your friend. Statically, kinda, water pressure increases .7 psi per 12” of elevation, this is compounded with water weight and the elevation of said water weight. If I was building an automated sprinter with a holding tank, ... more »

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That’s Geeks rig, #18