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Thank you for sharing.

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Yup. The work done to swingarm looks great.

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Glad you posted about Damien (chance1216)...he is as down to earth as they come, hard working, tougher than nails and has a heart of gold, I honestly believe he would take a bullet to protect a friend. With so much going on in this world, I'll just cut

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The conversion consist of purchasing KX250F OEM parts...subframe, air box, seat, tank, and then purchase the conversion kit, which is all the hard parts to bolt everything together correctly...about $80-100 bucks on eBay. It's a better look than the ... more »

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Tastefully done, I've always liked the look of the side plates on these models. Thanks for sharing with us.

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100% agree...let the wheel and drill do the work. Most auto stores have them in the paint section. Look'n good on the build.

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Honda CR125 2007
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He's wired a bit different no doubt, but he's a good dude. His adrenaline level is on high and his determination to succeed has kept him in the sport that he loves. He's doing alright...

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nevermind. lol.

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That bike is NICE !!!! I would throw rocks at the other one...jk. Share some details on the new one if you don't mind ? and if ya don't like the carbon fiber chain guide...just let me know, lol. Seriously, that bike looks to be well cared for, and congrats. ... more »

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That smile !! She's a true beauty.

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Suzuki RM 250 2008

Very nice bike.

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Suzuki RM 250 2008
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2007 cr125r
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Dang have good taste in MX bikes. After you're done with the KX, can you throw together a 1981 YZ the one in my profile picture ? Thanks. lol

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The YZ 250 in my profile pic was the number one bike I always wanted. I was in the process of doing a Hannah replica ...until thieves stole it. There's a nice Reward if recovered.

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It's a total toss up. I think it's going to come down to who stays the strongest during this quarantine period. This season will never be forgotten...

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I like the part where you say...I got it on camera, lol. Good riding, and great corner speed btw.

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1980 Honda #hammerheadmods CR125