Liked a bike check Yotam's Honda 2/20/2018 6:51 PM
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Love the MX Bonz clamps, a bit heavy but extreme high quality. Great bike.

Added reply in a thread Marysville MMX, CA today (vintage bikes) 2/18/2018 8:25 PM

Real Husky's, CZ's, Maico, Taco's, Elsinore's, YZ100, RM. I was hoping to see the bike in my profile pic there, because that pic is all I have left....damn thieves. Anyway, great pic's and great era for MX for sure and thanks for the share.

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Crazy how evil little kitten's have scratched their way into the sx/mx scene.... that's just wrong !! lol. I think Emig got a little butt-hurt by Julianna calling him and Ralphy....old men in the box. She's more at ease now, and has those guy's by the ... more ยป

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^^^That's what it's all about. Props to you and your family.

Added a comment about press release Injury Report: Tim Gajser - Fractured Jaw 2/18/2018 5:08 PM

That's hard to watch. Prayers and thoughts to Tim for successful surgeries and quick healing.

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Would be interesting to know injury stats somehow, these guy's are getting eaten alive almost weekly. I love good hardcore racing and a bit of moto-drama but....DAYUM

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Always appears laid back and to be a good dude, I don't think he's getting along with the KTM very well. I remember an interview where he stated that he can't get up on the tank like he was use to.

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Thats bad news for sure, thankfully he came around to breath on his own and the doc's can fix what was broken.

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That was brutal. Hope to hear that he's ok.

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Zacco picked up where he left off from last year's hit, run and win. Forkner proved he's not putting up with no bullshit from nobody, I think Zach is number one on Forks hit list. Gonna be an all out war.

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Jimmy D standing with pride on the podi !! Cool of him to mention his dad.... much respect to JD.

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These injuries are huge set-backs for Barcia and Roczen, they post how they'll come back better and stronger but truth is that both have considered hanging up the boots during their down time. Damn, this sport is getting meaner every year !!

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That was my thought also, but it would probably be like the Joker Lane at Vegas, I won't mention the past champ's that forgot to take that section....

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Science of Supercross....ya never know....

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Props to Jimmy D. on da podi !! Finally !!

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I wish this shit would stop, seems about every other race someone is out for the season....Bogle, Roczen, Barcia, am I missing anyone ?

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He can ride as long as he wants, he earned it.

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He's taken note from the Wise Man....Dungey. He and Osborne both know how to remount and GO.

Added a comment about feature Injury Update: Ken Roczen - Surgery and Recovery Time 2/18/2018 1:45 AM

Such a bummer for KR and the sport. Praying and hoping for a quick recovery.

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