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After the other builds I've witnessed of yours...I know this one is gonna turn out top notch. Also, the white frame on these bike's look awesome. Good stuff sandman.

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What a selfish self absorbed brat. Man up, and take some of your money to help someone other than yourself.

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TM 250 for sale on CL in Nashville for 4000.00. I tried posting a link...again, but won't work.

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The company is Blonix. I bought a flush mount cap for my 05 KX 250, but the guy was very hesitant to sell me one...he said too many people had leaking issues, and he quit production. Anyway, you might still have a chance at one if you contact them...I ... more »

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There's one on Ebay made by Outlaw Racing for 36.00 bucks. I had two of them years ago and they worked great. Hope that's what you're looking for.

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97 Honda CR500
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$1000.00 cigar ?

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Thank you for sharing.

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Yup. The work done to swingarm looks great.

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The conversion consist of purchasing KX250F OEM parts...subframe, air box, seat, tank, and then purchase the conversion kit, which is all the hard parts to bolt everything together correctly...about $80-100 bucks on eBay. It's a better look than the ... more »

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Tastefully done, I've always liked the look of the side plates on these models. Thanks for sharing with us.

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100% agree...let the wheel and drill do the work. Most auto stores have them in the paint section. Look'n good on the build.

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Honda CR125 2007
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He's wired a bit different no doubt, but he's a good dude. His adrenaline level is on high and his determination to succeed has kept him in the sport that he loves. He's doing alright...

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That bike is NICE !!!! I would throw rocks at the other one...jk. Share some details on the new one if you don't mind ? and if ya don't like the carbon fiber chain guide...just let me know, lol. Seriously, that bike looks to be well cared for, and congrats. ... more »

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That smile !! She's a true beauty.

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Suzuki RM 250 2008

Very nice bike.

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Suzuki RM 250 2008
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