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I’ve used one before, they have two bearings in them and there is so little friction, it leads to ‘twitchy’ throttle response that is effected by small chatter, as well as extremely sensitive whiskey throttle. I went back to a normal throttle tube and ... more »

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I don’t mean to throw a wrench into the tax argument here, but I thought that there was no income tax in Florida, and hence (one of the) the reasons so many riders have established residence there

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J-Law for pres. 2020

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I’ll be honest some of the ads are a little much, but I do enjoy the full-page ads that have cool pictures.

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I think there’s definitely a right answer here, my manual says to warm the engine up, and then let it sit for 5 minutes before draining the oil. Therefore; the oil will be warm and thus drain quickly and also it will have plenty of time to drain from ... more »

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I was there, opening ceremonies were wayyy louder than 2019 Vegas supercross, as well as way worse choice in music. Nobody wants to hear royalty free off-brand club music at a supercross race...

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Cylinder still available? Price if so?

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So from being at the race, it looked like he pretty much mailed it in after the first lap of each main

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If you actually look at fluid dynamics, think, air behaves as a fluid, then there are so many numerous factors that play into mpg...without using any mumbo jumbo, there is no 'right answer' on which trailer will result in a higher fuel economy... it ... more »

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Please tell me you know your bike has transmission oil and you have been changing your transmission oil...................

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I think that the 'Forced Rockstar Energy Social Post-Initiative' is targeted at the 'average' Supercross fan, which as much as we hate to admit it is the same guy who asks "How's Bubba doing this year?" when he sees you in line at the store wearing a ... more »

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408MX in San Jose. I go to school in Chico, but my permanent residence is in San Jose.

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You are spot on with that. we had huge piles of it and everyday I would blade in about 2 or 3 yards of it into each turn. as much as we could add, and it still would be gone after we ripped and tilled it a few times.

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I used to work at a track that integrated lots of woodchips/mulch and it kept the dirt from packing down too much, it kept the dirt 'Fluffy' and allowed the water to come out of the dirt throughout the day. (we would flood the track the night before) ... more »

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I liked the move by Forkner in the main because it opened the door for sexton to race him a little harder later in the race. Ultimately, it didnt happen, but people on here would have been complaining if it would have been sexton-on-forkner.

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Id be careful about taking it to your local dealer, mine quoted me an hour labor just to plug the tuner in... just my experience though, some dealers are more stingy than others.

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MotoPro Graphics did these up for my Dad and they mimic the stock lines and colors perfectly. These were for a '17 but I'm sure they have the same option for a '19

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I really hate how people in these threads jump down each others throats about having their oil scientifically tested... yes I know that's the only way to know forsure to the n'th degree how broken down the oil is, but generally, I can tell if the oil ... more »

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Yamaha has the same footpegs all the way back to around 2001, and will also fit ktms before 2015. ktm pegs go as follows: New stlye will fit 2015FE & 2016 and up. 2015 non factory editions will take a yamaha peg, or ktm peg from that generation.

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I had the same experience there this year, out of almost all the food at multiple vendors before opening ceremonies started. seemed like only a few of the people behind the counter even understood English. pitiful.