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Couple of years ago my dad and I are at our local track, my dads riding buddy is park next to us, really nice guy, always went out in the last 10 minutes of the session, when some riders had gotten off the track, faster kid cleans him out in a corner, ... more »

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Thanks for the input guys. Reason for purchasing new is that I will be purchasing 2 bikes, one for the wife. Easier to pick up two bikes at local shop and most shops willing to give me a decent deal when I purchase two. In the next week or so I will ... more »

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thanks guys, would prefer a new bike

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In the last 3 or 4 months i have put about 300 miles on an old bike i picked up at local church for $25, old raleigh detour. I'm really enjoying it and am looking to upgrade to something a nicer and lighter. Looking for something for long rides, something ... more »

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Works the other way around too, riders can cruise around knowing 3rd race is double points.

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this is not a line choice issue, no one is arguing that craig left the door open, the issue is with the CONTACT during the pass. by your reasoning, if rider A is in front of rider B even by the smallest margins, okay to cross jump to protect the line...... ... more »

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photos of the yamaha usa and mxgp?

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how much for the yellow helmet? you can email me

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85 for yellow, shipped?

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sent you an email for he davalos jersey

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how much for davalos jersey? you can email me at

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excuse my ignorance but what does signed with mxgp mean? other than staying in the series has this been done in the past ?

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Are PC riders signed by Kawasaki and "loaned" to PC... no? MX/SX careers are short and rides can be scarce, take the contract that offers the most time on a bike. If the above is true and Kawasaki were to offer a 3 year deal, Kawasaki/PC have been committed ... more »

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Are the pictures the issue? or the tags within the post of the picture? a fan cant take a pic of his/her favorite event/rider and post it? i would think the tags are the issue

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Legit question, is RV on a factory bike?

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how quick we forget Webbs credentials, two time regional sx champ, 250 mx champ, mxgp podium, straight beat JH ( one race) his sub par performance is due to his injuries and being off the bike if healthy and confident he is top 3

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please email me some more pics of the size 10, all possible angles,

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Man that sucks. After washing the bikes i remove the rear tire.