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I randomly though about this post on the drive home from the track this weekend. Since I've pulled the trailer a few times, I figured it was time for your requested update. The Tacoma pulls it great loaded down with bikes, gear, water, cooler, etc for ... more »

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Didn't J-Mart say that the atmosphere was so bad he was essentially pitting out the back of the rig when it was him v Webb for the 250 outdoor title?

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As much as I would love to see it, I can't see it happening. I would think attendance would be significantly lower (once spectators are allowed again) and FELD will want to cash in on ticket sales. I was talking to the girlfriend about it yesterday and ... more »

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MCR does'nt race outdoors and seeing as Mookie is on MCR, he isn't racing outdoors. Check your local Florida fishing hole and that's where you'll find him.

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I thought only Eli used excuses as to why he wasn't winning...

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It's a skill I wish I didn't have, that's for sure. The weird part to me is talking to non moto people about the laundry list of injuries and they look at you like you're insane for still riding dirtbikes. I look at them like they're crazy for saying ... more »

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for sure looked like a dislocated shoulder - from a guy who has done it way too many times

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This is the mentality that ruins C class for people trying to get into the sport at a local level. Nobody is getting a pro ride because they did well at Lorettas in C class.

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Millville is having local races next weekend. The current schedule has the pro race over 2 months away so I’m starting to think it might actually happen.

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He is racing

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...and to think I'm the chump paying to race for a little plastic trophy

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I started dating a yoga teacher (nice) in 2015 and obviously got pretty into yoga at that point. I think it has made a huge difference. I wouldn't say yoga could replace basic gym/mtb workouts, but it's a great addition. Also, those hot yoga classes ... more »

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So let me make sure I'm understanding you correctly - the dealerships already have low inventory, they won't be getting more, AND you want them to sell the bike to you at a loss?

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I put on a new front caliper and brake line on my 19 kx450 and it’s not building pressure. I’ve bleed the brakes and no air bubbles are coming out anymore so I think all the air is out. I’ve spent a long time bleeding and there has to be something else. ... more »

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If a dealership tried to pull this crap, I'd walk out no questions asked. I don't have time to deal with people who think they're slick. I'd rather spend my money somewhere that isn't trying to sneak things by you.

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What was wrong with the wheel chock on the wood? I recently picked up a toy hauler and was thinking of doing that.

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Well, I suppose I should have clarified moto companies who are going to having sales out of CA.

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With non essential companies slowing being required to close for a while, who's having sales to push inventory before closing?

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be glad it wasnt a labrum, bicep, and rotator cuff. those suck