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Thanks for posting, but maybe the ratio of racing shots is a bit much. I personally think the best part of Rupe's pic selections are the candid shots of folks at the, team crews, porta potty lines, partying and general shenanigans.

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Possibly I went to low end on a Garmin Forerunner 235...heart rate monitor was wildly inaccurate. Also really hated the navigation set up on that thing...seemed archaic. Sent it back and still haven't bought anything else.

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Wouldn't the effect be the same if you just had that vice laying there to weigh the back end down. In this case, what's the purpose of the strap?

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Gen >> lawnmower engine in a frame with no suspension or brakes

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The frame members that the skid plate attached to aren't huge...they're shorter ones that attach to main frame.

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Based on the way I've had a number of things jacked up when I've had someone else work on something, prefer to do stuff myself when at all possible. Example...Brand new Toyota Tacoma, take it in for it's very first free oil change at the dealership and ... more »

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A lotta awesome shows...RC and this have been my favorites so far. Keep up the great work! I'm assuming the Yamaha management Reed's referring to is McCarty?

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I have a set of EVO and several sets of hydrogen lites and the EVO's material is a heavier grade and has a more solid feel to it like it can take more abuse. Both the EVO and Hydrogen are well vented but since the hydrogen feels more like silk pajamas ... more »

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Noticed that in addition to the original Formula helmet, there's now a Formula CC Primary Helmet. Hard to tell from the descriptions what the differences are....other than the CC Primary is a couple hundred bucks less expensive. Lotta good looking stuff ... more »

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Different strokes for different...blah blah blah. I know I'm going against the grain here, but want so say I personally prefer the cheaper Accuris to the Armegas. After buying the Armega, I hardly ever use them as I don't care for the frame which feels ... more »

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Dear Janko, No one knows WTF you are No one knows WTF you came from Please go ahead posting stupid azz shit so we can have the entertainment of seeing you be laughed at. Thanks.

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Props to Chromeburner, delivered in 3 days from the Netherlands! $370 vs $ can you go wrong?!

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Thank goodness the aluminum gears on the '06 I've owned since new are still working flawlessly. 14 year old bike has been reliable as a rock and suspension was fantastic stock but was made even better by Enzo.

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Thanks for the heads up on the code! Been very happy with Sidi boots in the past and couldn't resist the great price on these new Atojos.

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After a number of concussions, do use a mouth guard along with a 6d to help out avoiding another one as much as possible. I've noticed at the end of race a number of top mx guys pull a very flimsy looking mouth guard out...they look so thin and flimsy ... more »

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Exactly BobbyM...Jim Gianatsis calling ANYONE else a massive scumbag is pretty ironic as Gianatsis has a massive ego which allows him to top the charts when it comes to arrogance.

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As you get older and wiser you ask more questions because you realize, unlike when you're younger, that you don't actually know everything.

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Sometimes I feel like the comments section to @ping is nothing but a bunch of millennials thinking that asking questions equates to whining.

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Nice...what track is that?

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