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As they say, you can’t make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear. But i guess, some silk is easier to work with than others.

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Just wondering if the rules only relate to welded parts of the frame. If so, maybe the frame design could be changed to have a bolt in/on section and the teams could change that section. E.g bolt in gussets that could be changed. Might be simpler.

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Its a good study, including because it discusses a different study using a different head form at a different impact angle that recorded a different result - MIPS not being better. Science is about facts - even the ones that you don’t like. What is really ... more »

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Would need RJ and more to get in the mix and take points away from Cooper and Jett

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It was time

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Wonder if they will stay in the game and use their product development skills to make it their own in time….

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Really rate these. Great traction and holding up really well even when the track dries out later in the day and gets more hard pack. Better than Dunlop on both counts for me - traction and durability.

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They need to be light for better performance.

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GL was talking about a big rock up there soon after he crashed. Kid can’t get a break

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Yes, a chest mounted solution also brings risk. Putting a camera anywhere on your body does. But obviously the highest risk location is on/near your head. I have used a chest mount when riding recreationally as the leaser of two evils because I couldn’t ... more »

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Spending extra money on anti rotation technology in your helmet like MIPs doesn’t make much sense if a dirty big snag is then attached to the helmet to maximise the opportunity to make the rotation worse. Not to mention the chance to also load up the ... more »

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Foot missed the foot peg after the case and going into the face of the triple

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Most experienced riders stay relaxed when crashing. Reduces injuries.

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Off camber section coming

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AC maybe? Edit: no wasn’t early enough in the race

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I don’t know when, but at some point more R&D money will be directed to electric bikes and start to slow down ICE bike development.

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Thanks. Fixed

Started new thread The McAdoll? 4/14/2021 3:08 PM

Will be folklore one day. It needs a name. Not you average “rag doll” that is for sure. Let us know if you have a better suggestion.

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This is what crossed my mind

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Jim is great on RDL not the least because he cared about what was happening on the track during qualifying.