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it is proven muscle doesn't prevent injury. lighter and more flexible impacts do

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dont mind the huge scratch in the stanchion

Started new thread WTB: stock 45 KTM shock spring off a 21 250sxf 4/8/2021 8:41 AM

60$ will buy today or trade you a WP 42n/mm spring for it.

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Ive got a set of new GG clamps & bar mounts for 280

Started new thread Who has run XTRIG 20mm clamps AND KTM FE 20mm clamps comparison? 4/7/2021 9:05 AM

who's run the 20+ FE clamps in the 20mm config and then switched to the 20mm xtrigs? flex character and other feedback on them?

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Added a comment about feature The Inside Line Podcast: Tech Edition | Digging Into Air Forks With WP 4/3/2021 12:53 PM

air forks are the best forks period. If you dont like they its because you dont know how to set them up

-3 2 5

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21. the 22 won't be in for half the season and it won't be any different at all

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its normal having insanely jerky throttle on modern jap 4 strokes. bikes are WAY to lean at idle. thats the problem

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put a 21 ecu in. zero issue. had 2x 18s, 19, 20, 3x 21's the 21's flameouts are completely gone

Started new thread Anyone want a 19 RMZ450 complete motor/ecu/exhaust/wiring harness? 3/27/2021 10:44 AM

Have a low hour 19 rmz 450 thats a super sweet bike but nobody buying it so thinking sell the full fmf, complete motor wiring harness, ecu etc and finally doing a engine swap. think I could get 3500 for it all? mint setup

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how about a fucking 250 2 stroke class

Added reply in a thread new 21' parts off GasGas 250f for your ktm/husky/gg 3/27/2021 5:54 AM

they are the shiny silver/silver hub my good sir. would look awesome on a "retro" graphics ktm or husky build

Started new thread new 21' parts off GasGas 250f for your ktm/husky/gg 3/24/2021 4:20 PM

just came home with yet another 21 mc250f im going to build up... all parts have exactly 40min of run time for break-in of this bike all prices are + honest shipping cost 600 - complete 21/19 wheel & tire set (no rotors no sprocket) 150- front & ... more »

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more like Ronald Macdonald replica

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cyclist build is the secrete sauce. all legs and lightweight

Started new thread Trade your 21' SXF suspension for 21' cross country setup (EX300) 3/17/2021 7:59 AM

anyone have 21' sxf forks and shock to trade for the AER 21' woods setup off a new GG EX300? or Anyone want a set of forks & shock off a 21' EX300 gasgas?

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Started new thread Brand new GasGas 18/21 wheel & tire set for sale/trade for 19/21 set 3/14/2021 7:32 PM

brand new set of wheels and tires off a new GG 300 in 18in rear 21 front. want to trade for a new set of 19/21 from a ktm/husky. or sell them. I just shipped a set of wheels off my other bike to cali for 55$ so shipping isn't to terrible if you box it ... more »

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Now let's see that 250!

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its not enough power for me. running a floating braking batfly 280 with cm46 pads rbf600 fluid but its just not enough power. the kawi I used to have required less effort

Started new thread 19-20 KX front caliper on KTM? 3/12/2021 1:51 PM

anyone know if a 19-20 KX caliper will mate right up to a new sxf? planning on running the kx caliper pads line and master on a ktm.

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